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The Glasgow Herald - Dec 11, 1985
High-flying trip to visit Santa

Captain Sid Davis, switched over to automatic pilot yesterday when Emma Edward and Charyl Keating, both from Auchentoshan School, Clydebank, made a special visit to the cockpit.

It was party time for the children and the captain entered the spirit of the occasion by swopping his official hat with Charyl's paper hat in mid-air over Leuchars.

More than 150 children took part in the treat organised in five British cities and paid for by British Airways cabin staff.

During the hour-long Boeing 757 flight from Glasgow, the children were entertained by comedian Andy Cameron and on the return they were met by Santa Claus who was waiting with parcels.

Mr Don Campbell, Glasgow-based cabin crew superintendent said: "We were determined to make this a Christmas treat the children will always remember."

Jets took off simultaneously from London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Belfast and Berlin, where the airline has a large base, for a two-hour party in the sky.

The biggest group left from Heathrow to the sound of a brass band and TV's Jimmy Savile to wave them off.

Organiser Mr Peter McDougall, a cabin crew manager with the airline, said each child was getting a meal on board, a watch and other presents.

Staff on the airline had raised more than £40,000 throughout the year for the flights which were for children aged between seven and 14.
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Bernhard Glaser - near Kampala Uganda - One of Simon Woods hangouts


New Vision - Dec 19, 2013
Sex scam German suspect fails to secure bail

Bernhard Glaser, the German national facing charges of aggravated defilement, failed to secure bail when he appeared before the Masaka High Court Wednesday.

Justice Margaret Ouma Oguli remanded Glaser back to Masaka Central Prison until January 7, 2014 after the prosecution objected to the application on grounds that it was filed at short notice.

The court had earlier considered adjourning the application hearing until Friday as requested by Glaser’s lawyers, but the prosecution said they needed ample time.

“We need ample time to prepare and respond to the bail application,” the prosecution team said.

Court heard that the bail application was served to the prosecution at 8:30am on Tuesday. Glaser’s lawyer had also requested court to allow him make a phone call to the Police to deliver the file before Friday, but court objected, saying case files cannot be produced basing on mere phone calls.

Daniel Kikoola, the former Kalangala LC5 chairman, was among people who turned up to stand surety for Glaser.

Other friends and relatives, including officials from the German Embassy, as well as some of the girls benefiting from Glaser’s organisation, were present. Kikoola said they are interested in fast delivery of justice in this case.

“We condemn the abuse of children, but want a fair and speedy trial,” he said.

Francis Oguli, a Police officer from the Special Investigation Unit based in Kireka, who was also present at the court, said the Police was still carrying out further investigation.

“We are about to press more charges against Glaser and other suspects,” he said.

He added that at least nine of the girls had been handed over to their parents in Kalangala. Oguli said the Police are in possession of 12 children, who will soon be handed over to their parents after ascertaining that they are the genuine parents.

“The problem is that we have people who come masquerading as parents. We are suspicious that there is another motive to mess up the case,” he said.

New Vision - Dec 8, 2013
Kalangala sex saga: Officials reveal more

Fresh details have emerged about how Bernhard Glaser, the German-Belgian pensioner at the centre of the Kalangale sex saga, set up a children’s home in Kalangala.

Glaser came to the country as a volunteer with a community-based organisation, Bufumira Islands Development Association(BIDA) in Kalangala.

The Kalangala LC5 chairman, Willy Lugoloobi, says Glaser fell out with BIDA founders because they did not buy his concept on how to run the programmes.

“I advised him to form an organization called Ssese Humanitarian Services (SHS) and serve as a voluntary organisation. We had a big dream. I was not a direct member but I was interested in his programme,” Lugoloobi said.

Lugoloobi, who was the district’s probation officer at the time, says he advised Glaser to help the children without removing them from their homes because he did not have what it takes to run a children’s home. He said he furnished Glaser with details on how to set up a children’s home and made it clear to him that he did not have the requirements.

