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Everytime this thread pops up, I keep reading it as "Blessed are the pacemakers"
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thats ok theres a thread "the genius of..." and your name has been under it for days. just keeps catching my eye...
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Originally Posted by reverendjim View Post
thats ok theres a thread "the genius of..." and your name has been under it for days. just keeps catching my eye...
Me? You all talking about me without me knowing?
I know I'm genius.
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Blessed by which definition of the word? As most understand it or as in blood sacrifice?
"Prophecy" or "prediction," - doesn't matter who's it is, it's a form of magick that will bring about a manifestation of some kind if it is a) possible and b) enough of you believe it will happen.

In understanding the "how and why" about so much of this, I can only let others figure it out for themselves for telling them will only make them run further away from understanding.

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Let me explain about ‘blessed’. A blessing sits at the end of the spectrum that has curse at the opposite extremity. Peacemakers do not curse anyone not even the war mongers. They do not fire up and foment violent rebellion, nor start wars. They do not use any weapons at all least of all propaganda. So blessed are the peacemakers. Truth and Justice will protect them at the end just as the warmongers will testify against themselves when they die and cannot be helped - karmic justice cannot be bribed. If you check out ‘near death’ experiences you will discover how those who come back change fast.

Now how do I delete this thread?
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Default Absolute tosh!

Originally Posted by reve View Post
Let me explain about ‘blessed’. A blessing sits at the end of the spectrum that has curse at the opposite extremity. Peacemakers do not curse anyone not even the war mongers. They do not fire up and foment violent rebellion, nor start wars. They do not use any weapons at all least of all propaganda. So blessed are the peacemakers. Truth and Justice will protect them at the end just as the warmongers will testify against themselves when they die and cannot be helped - karmic justice cannot be bribed. If you check out ‘near death’ experiences you will discover how those who come back change fast.

Now how do I delete this thread?
I knew it!
We've been fooled that St Michael, the angel is not a peaceful entity nor Native American people because they fight.

Why are you here? You might as well not find out about truth and just let them walk all over you. It's peaceful that way, isn't it?
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I am sure more people support peaceful protests than the vicious civil wars that have destroyed countries and so many of their homes and lives. St Michael and St George that you see in art spearing a dragon derive from the Egyptian god Sutekh who was depicted standing in the prow of the sun god’s boat with his harpoon each night, keeping at bay the vast snake Apophis that threatens the sun god and wants to devour the earth. He never kills Apophis. In Revelations he hooks him and dumps him in the abyss. This is the equivalent of removing corporations from their command of the earth which they are destroying. They are beasts with replaceable heads and inhuman(e). No one dies but we find a better way. There is usually a better way than war. You wont find the saddhus, nuns and monks shooting their way through life as the blessing means more to them than losing their spiritual entitlement. Sheep are disparaged here but are fabulous animals. We are not all predators and yet still survive. The war mongers and some vast corporations have brought the earth to its end, not the peacemakers. Predators have their use but if they destroy all the prey and the habitat they lose everything too. They do not think far enough ahead sadly. Foxes are not known for taking the odd chicken, they kill them all if they can. Imagine deliberately unleashing foxes on someone’s chickens! That is what we are doing and then making a big song and dance hunting them down. I have stopped people beating up the odd person but did not beat them up. You can defend people without killing them but ‘safe zones’ are not stout, fox proof chicken sheds and don’t seem to be able to do that. However I take your point. Why am I here and ‘absolute tosh‘? Let me delete this thread and I will go somewhere else.

The US Indians did fight but did not win. Their resistance merely provided the excuse for much of the treatment dished out to them. No one will win the next world war but they certainly want to fight it.
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Originally Posted by reve View Post
I am sure more people support peaceful protests than the vicious civil wars that have destroyed countries and so many of their homes and lives. St Michael and St George that you see in art spearing a dragon derive from the Egyptian god Sutekh who was depicted standing in the prow of the sun god’s boat with his harpoon each night, keeping at bay the vast snake Apophis that threatens the sun god and wants to devour the earth. He never kills Apophis. In Revelations he hooks him and dumps him in the abyss. This is the equivalent of removing corporations from their command of the earth which they are destroying. They are beasts with replaceable heads and inhuman(e). No one dies but we find a better way. There is usually a better way than war. You wont find the saddhus, nuns and monks shooting their way through life as the blessing means more to them than losing their spiritual entitlement. Sheep are disparaged here but are fabulous animals. We are not all predators and yet still survive. The war mongers and some vast corporations have brought the earth to its end, not the peacemakers. Predators have their use but if they destroy all the prey and the habitat they lose everything too. They do not think far enough ahead sadly. Foxes are not known for taking the odd chicken, they kill them all if they can. Imagine deliberately unleashing foxes on someone’s chickens! That is what we are doing and then making a big song and dance hunting them down. I have stopped people beating up the odd person but did not beat them up. You can defend people without killing them but ‘safe zones’ are not stout, fox proof chicken sheds and don’t seem to be able to do that. However I take your point. Why am I here and ‘absolute tosh‘? Let me delete this thread and I will go somewhere else.

