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Default Feminity

So many women have been duped into believing this anti male rhetoric it is unreal. A great many successful women do live by themselves. I am certain this is part of a desire by an external power to subvert western and eventually world society. Why do women live by themselves? "We don't want men involved do we?" Of course not but that is NOT the real reason. Women by themselves are more easy to manipulate. Not a single man would ever put up with the kind of garbage being perputrated by the feminists. It is a pre requisite for destabilising a nation. It was easy in the beginning possibly the '50's men went out to work women stayed at home had nothing to do and in the states interestingly the phone was very cheap. Men encouraged women to have friends because they needed to. The strange thing I think is this. If it is Russia doing this why do it when people were starving back in their own country? Surely it is best to have people living reasonable lives first? And this is what leads me to believe that something else is involved that we can only guess at
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