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Originally Posted by grannie27 View Post
Who is this freaking idiot ???

He could of at least rapped a verse about tv lies, and BBC corruption rather just bigging himself up.

Surely, if he's awake enough to march against the BBC, and considers himself a "real MC", he should be a mouth piece for the people.
If I was there I'd have flipped this verse I wrote about a year ago for the cameras:

If there’s one thing I should teach you guys,
Ralise that the TV lies,
Trust none of what you hear and only half of what you see with eyes,
It’s bullshit that the Beeb provides,
They sold out to the Eurozone,
Secrets they deny they hide,
like Peados on your tv shows
This didn’t all stop years ago,
There’s still these creeps with secret codes,
Who cover for the royals and embroiled in deceit we’re sold,
A lady tried to speak this though,
That lady Di’ed and we get shown,
Spoils of opium wars and told,
That folk applaud this grandiose,
While leaders kick in panic mode,
Banks bleed us and demand our homes,
It seems as if we’ve had it so,
This ethos brings the antidote,
We cease until these eyes are closed,
Believe that we can rival foes,
Discussion is our dance that shows,
This house of cards don’t stand in stone,
If bankers own the government,
I’m wondering who needs expelling,
Bee-line for the Bauers,
Move the Morgans and we get to telling,
Rothschild and the Rockefellers,
Think your off your rockers fellas
Someone’s got to be my bitch cause Kit’s that verbal drop of Stella

(Selfish promo)
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Manchester seemed to have a good sound system - London found it difficult to hear but they were doing it live - Blunt and to the point as we are up north, Christmas No 1?

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Originally Posted by grannie27 View Post
Who is this freaking idiot ???

Intelligence services are determined to make us look like some right nutters... at least I hope that is so, after seeing this guy!

I like alot of rap, especially stuff like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIS588YG5RY

This guy at BBC was dire..... I feel for him
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