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Question A new confirmation of the existence of the ninth planet in the solar s

Astronomers continue to search for the mysterious "Ninth Planet", which, in their opinion, can exist practically on the outermost boundary of our solar system. And although scientists have not yet discovered direct evidence of its existence, a piggy bank of indirect signs indicating the possibility of its existence has been replenished again, according to Popular Mechanics.

The fact that on the outer boundaries of our system can "hide" another planet or at least an object the size of the planet, scientists began to suspect in 2016. American astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin were observing several of the most distant objects (asteroids and comets) in the solar system and found that they all behave very strange.

A large international group of astronomers used the data from observations of the Dark Energy Survey experiment, discovering a new trans-neptune object 2015 BP519. According to scientists, this object has an extremely elongated orbit with small and large radii, reaching 35 and 862 astronomical units respectively (1 AU = distance from the Earth to the Sun). In addition, as noted by the researchers, the orbit 2015 BP519 is inclined relative to the plane of the orbits of the planets of the Solar System - by as much as 54 degrees.

If the object was not captured during the interstellar journey by the attraction of the Sun, then, like the vast majority of other trans-Neptunian objects, it was formed along with the solar system, and its orbit must pass in a common plane.

For several years, astronomers conducted computer simulations, but none of them could explain the evolution of the orbit of the body. Calculations show that to give him such a sharp slope could not gravity of any of the known planets of the solar system - and, perhaps, it is explained by the influence of the mysterious "Ninth Planet".

If the "Ninth Planet" does exist, then it will be very difficult to find it. According to the scientists, its orbit lies several times farther than the orbit of Pluto (and can go beyond the solar system), and therefore the object can not really see the terrestrial telescopes. In addition, while scientists do not understand exactly where to look.
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So they reckon they can map the universe yet cant find a planet in our own system?
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Time is Knowledge.
From Knowledge comes Wisdom.
Wisdom leads to Action.

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