The US Indians did fight but did not win. Their resistance merely provided the excuse for much of the treatment dished out to them. No one will win the next world war but they certainly want to fight it.
That's because one cannot simply kill spirits/demons/entities. In fact, we are also immortal, our cells die everyday and eventually body dies too but our soul cannot be killed. Tricky eh?

Sure, there is a better way to deal with the matter IF we were the ones who is deciding. But we've already been plummeted into a war and our choice is 1) to do nothing OR 2) defend. Now, defending means we'd end up fighting.
Anyway, we are primarily talking about information war and at least on our side we are not including killing as part of the defence, are we? It's them who kills whenever they see someone they don't like.

It's like I've noticed some members have left the forum just because they thought talking about Paedo and corruption meant focusing on the negative and equal to spreading poison and not love. But how DO YOU spread the word about Paedo without talking about Paedo activity? You can't.
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The reason we are seeing an information war and more propaganda than ever before is because Truth has a habit of emerging eventually and disgracing the liars. Right now the genocidal maniacs are more scared of the truth than any particular side so they have tried to take control even of leaks and the organisations that leak, then publish. Forums and comments on media articles are swamped by them, however lying is always crude and the more they lie the more the truth slides into view. There is scarcely a politician in the world that does not dread being exposed and that is the next war. They do get exposed and after that cannot make these wars and attacks based on ridiculous deceptions repeated like mantras. I find that many very ordinary people who do not visit conspiracy sites are well aware when they are lied to. My mother was a human lie detector - we could never lie to her. They have made a total mess, done dreadful things that can never be justified and turned their own agents against them. Now the media owners are frightened, cannot look their editors in the eye. Journalists are disgusted and the end is in sight. The Revelation as it is called. It starts with a trickle but becomes a torrent. It started in places like this but some did leave when they lost their way - as they started trying to flood the sites with rubbish, petty disputes, ‘death threats’………..

As for the inquiry into abuse we will never see the real scale of it. When I was a boy we all knew about the scout master Mr Florence (which name had to be pronounced Florarnce) and the church choir master and organist. It was a similar story in almost every town and village in the country. But it did not stop boys joining the cubs and scouts or the choirs. They got a shilling a week for being in the choir and a jack knife for being in scout uniform and going camping. The single sex, boarding ‘public schools’ all saw many pupils abused by masters and by older pupils and that is how and where the fifties, establishment gay scene really took off. The old boys I knew who were ‘abused’ were mostly a bit embarrassed if the subject was raised years later, many felt complicit as they enjoyed the attention (we would call it grooming now), and in many cases meted it out on the next generation so the code of silence was never broken. Most married later and hoped it was all buried along with their other childhood indiscretions. This is because it was not considered abuse then but ’character building’, however now we know if a 14 year old is forced or encouraged to have sex it is abuse and statutory rape. It is hard to say how rife it really was at my school which had bachelor masters fresh from university, very dashing chaps, hosting private tutorials with their favourites. Most of the abuse was between pupils, 17 year old seniors and 13 year old new boys perhaps. The last establishment defence for all of that, certainly tens of thousands of cases, is that the revelation may be deeply homophobic. It happened but does not happen now as they have so changed the schools, most are no longer single sex and parents no longer tolerate any abuse. Getting angry about it now is not seen as the best way of dealing with it as it would embarrass far too many but the establishment should accept that it was an abusive system. We were all beaten too, by masters and by prefects, which could never happen in schools now. No one would force their privileged children to sleep in freezing dormitories these days, nor eat the rubbish we were made to eat. Fees are now around £30,000 a year! What the inquiry is showing is a handful of cases brought by people with little to lose and quite rightly much anger about what happened to them. But the establishment cannot summon up much righteous indignation about something they endured or narrowly escaped which has happened for hundreds of years or more. It all stopped with the hippy generation of children who refused to submit to beatings, nor what was called ‘fagging’ and who had much easier access to sex with the opposite gender for the first time.

