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Originally Posted by binhdinh_khiwarrior View Post
This thread is an awesome idea!

maybe we could organise a group effort and produce a distributable pdf..?

oh um im not sure of the name, but but there is a japanese food which can last and is edible for over 50 years....i will have a look into it, not sure how it tastes dosn't look to appetizing, but it could u alive...

"while on the garlic subject, Credo Mutwa states that a wooden stake made of teak is the only weapon for killing 4th dimensional reptilian vampires. I'm wondering if Bram Stocker got the garlic thing right as well."

that is interesting, it may be true. But i would also like to add that you CAN "kill" them with ur mind... it is possible to "take them apart" and send their energy into a greater energy source such as the sun, and re amalgamate them back into the universe..
What's teak? and How can you kill a reptilian with your mind if they are very strong energy suckers...that's why some are called succubi- If it were that easy, just sending them to the sun in our minds, then I don't think any would exist today because we all could just imagine sending all of them there to burn...LOL...while we lauph our asses off
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I've had a jar of peanut butter that's been in my cabinet for over two months and it's still fine, so that would be good for a relatively short amount of time. If you had an unopened jar, of course longer. It's filling and nutritous.

whole grains
unshelled nuts
unopened soy milk can be kept in pantries

Of course, you can have tons of canned and packaged food, like meal bars, protein bars, etc that last quite awhile.
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