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For the record, this happened to radio host Ian Punnet, I think within the last year. I remember it was not during his show. He called into the show from his house while another guy was hosting. He was asked a question, spoke complete gibberish, and the host let him go as gracefully as he could. He did not realize it until the next day when he checked his email. He went back to listen to it and just could not explain it at all.

This happened before I heard of any of these other cases. Interestingly, Ian is one of the hosts that took over for Art Bell when he retired from the famous conspiracy show Coast to Coast AM. I also think it is interesting that it happened while he was at home, not in the studio. It would generally be easier to direct some kind of microwave beam at somebody at their home rather than at work.

In my opinion this is some kind of weapon. I really don't feel confident about saying that about too many "conspiracy" stories, but it is beyond strange that I have never heard of this happening in my entire life and all of a sudden there is some kind of epidemic amongst broadcasters. I don't think their is any use trying to "translate" the speech, but who knows? It probably just scrambles the language function of the brain.
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Michael Mosley has areas of his brain turned off - The Brain: A Secret History - BBC Four

this is with TMS but I belief they can do similar with weak complex magnetic fields or microwaves remotely at distance
It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction...Thus, it may be possible to 'talk' to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."
United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas: Air and Space Power For The 21st Century
find out more website ==> https://decasfoxhole.wordpress.com/
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Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

A bizarre spate of television presenters dissolving into on-air gibberish has sparked claims that the U.S. military could be to blame.

If they had technology like this , i dont think those presenters would have been a target , alex jones though is another case.
No, they're not specific targets, they just spread the shit to a lot of other people. The Lybia guy spouted the "hall of doors, Maze of keys" mind-prison.

Alex Jones talks a lot; you're mistaken if these things appear isolated to you. That's how they work, by isolating your cooperation with overall mind-trends.

maybe they're boosting digital signals in other countries too?

This is intricately linked to mind-control, Extra Low Frequency manipulation of the earths magnetic field, Weather control, and The tectonic plates.

It's the same system essentially. Their final final solution is one of forced compliance, not necessarily total war and outright genocide, hence the pharma industries and engineered pseudo-fatal diseases.

female reporter: (something like)

"very heavy, 'burtation" (sesame street, burt holds the end up while earnie bullshits), Dare-son, lets go ahead, tear it, taze-ing english, ahead a little bit."
Very Heavy mind control and secondary premise,
"burtation" > secondary personal premise (easily manipulated)
Dare-son > attempting to provide consistency
tear it > her mind not processing correctly, logical tears (only so much at once)
tazeing (tazer) english > electronic manipulation of the english language to stun and disorientate
ahead a little bit > they run the mind programs a little bit ahead and they diffuse into things as they happen; in live scenarios they cause confusion when pre-empting themselves, they can cascade and fail in peoples perception who dont take to them

the Canadian on Lybia:

Ab-Mcain m-Mcleod did ... confirm today that more than "Sifty four" 18 fighter jets are spending about as much as 20 and.. 600 deployed over the 'announth' needed, now it did up.. append.. remerges r-rad while the university or the UN.. has recieve whole support from all patteries.. in the hues of the garbens art of today..
Ab-Mc Cain > Active/Passive false political duality. One government, Manipulated elections.
Sifty Four > pentagram has five points, Christian cross 4 points, they sift the information to prevent you making the right choice, hence the satanic abuse of the peoples will, when the pentagram can be used for good also
18 spending as much as 20 > (in numerology) they prevent a couple of necessary steps in the logical reasoning of viewers and participants and tell them they got what they deserved, they usually cut a few numbers, 2 is the number of intilect, so basically it's to prevent people finding out properly
Announth > announcement of necessity for war supplies (semantics for necessity)
Append > Ammend, appendage. Amending constitution, phallic appropriation of governing system, manipulation via 'assumed decisive right'
Remerges > Re-Emmerging communication failures, re-run news topics, systematic logical determinations used for forcing intellectual will upon people less informed, makes thinking differently harder
R-rad > ??? Redefining Radicals?
University or UN > Quashed student uprising, intellectual control, international manipulation of security council through cultural subversion (misinformation, mind control)
Whole support > "Holistic perversion" of international ratifications
Patteries > Placated foreign subsidiaries, requiring tribute or quelling, "pat on the head", Batteries > power sources (geopolitical, not Bodyheat)
Hues > Spectrum of difference, ideological segregation where there is none
Garbens Art > "gardens" biblical earth garden, Garbled speech, perverse art of manipulation


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the system is already running, it has been for years

this year they began forward pre-empting things, thats why the cascading happens and they people can't help but come out with the pathetic rabble.

the modus of the mind control is designed to make the most petty the most accepted, to force status quo at the detriment of functioning, certainly to inhibit exceptional circumstance, which cannot be prevented by computer or microwave, as humans now need to do continually to exist within those roles and environments as sentient humans and not just blind readers of supposed fact.

they are simulating things as they occur, ahead of time. If you don't believe in the american government manipulating time you had best buy a copy of the movie 'Adjustment Buero" and then burn it and everything associated with it
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could be verbal edition of the faces breaking up

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why can't I find a recording of what she said, did it not get broadcast?
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the evil invention in the film bears an increasing similarity to wi-fi etc.....

the inventor in the film is called E. Nygma - the Enigma machine was the first computer i believe, designed for the purpose of death...

IBM... I Be... man? 13?


the forbidden fruit

All somewhat planned from the 'beginning'

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The Judge Judy incident happened during the taping of the show, so there is no video available.

But here is Ian Punnet (people thought he was drunk but he said that he wasn't and that he does not know what happened but thinks he was overtired and sleep talking..... or something like that:

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There's been another in the US:

Rangers Broadcaster Barnett OK After Bizarre On-Air Moment

SAN DIEGO, CA (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas Rangers TV play-by-play man Dave Barnett had a bizarre on-air moment in the 8th inning of the game between the Rangers and San Diego Padres on Monday night.

During a brief break in play the veteran broadcaster claimed the go-ahead run was at “fifth” and rambled on about a “botched robbery” and something about a “henchman.”. His microphone was cut off for a few moments. He then returned to finish the game.

On Tuesday Barnett spoke to 1080KRLD saying he suffered from a migraine and that he currently felt fine. Barnett would not be recorded but says he will see a doctor today and his status for tonight’s game is uncertain.
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