The fact is history will record everything and reveal it to the few still interested. And our ‘post truth’ politicians will all be branded war criminals. I guess that is what post truth really is, denial of reality to avoid prosecution. Quite why our ministers are prepared to take that risk is incomprehensible. Our interventions were facilitated by outright deceptions and a submissive media and establishment. Even our sanctions have killed hundreds of thousands of innocents. Our wars have been worse and when history says this one was to ‘remove Assad/Hussein/Gadaffi‘, they will look like what they are. As for baiting nuclear powers to hit them before they become impregnable, that will look like what it is too. Complete madness and hysteria. However as history unpicks the tangled mess to name those who actually planned it and benefited from it, the real criminals will emerge. It will happen. Too late they will all find out that the only thing of real value is to have been truthful, humble and just in life. But like the abuse at pre-1970’s public schools we will see the world change over one generation as it recognises abuse for what it really is, interventions for what they really are, and most importantly and horrifyingly propaganda for its role and complicity because it is the media that not only allowed this but in many ways made it happen, dragging politicians along in its wake. The things propagandists most fear are the truth and other propagandists which they now lump together as fake news. They should look at Goebbels and Lord Hawhaw when the war ended, not when it was in full swing. That is the real lesson. It ends badly.
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Moderators please note I am not advertising something here.

“In this book, James Braid describes in detail how he proceeded to successfully cure: - serious sight impairments, - deafness (even congenital deaf dumbness), - chronic or acute rheumatism, - paralysis etc... When he hypnotized a patient, he had the power -with simple techniques explained in the book- to direct or concentrate "nervous energy, raising or depressing it in a remarkable degree, at will, locally or generally," to improve capillary circulation, remove muscular tension, bring life force where needed, and balance the whole body of the patient, without needing to work with their imagination or on psychological issues. He believed that the brain was the organ of the mind, and that the mind could be acted on through the body, but was not, however, "a mere attribute of matter."

James Braid was a Scottish doctor who died in 1860! He was a brilliant surgeon who operated on the deformity known as club foot.

“On 13 October 1804, Hanaoka performed a partial mastectomy for breast cancer on a 60-year-old woman named Kan Aiya, using ts?sensan as a general anesthetic. This is generally regarded today as the first reliable documentation of an operation to be performed under general anesthesia ……

In 1847, Scottish obstetrician James Young Simpson (1811–1870) of Edinburgh was the first to use chloroform as a general anesthetic on a human (Robert Mortimer Glover had written on this possibility in 1842 but only used it on dogs). The use of chloroform anesthesia expanded rapidly thereafter in Europe” Wikipedia

So look again at Braid:

“Braid was a highly skilled and very successful surgeon, educated at Edinburgh University, and a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (M.R.C.S.).
"[and] though he was best known in the medical world for his theory and practice of hypnotism, he had also obtained wonderfully successful results by operation in cases of club foot and other deformities, which brought him patients from every part of the kingdom. Up to 1841 he had operated on 262 cases of talipes, 700 cases of strabismus, and 23 cases of spinal curvature."

Braid also discovered something else:

“The first symptoms after the induction of the hypnotic state, and extending the limbs, are those of extreme excitement of all the organs of sense, sight excepted. I have ascertained by accurate measurement, that the hearing is about twelve times more acute than in the natural condition. Thus a patient who could not hear the tick of a watch beyond 3 feet when awake, could do so when hypnotized at the distance of 35 feet, and walk to it in a direct line, without difficulty or hesitation. Smell is in like manner, wonderfully exalted ; one patient has been able to trace a rose through the air when held 46 feet from her. May this not account for the fact of Dr Elliotson's patient okey, discovering the peculiar odor of patients in articulo mortis? when she said on passing them, 'there is Jack'. The tactual sensibility is so great, that the slightest touch is felt, and will call into action corresponding muscles, which will also be found to exert a most inordinate power. The sense of heat, cold, and resistance, are also exalted to that degree, as to enable the patient to feel anything without actual contact, in some cases at a considerable distance, (18 or 20 inches) if the temperature is very different from that of the body ; and some will feel a breath of air from the lips, or the blast of a pair of bellows, at the distance of 50, or even 90 feet, and bend from it, and, by making a back current, as by waving the hand or a fan, will move in the opposite direction. The patient has a tendency to approach to, or recede from impressions, according as they are agreeable or disagreeable, either in quality or intensity….”

