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Exclamation Rule, Britannia!

Poverty in one of the richest countries of the modern age, Food banks helping millions of families feed their children as wages and welfare is decreasing like never before. Zero hour contracts now infect the labour market like a cancer crippling those trying to make ends meet. Mass homelessness is now on unprecedented scales due to the Austery placed on the people by a Government who never felt the pains that came with the implementation of the word in the political sphere.

Now the UK have a tussle of power between two parties who both have EU remainers at the helm, they have no faith in the country they were born in it appears. They disgrace the names of those who fought for the country's freedom and democracy against a future EU dictatorship. Leaders who are willing to destroy democracy by implementing a deal that was never mentioned on the * LEAVE OR STAY* vote pushed along under the table for no one too see.

As these two great powers tussle the people live in austerity misery and fear as they are threatened with illusionary outcomes of not allowing those in power to have their cake and eat it. Democracy is dying as dictatorship thrives, and no one is rising to the challenge to face off agaisnt the evil that stands before the UK as a whole. The next plan is to kill of half the livestock of the UK forcing a once thriving farming country to become a mere shadow of itself in the name of climate change. This as millions struggle to feed themselves nevermind their families and yes this is the plan at hand.

Disabled people face not only the struggles of daily living but they now face a evil system dedicated on cutting millions from the budget designed too help those most vunrable get by. Cuts seem to effect everybody except the politicians who have extorted the wealth of the country with no remorse shown.

The people have become nothing more than slaves as this is better understood by looking at the wages given for 2018 too the people of the UK.


25 and over 21 to 24 18 to 20 Under 18 Apprentice
£7.83 £7.38 £5.90 £4.20 £3.
£8.21 £7.70 £6.15 £4.35 £3.90

Those numbers are not made up they are the Hourly monetary compensation for the age groups in the UK while those who run the businesses rake in millions. Slavery has never been so cheap in the UK and remember this does not included zero hours contracts. Britons never, never, never shall be slaves?! The UK has the common wealth and the common wealth has the UK, this alone means a secure future ahead no matter who takes the lead, the UK will never stand alone on the world stage, but it seems sabotage is on the political agenda.
We Are One !!

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Lightbulb The dread and envy of them all.

We Are One !!

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The UK has gone down the pan in a big way during the last decade. That's me be polite and not swearing.

Credit crunch = cut benefits and funding but bailing the banks out with a blank cheque.

Zero hours contracts = record low unemployment.

Politicians banging on about fairness, equality and a just society = they are massively out of touch and need a kick up the arse.

Brexit = Mr Bean could have negotiated it better. One leader who was useless as home secretary, the other a bearded clown who does nothing and says little. Neither deserve to represent this country as they are both useless.

Food banks = The UK government has failed it's people and need removing from power. A rich nation with it's people starving shows how bad things are here.

