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What Boris sister said to Camoron......


Those pesky hackers hey?
All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World...
Then, one morning in a moment, we will awaken to the Red Dawn. The sky will be the color of blood..."

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Thank you to everybody who posted their opinions.
It was a great discussion.

Don't get me wrong, this thread wasn't intended to
be an endorsement of the political system, or
to get people into party politics.

It was more to highlight the fact that more and
more people are using their critical thinking
skills to dismantle MSM propaganda. This is
encouraging. After all, haven't we in the past
despaired at all the people uncritically swallowing

Not only that, but there were many different
views: many people were saying they all must
go - the sort of thing that gets espoused on this

What I found encouraging was that there was
a sense of solidarity - people were uniting
rather than wasting time arguing among themselves,
dividing each other with their petty prejudices
and their urges to form little cliques.

Isn't that what we want? People to come
together and unite against the power structure?

It's short-sighted to boil this down to mere
party politics. It's people expressing themselves
and building bridges. Just because some of
them aren't as enlightened as you with
regards to seeing the bigger picture, doesn't
mean they aren't genuinely unhappy.

I believe it's indicative of many people being
unhappy with the direction in which society is going.

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness,
to tap into that disillusionment.

Don't waste it.

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