Hypnosis is known to reduce pain sensation, stop bleeding. It is famous for removing warts:

“In 1951, Dr. Albert Mason was a young anesthesiologist at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, who in his practice often used hypnotism to treat pain and cure common ailments. A chance occurrence led to a medical and professional breakthrough: by hypnotizing a young boy whom he believed was covered in hard, black warts, Dr. Mason brought relief – and clear skin – to the child. Yet, as Mason very quickly discovered, the boy did not suffer from warts but congenital icthyosiform erithrodermia of Brocq, a condition that, by all medical accounts, should not have responded to hypnotism. This amazing success was documented in the British Medical Journal and immediately lifted Dr. Mason’s career, bringing him hundreds of patients and worldwide fame.”

They don’t know how hypnosis removes warts but it does and some think it does this by stopping the blood flow to the wart. It is the mind that does this.

Of course one then begins to see how little we know about our bodies and our own latent powers. Certainly we use a fraction of them. I have been doing self hypnosis for a while now which was pioneered by James Braid who first used it to heal his angina pain. He thought it was rheumatism but it was agony and on his left side, neck, chest and arm. Hypnosis lowers blood pressure which is how he achieved freeing himself from pain I think. He died from heart failure eventually. Anyway since doing my self hypnosis a lot of people that I meet have spontaneously asked me if my hearing has improved or if I have new hearing aids. I am severely deaf and was born so. It is curious but it seems to have improved very suddenly.

So why do I mention this here on a thread I wish to delete about peacemakers? We are on the brink of destruction even if this has been said for the last 60 odd years. We are capable of so much more than war and poverty. One in three children here in Scotland now live in poverty. War afflicts millions, war with absolutely no necessity. Men are killing dancers in night clubs, shoppers on streets, blowing up markets. It is a madness that has affected even our governing politicians who opt to support one side or another. We have a bleak future - it is getting worse by the month. Poverty is growing, inequality is growing, austerity is biting, hospitals are being bankrupted.

I was in a hospital today. If anything justifies us as a species it is the hospitals for people or animals. Here working are the most intelligent in our communities - the A* students who go on to study medicine like Braid. Here are the wonderful nurses and other staff who work so hard for so little. Here we are born, are treated and saved when ill, where our pain is relieved and where we die. But here is where some very unscrupulous men store weapons and ammunition, plan assaults and then complain when they attract bombs from above. Human shields are now hospital patient shields.

I would add that universities should be justifying us as a species, that libraries (digital and physical) should be doing this too. And farms. But sadly they are also doing the opposite and helping to destroy our habitat and other species with us.

Is it so impossible to stop our war mongering? I have written excessively about that on this thread and about how it has come about. Looked at from afar it is almost impossible to comprehend why we have let the beasts take over. What are the beasts but inhumans with replaceable heads. The first beast was the monarchy that conquered our world, swiftly followed by the ‘nation’, the ‘religion’ and finally the ‘corporation’ which is a wonderful word. This is the thing given life and super human powers by ‘incorporation’. The word literally means given a body, a ‘corpus‘. They have no feelings. But they now dictate to our politicians many of whom owe their election to them. They are the lobbies and far more important than mere humans. We have moved into a new age and are fast approaching the AI age. Or would be if they were not collectively about to wipe out life as we know it.

As I sat in the hospital I noticed something else. There were many people coming and going, visiting relatives or friends. So human. Not the great brains saving lives there but the ordinary people that most of us are. And it was noticeable to me how little most of us use our potential. Is a hospital a beast? They are certainly becoming so. A vast wing or floor is devoted to the overpaid managers who starve the clinical services of funds while pretending to make the places tick. In my youth one ’matron’ ran the whole place and it was sparkling clean. But the medics and nurses try their best. Today is a public holiday but here it is a very busy time. What would it be like if they admitted hypnotism as a clinical tool? What would we be like if we were able to reach our potentials?

So why does this not happen?

“ Research into hypnotherapy in people with cancer
Some reports show that hypnosis can help people to reduce their blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and pain. Hypnosis can create relaxing brain wave patterns. Some clinical trials have looked at how well hypnotherapy works for people with cancer.
Research has looked at the following areas
Hypnosis and cancer pain
A report from the American National Institute for Health in 1996 stated that hypnosis can help to reduce some kinds of cancer pain. A large review in 2006 looked at using hypnotherapy to control distress and pain from medical procedures in children with cancer. The review found that hypnotherapy did seem to help to reduce the children's pain and distress, but it recommended more research. You can look at this cancer pain review on the Research Council for Complementary medicine website.
In 2012, researchers in Spain again reviewed studies of children with cancer and found that hypnosis appeared to help reduce pain and distress from cancer or from medical procedures……“