“I told him face to face not to keep the girls at his home,” he said.

Prior to setting up the children’s home, Glaser wanted to set up a mobile clinic but later started a clinic at his home at Mweena landing site about three kilometres from Kalangala town. But according to Lugoloobi, Glaser did not have a doctor’s certificate.

At one time officials from the National Drug Authority stormed his centre, searched and confiscated all the drugs he was using to treat women and girls.

Lugoloobi says he received complaints that the girls under Glaser’s care were being sexually harassed but when a female Police officer spoke to two of the girls, they denied it.

“This case should be investigated with an open mind, if there is any evidence of him abusing the children, let the law take its course other than shielding the man,” he said.

He said all stakeholders need to work with the police to establish the truth because many of the parents had been taking their children to the centre willingly.

He said that during a recent District Orphans and Vulnerable Children (DOVC) coordination meeting.

Lugoloobi said he visited the home as chairman after getting complaints of how Glaser was operating and established that Glaser got sponsorship for the girls from abroad. He also learnt that some of the girls had been obtained from court as defilement victims who were stranded.

On Thursday, however, Lugoloobi came under attack during a fisheries meeting at the district headquarters from Edward Maalo, the coordinator of the NGO forum, who accused district officials of working closely with Glaser.

Maalo later told Sunday Vision that if allegations of sex abuse are confirmed, then district leaders who have been closely working with him should also be arrested and prosecuted.

The acting Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Michael Wanje, the district permitted Glaser to operate the centre but were not fully aware of what happened inside the centre.

“I know he has been keeping children and he has been attending our NGO forum meetings. One time we summoned him over the issue of these children though I cannot remember his defense,” he said.

“The former CAO, Olive Nakyanzi, complained against Bery (Glaser) of sexual abuse of girls but the community rose up against her because they were benefiting from him and regarded him as a good man,” he said. “Apart from the issue of implants, I had not got any other complaints of sexual abuse, otherwise, we would have intervened,” he said.

However, Kassim Sserugo, a resident of Mweena village where the centre is located, views Glaser as a strange old man teaching young girls about immoral acts that are foreign to Ugandans.

According to Sserugo, Glaser had a daughter who used to treat women with sexually transmitted diseases and when she left the father took over.

“He started recruiting young girls from poor families and many were orphans and needy, which was okay on the face of it but later the community disapproved of the way he was conducting himself before the girls,” Serugo said.

“We started getting information that this man allowed girls sleep in his bedroom, asked them to massage him and was training them in foreign habits like how to satisfy themselves sexually,” he said.

He said they were very upset that girls used artificial sexual organs. Sserugo said community members were confused as to where to register their complaints since they would occasionally see the Police community liaison officer and other district officials, including the area Grade One magistrate visit the centre.

He also said they complained against how the girls were dressing, which the community considered indecent.

Steven Kato, the Mweena LCI vice chairman and in charge Children’s Affairs said that two years back, Glaser’s clinic was closed after he failed to produce papers authorising him to operate as a medical doctor. However, continued to treat the girls.

He said LC officials had been discussing allegations from the community that the man sexually abused the girls. “He always ignored advice from the community leaders because he did everything with top district officials,” Kato said.

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Satandard Digital - December 3rd 2013
Police pursue suspect for defilement of eight children

MOMBASA COUNTY, KENYA: Police have launched a manhunt for a top employee of a children’s home accused of defiling eight children at the institution.

The suspect is believed to have crossed into Tanzania after escaping a police dragnet.

Mombasa Urban Deputy Police Officer Tom Okoth and County Director for Children Services Elizabeth Mbuka said the suspect has abused children over time.

She referred to the latest incident that is said to have happened on November 22. “Every time the victim goes to the bathroom where it happened, he is traumatised and I have decided to relocate him as a result,” said Ms Mbuka yesterday.

