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Default Hey all...looking to dump the Zuckerschmuck??

Steemit.com has reached 1,000,000 users!

Hey guys and gals, I know a lot of you have been upset about the way the other social media giants steal your personal data and use it to enrich themselves. Well, if you haven't heard, there is a new social media platform that actually PAYS YOU for your content. Steemit.com is just over two years old, and just surpassed the one-million-member mark. It is still in beta, but the way it works is that your posts are kept on the decentralized blockchain, where they remain and are permanently stored. The currency (steem-backed dollars, or SBD) is exchangeable for other cryptos, and can be cashed out after it is earned. You earn SBD (and also “steem power”...but that's a bit more complicated for now) by writing good quality articles, or photo-journals, or stories/poetry, what have you, or by posting audio files of your original music, or by using the sister application (dTube) to post videos. People upvote your content and the more steem power they have the more SBD they convey to you when they do so.

There are some improvements needed, to be sure. The site is currently plagued by “bots” that some unscrupulous individuals use to give themselves fake “upvotes.” There are some bad eggs who do like to run around downvoting stuff for no valid reasons. And, of course, we have our share of scammers and spammers. But, the cool thing is that the “management” of Steemit.com is elected (on a constant rotational basis) by all the members, and these “witnesses” do seem (at present at least) to be aware of the problems and are moving toward “hard forks” that will correct these flaws.

Please check us out at: Steemit.com. Register for an account if you like what you see (and then be prepared to wait a few days for your acceptance email.) If you blog anyway, why not get paid for it?? And, you can make loads of new friends along the way, gain value experience in the cryptocurrency universe, grow your own blogosphere following, and get your material out there.
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time to kick facefuck into touch!
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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You have a hard road to travel. I have social sights blocked and google and a few others. The pictures do not come up in many articles and chats don't work. It is the only way to fight against propaganda and spying. It will take time to find alternate sites that you like. It is worth doing and I hope you last long enough to find your way around the net without them. Gibiru search stiffs them on your address if you really need to try google search for something. I wish you all the luck on your adventure and believe me it is an adventure.

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life is wonderful with no social media.
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