Now let us look again at that ’clinical trial’

“ Hypnotherapy for symptom control in advanced cancer
In 2005 researchers carried out a review of studies into hypnotherapy for treating symptoms in people with advanced cancer. There were 27 studies but all were small or of poor quality. So it is not possible to tell whether hypnotherapy can help people with advanced cancer. We need research to find this out”

James Braid died in 1860! Have they not been able to fund any proper research into this over the last 150 years? they admit now that hypnotherapy prevents excess bleeding in operations and speeds up the healing process. Surgeons like this. What about removing tumours? Our corporations do not seem to want this do they, there is nothing in it for them. And tragically they do not seem very interested in a peaceful world or eradicating poverty. The conclusion is therefore that humanity cannot be justified as it is a murderous species destroying most of the other species having taken and polluted almost all available habitats. Bless those still trying to make peace. It is what humans want even if the inhumans do not. We can do better than this!

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I doubt if this is of much interest but an uncle worked as a surgeon during the First World War and wrote about it. Here is an extract from his work 'A Surgeon in Belgium' and is set in a hospital set up in a large house in Antwerp in 1915. One can imagine that not much has changed in places like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq even today.

".....But if we give them credit for their courage and cheerfulness, we must
not forget how largely they owed it to the devoted attention--yes,
and to the courage and cheerfulness--of the nurses. I wonder how
many of us realize what Britain owes to her nurses. We take them as
a matter of course, we regard nursing as a very suitable profession
for a woman to take up--if she can find nothing better to do; perhaps
we may have been ill, and we were grateful for a nurse's kindness.
But how many of us realize all the long years of drudgery that have
given the skill we appreciated, the devotion to her work that has made
the British nurse what she is? And how many of us realize that we
English-speaking nations alone in the world have such nurses?
Except in small groups, they are unknown in France, Belgium,
Germany, Russia, or any other country in the world. In no other land
will women leave homes of ease and often of luxury to do work that
no servant would touch, for wages that no servant would take--work
for which there will be very little reward but the unmeasured gratitude
of the very few. They stand to-day as an unanswerable proof that as
nations we have risen higher in the level of civilization than any of our
neighbours. To their influence on medicine and surgery I shall refer
again. Here I only wish to acknowledge our debt. As a mere patient I
would rather have a good nurse than a good physician, if I were so
unfortunate as to have to make the choice. A surgeon is a dangerous
fellow, and must be treated with respect. But as a rule the physician
gives his blessing, the surgeon does his operation, but it is the nurse
who does the work.

III. The Day's Work

In any hospital at home or abroad there is a large amount of routine
work, which must be carried on in an orderly and systematic manner,
and upon the thoroughness with which this is done will largely depend
the effectiveness of the hospital. Patients must be fed and washed,
beds must be made and the wards swept and tidied, wounds must be
dressed and splints adjusted. In an English hospital everything is
arranged to facilitate this routine work. Close to every ward is a sink-
room with an adequate supply of hot and cold water, dinner arrives in
hot tins from the kitchens as if by magic, whilst each ward has its own
arrangements for preparing the smaller meals. The beds are of a
convenient height, and there is an ample supply of sheets and pillow-
cases, and of dressing materials of all kinds arranged on tables which
run noiselessly up and down the wards. At home all these things are
a matter of course; abroad they simply did not exist. Four or five gas-
rings represented our hot-water supply and our ward-kitchens for our
150 patients, and the dinners had to be carried up from the large
kitchens in the basement. The beds were so low as to break one's
back, and had iron sides which were always in the way; and when we
came to the end of our sheets--well, we came to the end of them,
and that was all. In every way the work was heavier and more difficult
than at home, for all our patients were heavy men, and every wound
was septic, and had, in many cases, to be dressed several times a
day. Everyone had to work hard, sometimes very hard; but as a rule
we got through the drudgery in the morning, and in the afternoon
everything was in order, and we should, I think, have compared very
favourably in appearance with most hospitals at home.