She said investigations indicated that the suspect also sodomised the latest victim’s older brother in 2012 and defiled six girls, with no arrests so far. Mbuka said her team was in the process of filing a report to commence a police probe and prosecution. She said the girls were defiled in the library and reported the matter to officials but they were asked for evidence.

“The children claim whenever they take the matter to the administration, the managers demand evidence and refuse to report the matter to police,” she said.

According to Okoth, although the latest incident happened on November 22, it was kept secret for days before police were involved.

He warned that delays in reporting sexual abuse cases tend to compromise evidence. He said detectives were building a case against the suspect.

Meanwhile, the manager of the home, Martha Marita, has also said the suspect went into hiding. She, however, assured the safety of the 56 children at the home.

Officers reluctant

“They are safe despite the unfortunate incident where a boy is alleged to have been sodomised. The rest are safe,” she said.

She added that the Mombasa Children’s Home was the most respected institution in the county owing its services to underprivileged children.

Two probation officers based at the Shanzu law courts alleged the local children’s office was reluctant to address defilement cases.

Lydia Ngigi and Lucy Gichuki said they were forced to report the latest incident to the police following inaction from the children’s office.

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AllAfrica - 27 November 2013
Kenya: Speak Out, Paedophiles Thrive On Silence

As we mark the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, which started on Monday and runs until December 10, the Star in collaboration with Covaw will publish untold stories of sexual violence against women and children and what we should all do to stop the despicable act.

Sheila (not her real name) was only three when she was defiled by a neighbour known to her. The man used to come when the child was left alone at home during the day claiming to come play with or look after her. In his criminal mind, this play included him inserting his fingers in her vagina and eventually he penetrated her. Today, Sheila is five years old and her case is still pending in court.

There is a worrying trend of cases of children under ten being defiled or sodomised. We all remember too well the case of a five-year-old girl who was defiled and murdered last year in Mombasa. These are few of the cases that reach the public through the media. The situation is dire and in need of urgent intervention. Paedophiles thrive on the silence and innocence of children and know that it is easy to instil fear in them.

Sheila did not say anything to anyone not even her mother as the perpetrator had warned her not to say anything about their little game - it was meant to be a secret and that her mother would die if she told the secret. Sheila out of fear never spoke a word until when her mother noticed that she was walking with difficulties. Child sexual abusers often suffer from a sexual paraphilia known as paedophilia. They are delusional and are often men who believe that their actions are good for the child. They make themselves believe that that it will be good for the child developmentally or that the child is enjoying it. Simply put - they are sick and their actions sickening! Paedophiles mostly have a history of being sexually abused as a children and the condition can coexist with sexual sadism.

With support from some friends and a Pastor's wife, Sheila narrated to her mother what had happened to her and how the neighbour had repeatedly played with her "private parts". Sheila was eventually presented to one of the gender violence recovery centres in Nairobi for proper examination. The doctor who attended to her confirmed that Sheila had indeed been defiled, a P3 form was signed and the girl immediately started on proper medication and psychosocial support.

Unfortunately Sheila is among the numerous cases that never receive immediate critical services within 72 hours including the post exposure prophylaxis. The perpetrator was eventually arrested and arraigned in court. It has been a long a tedious process for Sheila's mother. At times she contemplates giving up. All those that needed to testify including the culprit have done so except for the doctor.

Apart from the doctor not appearing in court to date to testify, the police had initially refused to use the P3 form to open a file for Sheila since it was filled in a private facility. Without the P3 form there is simply no way for the case to get to court. The P3 form is the medical form that is recognised as evidence in court and should be filled for free by both the police and medical officers.

Early this year, Coalition on Violence Against Women (Covaw) conducted a random assessment of experiences of survivors of sexual violence in the criminal justice system. At least 60 per cent of cases reported in government hospitals are charged between Sh600 to Sh3,000 for the P3 form while the police can charge anything from Sh100.

