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Default EMPPad

I know very few people have had any dealings with the machines or the company which deals in them, but I just wanted to know what are people's own opinions of Electromagnetic Pulse machines and whether or not they are 100% legit. I can only take the words of Mr Noel Edmonds and his infamous This Morning stitch up, but I'm urgently trying to find as much information as possible regarding these various machines to try and persuade someone in my family to look into using one.

I've check their website out, but I've no idea whether they are genuine. Some things on their put me off, like where it states "mimics the Earth's magnetic field..". Abit "out there" if you ask me. The videos of Edmonds on youtube talking about don't exactly fill me with a great deal of confidence. I know this is abit of a touchy subject and all but I'm at a loose end with research on the subject.
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I wish I had one ro knew where to get one. I occassionally see these people in cars with laptops stopping in front of people's houses and doing something on their laptops. I think they are sniffing people's wifi and such.

It would be a real nifty thing if I could aim something at their car that would fry their shit into smoke.

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techman I could have wrote your post as I share your thoughts-Did you get any further with finding out more?
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Watched Victoria Derbyshire trying to rip Noel Edmonds apart after discussing positive thinking along with his therapy led him to the road to recovery, but it's very much the BBC's political correctness in which it comes into play when it doesn't fit the official narrative, you can't say anything about frequencies and healing or alternative thinking on an mainstream programme especially the BBC
they will try and bring that discussion down.
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Noel Edmond endorsing such product?

Can you not just buy a rubber mat?
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modify the pad to shoot robots dead. now we're talking.
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Originally Posted by leesaloo View Post
techman I could have wrote your post as I share your thoughts-Did you get any further with finding out more?
I haven't found out more tbh. My aim in getting hold of one of the Emppad machines was to help my dad who was suffering from a form of cancer. Having heard of the Edmonds interview a few months prior, via David Icke highlighting it in his videocast, I decided to do some research on the net and look up the company/s providing them. I had nothing really to do go only from the information provided on the site. I showed my dad the This Morning interview with Edmonds; he didn't say much other than he was impressed by the idea in tackling cancer. We both knew we had no idea if any of the claims were true, just that time was running out and we had to do something and give it a try. I also explained to him that the media in general will ridicule anyone who is in anyway alternative in the medical field and claims so and so has helped with their condition or illness.

The probe I rented came with the matt, probe and headrest. I used a simple EMF app to check whether the machine, when started, was emitting the frequencies, which it was. Apart from using the machine on and off over, no outcome was ever noticed.
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