But we had to meet one set of conditions which would, I think, baffle
many hospitals at home. Every now and then, without any warning,
from 50 to 100, even in one case 150, wounded would be brought to
our door. There was no use in putting up a notice "House Full"; the
men were wounded and they must be attended to. In such a case our
arrangement was a simple one: all who could walk went straight
upstairs, the gravest cases went straight to the theatre or waited their
turn in the great hall, the others were accommodated on the ground
floor. We had a number of folding beds for emergency, and we had
no rules as to overcrowding. In the morning the authorities would
clear out as many patients as we wished. Sometimes we were hard
put to it to find room for them all, but we always managed somehow,
and we never refused admission to a single patient on the score of
want of room. The authorities soon discovered the capacity of the
hospital for dealing with really serious cases, and as a result our beds
were crowded with injuries of the gravest kind. What appealed to us
far more was the appreciation of the men themselves. We felt that we
had not worked in vain when we heard that the soldiers in the
trenches begged to be taken "a l'Hopital Anglais."

The condition of the men when they reached us was often pitiable in
the extreme. Most of them had been living in the trenches for weeks
exposed to all kinds of weather, their clothes were often sodden and
caked with dirt, and the men themselves showed clear traces of
exposure and insecure sleep. In most cases they had lain in the
trenches for hours after being wounded, for as a rule it is impossible
to remove the wounded at once with any degree of safety. Indeed,
when the fighting is at all severe they must lie till dark before it is
safe for the stretcher-bearers to go for them. This was so at Furnes,
but at Antwerp we were usually able to get them in within a few hours.
Even a few hours' delay with a bad wound may be a serious matter,
and in every serious case our attention was first directed to the
condition of the patient himself and not to his wound. Probably
he had lost blood, his injury had produced more or less shock,
he had certainly been lying for hours in pain. He had to be got
warm, his circulation had to be restored, he had to be saved
from pain and protected from further shock. Hot bottles, blankets,
brandy, and morphia worked wonders in a very short time, and
one could then proceed to deal with wounds. Our patients
were young and vigorous, and their rate of recovery was extraordinary.

When a rush came we all had to work our hardest, and the scenes in
any part of the hospital required steady nerves; but perhaps the
centre of interest was the theatre. Here all the worst cases were
brought--men with ghastly injuries from which the most hardened
might well turn away in horror; men almost dead from loss of blood,
or, worst of all, with a tiny puncture in the wall of the abdomen which
looks so innocent, but which, in this war at least, means, apart from a
difficult and dangerous operation, a terrible death. With all these we
had to deal as rapidly and completely as possible, reducing each
case to a form which it would be practicable to nurse, where the
patient would be free from unnecessary pain, and where he would
have the greatest possible chance of ultimate recovery. Of course, all
this was done under anaesthesia. What a field hospital must have
been before the days of anaesthesia is too horrible to contemplate.
Even in civil hospitals the surgeons must have reached a degree of
"Kultur" beside which its present exponents are mere children. It is
not so many years since a famous surgeon, who was fond of walking
back from his work at the London Hospital along the Whitechapel
Road, used to be pointed to with horror by the Aldgate butchers,
whose opinion on such a subject was probably worth consideration.
But now all that is changed. The surgeon can be a human being
again, and indeed, except when he goes round his wards, his patients
may never know, of his existence. They go to sleep in a quiet
anteroom, and they waken up in the ward. Of the operation and all its
difficulties they know no more than their friends at home. Perhaps
even more wonderful is the newer method of spinal anaesthesia,
which we used largely for the difficult abdominal cases. With the
injection of a minute quantity of fluid into the spine all sensation
disappears up to the level of the arms, and, provided he cannot see
what is going on, any operation below that level can be carried out
without the patient knowing anything about it at all. It is rather
uncanny at first to see a patient lying smoking a cigarette and reading
the paper whilst on the other side of a screen a big operation is in
progress. But for many cases this method is unsuitable, and without
chloroform we should indeed have been at a loss. The Belgians are
an abstemious race, and they took it beautifully. I am afraid they were
a striking contrast to their brothers on this side of the water.
Chloroform does not mix well with alcohol in the human body, and the
British working man is rather fond of demonstrating the fact.

With surgery on rather bold lines it was extraordinary how much could
be done, especially in the way of saving limbs. During the whole of
our stay in Antwerp we never once had to resort to an amputation.
We were dealing with healthy and vigorous men, and once they had
got over the shock of injury they had wonderful powers of recovery.
We very soon found that we were dealing with cases to which the
ordinary rules of surgery did not apply. The fundamental principles of
the art must always be the same, but here the conditions of their
application were essentially different from those of civil practice. Two
of these conditions were of general interest: the great destruction of
the tissues in most wounds, and the infection of the wounds, which
was almost universal.