The health workers claim this is to facilitate their transport to court while the police indicate they need it to cover photocopying expenses. The P3 form is supposed to be free. The Sexual Offenses Act has regulations that have been gazetted and provide for post rape care forms as admissible in court either alongside the P3 form or on its own as it is very detailed and sufficient on its own. As stipulated in the Evidence Act, a qualified medical officer such as a doctor, a clinical officer or even a nurse can fill the P3 form thus making the insistence that it is only filled by the government doctor misleading. If denied this form, the case is easily dismissed even before the justice process begins.

As we observe 16 days of Activism Campaign this year, you need to ask yourself, "Who exactly is looking after your child when you go about doing your daily busy life?" Sheila and many others out there need your protection. This will not happen with you covering up such cases.

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Guardian - 2 January 2014
Cambodia: child protection workers call for end to ‘orphanage tourism’

Volunteers and visitors urged to stay away, saying their growing presence damages children and allows exploitation

Child protection and NGO workers are pleading with tourists and volunteers to stay away from orphanages in Cambodia, claiming so-called “orphanage tourism” damages the children and enables exploitation.

The number of Australians visiting Cambodia is increasing, as are the number of orphanages in the country, rising by 75% in the five years to 2011, according to UNICEF. However, most children living in them (about 77%) are not orphans and child protection workers say such institutions should be an absolute last resort...
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Kenya Standard - 16 January 2014
Suspect returns to home where he ‘defiled children’

KENYA: A former employee of Mombasa Children’s Home who is accused of molesting children while on duty returned to the sanctuary after three months on the run and demanded that he be paid his December salary.

The fugitive reportedly walked away casually after the home’s managers advised him to report to police. Unsurprisingly, the man who has an arrest warrant on his head did not heed the managers’ advice to pay the police a visit.

Police are now investigating why the institution did not alert them of the fugitive’s sudden return.

The man is accused of sexually assaulting boys and girls for years. His deeds were, however, only exposed in November last year, forcing him to flee the institution. Police suspect he went into hiding in Tanzania.

Police are furious and accuse the managers of aiding the fugitive to escape by not informing them or conducting a citizens arrest.

Yesterday, the Mombasa Urban Deputy Police Officer Tom Okoth said police were shocked by the institution’s handling of the matter and threatened to investigate the managers.

“The management is aware that police are looking for the suspect and should have called the police instead of asking him to report to the police and the Children’s Department. This amounts to abetting crime,” Okoth said.

The County Director of Children Services, Ms Elizabeth Mbuka, said she was also appalled by the development and urged police to apprehend the suspect quickly.

Yesterday, The Standard spoke to the institution’s management and discovered that despite Okoth’s display of anger, police had not questioned anyone at the home following Monday’s incident

Major Francis Nganda home’s new manager, who reported to the institution on January 2, admitted meeting the fugitive. He said he did not alert police of the fugitive’s presence immediately because of he had been instructed by his head office in Nairobi to inform the suspect to surrender to police instead.

“I could not go against the instructions of my head office.”


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Financial News - 31 Dec 2013
Antony Jenkins: who grilled the radio star?

As a father of two, Barclays chief executive Antony Jenkins knows it’s not always easy to deal with teenagers.

On Tuesday, Jenkins took a stab at guest editing one of Britain’s most popular radio shows, the Today Programme on the BBC.

He generally said all the right things: that he hoped to rebuild trust in the bank, which he thinks will take “five to 10 years”, and that leadership sets the culture and culture drives change. Also, he claimed to draw his inspiration from a nun.

Jenkins said: "I've taken some of my senior leaders to see the work of Sister Mary Owens." Owens is a nun who runs a charity called Nyumbani, which "assists in building sustainable communities for children infected with and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic", according to its website.

But it was an on-air question and answer session with local High Schoolers that got the chief executive sweating.

One unruly teen drew on personal experience, claiming to have been pressured to accept an overdraft by Barclays that he did not want.

Jenkins said this was a mistake and that things were changing at Barclays, but suggested the bank may have been trying to do him favour. A spokeswoman for Barclays declined to comment.