Off shoring of massive amounts of money = all involved should be jailed and the money returned to the UK to be spent on housing and feeding those who need it most.
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The language surrounding the backstop isn't the only component of the deal that's deeply suspect. Below is a list of the top 40 draft deal "horrors" (courtesy of the Spectator):
  1. May says her deal means the UK leaves the EU next March. The Withdrawal Agreement makes a mockery of this. “All references to Member States and competent authorities of Member States…shall be read as including the United Kingdom.” (Art 6).
  2. Not quite what most people understand by Brexit. It goes on to spell out that the UK will be in the EU but without any MEPs, a commissioner or ECJ judges. We are effectively a Member State, but we are excused – or, more accurately, excluded – from attending summits. (Article 7)
  3. The European Court of Justice is decreed to be our highest court, governing the entire Agreement – Art. 4. stipulates that both citizens and resident companies can use it. Art 4.2 orders our courts to recognise this. “If the European Commission considers that the United Kingdom has failed to fulfil an obligation under the Treaties or under Part Four of this Agreement before the end of the transition period, the European Commission may, within 4 years after the end of the transition period, bring the matter before the Court of Justice of the European Union”. (Art. 87)
  4. The jurisdiction of the ECJ will last until eight years after the end of the transition period. (Article 158).
  5. The UK will still be bound by any future changes to EU law in which it will have no say, not to mention having to comply with current law. (Article 6(2))
  6. Any disputes under the Agreement will be decided by EU law only – one of the most dangerous provisions. (Article 168).
  7. This cuts the UK off from International Law, something we’d never do with any foreign body. Arbitration will be governed by the existing procedural rules of the EU law – this is not arbitration as we would commonly understand it (i.e. between two independent parties). (Article 174)
  8. “UNDERLINING that this Agreement is founded on an overall balance of benefits, rights and obligations for the Union and the United Kingdom” No, it should be based upon the binding legal obligations upon the EU contained within Article 50. It is wrong to suggest otherwise.
  9. The tampon tax clause: We obey EU laws on VAT, with no chance of losing the tampon tax even if we agree a better deal in December 2020 because we hereby agree to obey other EU VAT rules for **five years** after the transition period. Current EU rules prohibit 0-rated VAT on products (like tampons) that did not have such exemptions before the country joined the EU.
  10. Several problems with the EU’s definitions: “Union law” is too widely defined and “United Kingdom national” is defined by the Lisbon Treaty: we should given away our right to define our citizens. The “goods” and the term “services” we are promised the deal are not defined – or, rather, will be defined however the EU wishes them to be. Thus far, this a non-defined term so far. This agreement fails to define it.
  11. The Mandelson Pension Clause: The UK must promise never to tax former EU officials based here – such as Peter Mandelson or Neil Kinnock – on their E.U. pensions, or tax any current Brussels bureaucrats on their salaries. The EU and its employees are to be immune to our tax laws. (Article 104)
  12. Furthermore, the UK agrees not to prosecute EU employees who are, or who might be deemed in future, criminals (Art.101)
  13. The GDPR clause. The General Data Protection Regulation – the EU’s stupidest law ever? – is to be bound into UK law (Articles 71 to 73). There had been an expectation in some quarters that the UK could get out of it.
  14. The UK establishes a ‘Joint Committee’ with EU representatives to guarantee ‘the implementation and application of this Agreement’. This does not sound like a withdrawal agreement – if it was, why would it need to be subject to continued monitoring? (Article 164).
  15. This Joint Committee will have subcommittees with jurisdiction over: (a) citizens’ rights; (b) “other separation provisions”; (c) Ireland/Northern Ireland; (d) Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus; (e) Gibraltar; and (f) financial provisions. (Article 165)
  16. The Lifetime clause: the agreement will last as long as the country’s youngest baby lives. “the persons covered by this Part shall enjoy the rights provided for in the relevant Titles of this Part for their lifetime”. (Article 39).
  17. The UK is shut out of all EU networks and databases for security – yet no such provision exists to shut the EU out of ours. (Article 8)
  18. The UK will tied to EU foreign policy, “bound by the obligations stemming from the international agreements concluded by the Union” but unable to influence such decisions. (Article 124)
  19. All EU citizens must be given permanent right of residence after five years – but what counts as residence? This will be decided by the EU, rather than UK rules. (Articles 15-16)
  20. Britain is granted the power to send a civil servant to Brussels to watch them pass stupid laws which will hurt our economy. (Article 34)
  21. The UK agrees to spend taxpayers’ money telling everyone how wonderful the agreement is. (Article 37)
  22. Art 40 defines Goods. It seems to includes Services and Agriculture. We may come to discover that actually ‘goods’ means everything.
  23. Articles 40-49 practically mandate the UK’s ongoing membership of the Customs Union in all but name.
  24. The UK will be charged to receive the data/information we need in order to comply with EU law. (Article 50). The EU will continue to set rules for UK intellectual property law (Article 54 to 61). The UK will effectively be bound by a non-disclosure agreement swearing us to secrecy regarding any EU developments we have paid to be part. This is not mutual. The EU is not bound by such measures. (Article 74)
  25. The UK is bound by EU rules on procurement rules – which effectively forbids us from seeking better deals elsewhere. (Articles 75 to 78)
  26. We give up all rights to any data the EU made with our money (Art. 103)
  27. The EU decide capital projects (too broadly defined) the UK is liable for. (Art. 144)
  28. The UK is bound by EU state aid laws until future agreement – even in the event of an agreement, this must wait four years to be valid. (Article 93)
  29. Similar advantages and immunities are extended to all former MEPs and to former EU official more generally. (Articles 106-116)
  30. The UK is forbidden from revealing anything the EU told us or tells us about the finer points of deal and its operation. (Article 105).
  31. Any powers the UK parliament might have had to mitigate EU law are officially removed. (Article 128)
  32. The UK shall be liable for any “outstanding commitments” after 2022 (Article 142(2) expressly mentions pensions, which gives us an idea as to who probably negotiated this). The amount owed will be calculated by the EU. (Articles 140-142)
  33. The UK will be liable for future EU lending. As anyone familiar with the EU’s financials knows, this is not good. (Article143)
  34. The UK will remain liable for capital projects approved by the European Investment Bank. (Article 150).
  35. The UK will remain a ‘party’ (i.e. cough up money) for the European Development Fund. (Articles 152-154)
  36. And the EU continues to calculate how much money the UK should pay it. So thank goodness Brussels does not have any accountancy issues.
  37. The UK will remain bound (i.e coughing up money) to the European Union Emergency Trust Fund – which deals with irregular migration (i.e. refugees) and displaced persons heading to Europe. (Article 155)
  38. The agreement will be policed by ‘the Authority’ – a new UK-based body with ‘powers equivalent to those of the European Commission’. (Article 159)
  39. The EU admits, in Art. 184, that it is in breach of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which oblige it to “conclude an agreement” of the terms of UK leaving the EU. We must now, it seems, “negotiate expeditiously the agreements governing their future relationship.” And if the EU does not? We settle down to this Agreement.
  40. And, of course, the UK will agree to pay £40bn to receive all of these ‘privileges’. (Article 138)
DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion advised. The above post is entirely fictional, for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real life events, animals, humans, persons, politicians, or any other form of organisation entity living, dead or in any other state of existence are coincidental. Any opinion, comment or statements related or attributed to this username are not necessarily nor implied to be those held by the ip/computer/username or other electronic media device or service owner/user.
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This poverty-ization of the old empires is planned. It will only get worse. Learn to embrace 3rd world Moooslim Barbarianism Female genital mutilating type poverty. Saudis are sponsoring schools in Sweden now.

