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king octopus
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Default The Anitchrist, Obama, lizard people, Chris Christ

LIZARD PEOPLE: Question 13 was phrased thusly to the 1,247 Americans who participated in this poll: “Do you believe that shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies, or not?”

A few points to make before we can even discuss this rationally: 1) I want a job creating questions for Public Policy Polling; 2) someone’s been watching a little too much “V” and 3) really, if this were true, don’t you think the shape-shifting reptilian people wouldn’t need to bother with taking human form? I mean, if I’m a shape-shifting reptilian person, I’m just going to do whatever I damn well please.

Anyway, 4 percent of Americans believe that yes, there are shape-shifting reptiles manipulating our societies. Four percent! Look around wherever you are right now. One in 25 people think Chris Christie is a reptile. Who shape-shifts. Routinely.

Even more shocking, 7 percent of Americans are “not sure” if we live in a world run by shape-shifting lizards. I mean, what? It’s one thing to be unsure about what you want for dinner, but to be unsure about shape-shifting reptilian people manipulating our societies? Come on. Got to have an opinion on that one.

FLUORIDE: A little more down to Earth, this one: Nine percent of Americans believe there is a sinister purpose in the government’s decision to add fluoride to our drinking water, and 17 percent are not sure. Outside of the “sinister” purpose of healthy teeth, I’m at a loss. Not to mention fluoride occurs naturally in water. Let’s move on.

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1,247 is a great sample size for a nation of 300+ million, right?
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