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Denial fodder for the sheeple... the Agenda goes on as scheduled.

RFID`s were for "store security"... and don`t you feel secure now?

Remember, England is the "test drive" course for working the bugs out of "new technology" (street corner cameras are an excellent example... not to "catch a speeder or someone who has run a red light", to see who is out in public, where and when. Nothing to hide has nothing to do with your whereabouts)!


Six months ago,with the help of a rather scary computer expert,I deconstructed the life of an airline passenger simply by using information garnered from a boarding-pass stub he had thrown into a dustbin on the Heathrow Express.

By using his British Airways frequent-flyer number and buying a ticket in his name on the airlines website,we were able to access his personal data, passport number, date of birth & nationality. Based on this info,using publicly available databases, we found out where he lived, his profession, all his academic qualifications and even how much his house was worth. It would have been only a short hop to stealing his identity,committing fraud in his name and generally ruining his life.

It may be that at some point in the future the govt will accept that putting RFID chips in to passports is ill-conceived and unnecessary. Until then,the only people likely to embrace this kind of technology are those with mischief in mind.

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