The USA cannot be made great again and neither can the UK. Brexit is about "Nationalism" Britain First. Brexit Cannot be allowed to happen particularly if enough Mooslims destroy British Identity or Nationalism. Macron hates Trumps Nationalism. Le Penn who is mightier than Le Sword, disagrees.

Immigration destroyed the Roman empire and the lessons of history weren't learnt so are repeated again on the sheeple.

The money creating Jooos have a new agenda for control of the world. Its just Putin and Xi are sort of in opposition to the Joooos and are buying Gold, which began the Joooish Money creation process in the first place so a replacement Money system requires going back to real money and starting again.

Gold is once again being "monetarized'. It was demonetarized by Nixon in the 70's so it couldnt be used as money.



When the Jooos get their war to end all wars (again) so the Pentagoon Forces the world to Render upon the Jooos that which is the Jooos, we will here is Oz , UK USA will be on the wrong side of freedom AGAIN like we were in WWII

This is Deep State
17. The UK is shut out of all EU networks and databases for security – yet no such provision exists to shut the EU out of ours. (Article 8)

The intelligent alphabet agencies CONTROL the elected people or Politicians and so they just arent going to let anyone much less the UK, have control over their own people again.

Nothing short of a French Revolution where 44,000 "elites" or Deep States were beheaded to gain control of France again rather than from some inbred European ruling families.

With greater population and more Fat Cats with their snout in the troughs, it'll be more like 4.4 million need beheading to have a truly UK Brexit and be free from some inbred ruling JOOOSIH families.
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I don't get it. I say that because where is this austerity and low wages, zero contract hours UK we hear about (fear porn?)?. I'm in no way an hermit or know everything there is going on, but I don't see much of this going on, people being made homeless etc, well certainly not to the extent I'm hearing about here.

If people's lives were that uncomfortable then people would be demanding action, except the opposite is happening. Yes there are increasingly pockets of austirity here and there, but nothing that's keeping most people out of their comfort zones, and that's the idea to keep people just about comfortable enough (just) in their distracting lives.

The thing about the issues or problems with homeless is that most people, even those who are trying to make ends meet and are on their knees practically, have almost zero sympathy for people who are in those situations. The reason is that they think they are just lazy arses who don't want to work or live in the real world, so resort to drugs and end up in the streets as a result of their problems. I guess this is a very prejudice attitude that's been around for ages, but this mindset is still very much in the minds of the majority of people. I know people who are struggling, but they arent allowing themselves to be put on the streets. I challenge people all the time with their biased attitude to homeless people, and I always get the same response like "there's no excuse, I can keep a roof over my head, why can't they?...there's help out there if they needed it, so why are they on the street in sleeping bags and begging for money?".

Most people I see in the streets are usually young men between the ages 24-35, some considerably older. One or two women. But they are always people on their own, so if families are being made homeless then where are the tent city families sleeping in the streets?. Most people regard homeless people they see as just drug addicts and alcoholics whove let their lives go downhill, lost their jobs through their addictions etc, rather than people who have lost their homes, families and jobs as result of austerity.

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