A second student asked why banks couldn’t give more money to customers and shareholders rather than paying large bonuses.

Jenkins said: “Basically, if you want to be in certain types of business, you have to accept the pay structures in those industries. If I'm in investment banking, I have to be prepared to accept the compensation that goes along with investment banking.

“It is very important when it comes to pay that, firstly, you only pay for performance, in other words you only pay the good people, and that you pay competitively,”

Some students were left perplexed. One said if all banks stopped paying huge bonuses then bankers couldn’t threaten to leave. “You’re exactly right, of course,” Jenkins said, before explaining that banks couldn’t legally conspire to keep pay low.

Other topics covered were tax evasion, bad loans and a lack of public trust.

The radio show is the latest initiative by Jenkins to clean up Barclays’ image. Jenkins took over as chief executive in 2012 from American Bob Diamond, who stepped down amid the Libor rate-rigging scandal. Marcus Agius, chairman, followed Diamond out the door.

In a letter to his 140,000 staff when he took the job, Jenkins – dubbed Saint Antony in some corners of the City for his do-gooder approach to the industry - told staff to essentially clean-up or clear off.

Jenkins denied that these very public efforts to rebrand the image of Barclays were merely “self-serving twaddle”. He said: “It would have been easier for me to just stay in my office and just run Barclays and not talk about these matters."

He might be back in the studio soon. Having clearly enjoyed reading the UK shipping forecast – weather reports for the seas around the coast of Britain, including a gale warning – he suggested a one-day job swap with the regular presenter.

In the meantime, Jenkins will hope to avoid any more storms at Barclays.
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Healthy profit for Hotcourses' Hunt
Financial Times 09-11-13
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British Airways sued over child abuse

Lawyers allege pilot Simon Wood, who died before facing court, molested girls during airline’s charity activities in Africa

Airways is to be sued for damages over claims one of its pilots sexually abused children in African schools and orphanages.

Lawyers representing 16 young girls and women who claim First Officer Simon Wood assaulted them said the airline should bear responsibility because he carried out the alleged attacks while on stopovers.

An inquest is due to be held into the death of Wood, 54, who was struck by a train in August while awaiting a court appearance accused of indecently assaulting a young girl and making indecent images of children.

The law firm Leigh Day said Wood allegedly molested children during stopovers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania while flying for British Airways. The firm’s clients were as young as eight.

Lawyer Nichola Marshall said: “We allege that Wood was able to abuse the victims, by reason of his employment with the airline, in particular through his involvement with the airline’s community relations work.

“The schools and orphanages that our clients attended were all in receipt of charitable donations from the airline and Wood played a key role in administering those donations on behalf of British Airways.

“Our team will be travelling overseas over the coming weeks to meet with other potential victims in Nairobi and Uganda that have come forward more recently.”

Wood, from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, died after being hit by a train near Potters Bar station on 18 August. He had been due to appear at Southwark crown court in London on 30 August charged with one count of indecent assault of a girl under 16, two counts of making indecent photographs of a child and one count of possessing indecent images of a child, Scotland Yard said at the time.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said Wood was first arrested over an indecent assault allegation in November 2001 but prosecutors ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge him. It reconsidered the case in July after receiving new details of similar alleged offences committed overseas and apparent evidence of indecent images.

At Easter 2002 Wood was among 20 crew members from two BA flights who volunteered to spend the holiday period with the Kenyan youngsters, showering the orphanage with presents, medicines and donations raised at home. He told the Press Association, which covered the trip: “We play, sing, organise activities and generally entertain them. We become very close to the children.”

A British Airways spokesman said: “We were shocked and horrified to hear the allegations against Simon Wood, which appear to relate to his involvement in child-related activities entirely outside the scope of his employment with British Airways.

“Our sympathies are with the victims and it is disappointing that the conduct of one person has caused so much distress to the many thousands of decent people who engage in charitable works on a regular basis.”

The inquest into Wood’s death is due to be held at Hertfordshire coroner’s court.

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