Where a wound has been produced by a large fragment of shell, one
expects to see considerable damage; in fact, a whole limb may be
torn off, or death may be instant from some terrible injury to the body.
But where the object of the enemy is the injury of individuals, and not
the destruction of buildings, they often use shrapnel, and the resulting
wounds resemble those from the old smooth-bore guns of our
ancestors. Shrapnel consists of a large number of bullets about half
an inch in diameter packed together in a case, which carries also a
charge of explosive timed to burst at the moment when it reaches its
object. The balls are small and round, and if they go straight through
soft tissues they do not do much damage. If, however, they strike a
bone, they are so soft that their shape becomes irregular, and the
injury they can produce in their further course is almost without limit.
On the whole, they do not as a rule produce great damage, for in
many cases they are nearly spent when they reach their mark. Pieces
of the case will, of course, have much the same effect as an ordinary

The effects of rifle-fire, particularly at short ranges, have led to a
great deal of discussion, and each side has accused the other of
using dum-dum bullets. The ordinary bullet consists of a lead core
with a casing of nickel, since the soft lead would soon choke rifling.
Such a bullet under ordinary circumstances makes a clean
perforation, piercing the soft tissues, and sometimes the bones, with
very little damage. In a dum-dum bullet the casing at the tip is cut or
removed, with the result that, on striking, the casing spreads out and
forms a rough, irregular missile, which does terrific damage. Such
bullets were forbidden by the Geneva Convention. But the German
bullet is much more subtle than this. It is short and pointed, and when
it strikes it turns completely over and goes through backwards. The
base of the bullet has no cover, and consequently spreads in a
manner precisely similar to that in a dum-dum, with equally deadly
results. There could be no greater contrast than that between the
wounds with which we had to deal in South Africa, produced by
ordinary bullets, and those which our soldiers are now receiving from
German rifles. The former were often so slight that it was quite a
common occurrence for a soldier to discover accidentally that he had
been wounded some time previously. In the present war rifle wounds
have been amongst the most deadly with which we have had to deal.

It will thus be seen that in most cases the wounds were anything but
clean-cut; with very few exceptions, they were never surgically clean.
By surgically clean we mean that no bacteria are present which can
interfere with the healing of the tissues, and only those who are
familiar with surgical work can realize the importance of this condition.
Its maintenance is implied in the term "aseptic surgery," and upon this
depends the whole distinction between the surgery of the present and
the surgery of the past. Without it the great advances of modern
surgery would be entirely impossible. When we say, then, that every
wound with which we had to deal was infected with bacteria, it will be
realized how different were the problems which we had to face
compared with those of work at home. But the difference was even
more striking, for the bacteria which had infected the wounds were
not those commonly met with in England. These wounds were for the
most part received in the open country, and they were soiled by earth,
manure, fragments of cloth covered with mud. They were therefore
infected by the organisms which flourish on such soil, and not by the
far more deadly denizens of our great cities. It is true that in soil one
may meet with tetanus and other virulent bacteria, but in our
experience these were rare. Now, there is one way in which all such
infections may be defeated--by plenty of fresh air, or, better still, by
oxygen. We had some very striking proofs of this, for in several cases
the wounds were so horribly foul that it was impossible to tolerate
their presence in the wards; and in these cases we made it a practice
to put the patient in the open air, of course suitably protected, and to
leave the wound exposed to the winds of heaven, with only a thin
piece of gauze to protect it. The results were almost magical, for in
two or three days the wounds lost their odour and began to look
clean, whilst the patients lost all signs of the poisoning which had
been so marked before. It may be partly to this that we owe the fact
that we never had a case of tetanus. In all cases we treated our
wounds with solutions of oxygen, and we avoided covering them up
with heavy dressings; and we found that this plan was successful as
well as economical.

Though any detailed description of surgical treatment would be out of
place, there was one which in these surroundings was novel, and
which was perhaps of general interest. Amongst all the cases which
came to us, certainly the most awkward were the fractured thighs. It
was not a question of a broken leg in the ordinary sense of the term.
In every case there was a large infected wound to deal with, and as a
rule several inches of the bone had been blown clean away. At first
we regarded these cases with horror, for anything more hopeless
than a thigh with 6 inches missing it is difficult to imagine. Splints
presented almost insuperable difficulties, for the wounds had to be
dressed two or three times, and however skilfully the splint was
arranged, the least movement meant for the patient unendurable
agony. After some hesitation we attempted the method of fixation by
means of steel plates, which was introduced with such success by Sir
Arbuthnot Lane in the case of simple fractures. The missing portion of
the bone is replaced by a long steel plate, screwed by means of small
steel screws to the portions which remain, "demonstrating," as a
colleague put it, "the triumph of mind over the absence of matter."
The result was a brilliant success, for not only could the limb now be
handled as if there were no fracture at all, to the infinite comfort of
the patient, but the wounds themselves cleared up with great rapidity.
We were told that the plates would break loose, that the screws would
come out, that the patient would come to a bad end through the
violent sepsis induced by the presence of a "foreign body" in the
shape of the steel plate. But none of these disasters happened, the
cases did extremely well, and one of our most indignant critics
returned to his own hospital after seeing them with his pockets full of
plates. The only difficulty with some of them was to induce them to
stop in bed, and it is a fact that on the night of our bombardment I met
one of them walking downstairs, leaning on a dresser's arm, ten days
after the operation.

And this brings me to a subject on which I feel very strongly, the folly
of removing bullets. If a bullet is doing any harm, pressing on some
nerve, interfering with a joint, or in any way causing pain or
inconvenience, by all means let it be removed, though even then it
should in most cases never be touched until the wound is completely
healed. But the mere presence of a bullet inside the body will of itself
do no harm at all. The old idea that it will cause infection died long
ago. It may have brought infection with it; but the removal of the bullet
will not remove the infection, but rather in most cases make it fire up.
We now know that, provided they are clean, we can introduce steel
plates, silver wires, silver nets, into the body without causing any
trouble at all, and a bullet is no worse than any of these. It is a matter
in which the public are very largely to blame, for they consider that
unless the bullet has been removed the surgeon has not done his job.
Unless he has some specific reason for it, I know that the surgeon
who removes a bullet does not know his work. It may be the mark of a
Scotch ancestry, but if I ever get a bullet in my own anatomy, I shall
keep it......"

Here is a bit that may explain how hard it is for field hospitals under siege even now:

" It will be seen that the building was in many ways well adapted to the
needs of a hospital and to the accommodation of the large staff
required. We had in all 150 beds, and a staff of about 50. The latter
included 8 doctors, 20 nurses, 5 dressers, lay assistants, and motor
drivers. In addition to these there was a kitchen staff of Belgians, so
that the management of the whole was quite a large undertaking,
especially in a town where ordinary provisions were becoming more
and more difficult to obtain. In the later days of the siege, when milk
was not to be had and the only available water was salt, the lot of our
housekeeper was anything but happy. Providing meals for over 200
people in a besieged town is no small matter. But it was managed
somehow, and our cuisine was positively astonishing, to which I think
we largely owe the fact that none of the staff was ever ill. Soldiers are
not the only people who fight on their stomachs......"

This was a hundred years ago. Bless the few peacemakers trying to end this madness.
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Even the most limited war in Europe will bankrupt the countries affected. One western city hit by a nuclear warhead, let alone an American city will bankrupt every corporation on the planet, even and in fact especially those making armaments and WMD. So it is not right to think that the world powers do not want peace - they do.

The problem peacemakers have is deeper than this. A high state of alert is required to keep many vast corporations in business. Small losses in margins are like holes in vast ships - they sink. They have to increase profits year on year to survive or they are swallowed whole by predators and competitors.

The tension with say Russia and China and the continuous violence in the Middle East is like a nuclear power station. The heat created makes businesses profit. But if this process gets out of hand everything is destroyed, so much so it cannot be repaired. Thus an actual war with Russia will destroy every corporation. But threat of one will enable them to make and envisage vast profits.

Similarly with the war between the rich and poor. Handled well it allows big profits too - drives down wages and ensures that the masses do not waste limited resources on foods, medicines, good housing etc. Keeps the 90% down and in line lest they lose the jobs they managed to get. But mishandle this and you get violent revolution which again bankrupts every corporation you can think of. It leads to anarchy for many years.

They have needed to turn up the heat in recent years for many reasons but the main one is what we see in the Monopoly game. Rents and utility charges rise faster and faster as the big players need more and more cash to keep going. It is driven by competition but the game ends with all players swallowed up and without any assets at all. So in the UK almost every family is in debt. The poorest to loan sharks who charge over 1 million % interest (on TV last night - I did not make that up). One in three Scottish children up here live in poverty. Going up year on year.

So it is a balancing act. But creation has had enough of the injustice here. If this is humanity then it will no longer be allowed. Almost every species is now at risk, every habitat and a few multi billionaires cannot justify the poverty and hunger, the despair of the billions . In other words the situation has moved from critical to something even worse. Melt down. But as the billionaires rule we will only see a change when they realise they will lose all. Predators seem to ignore the bigger predators circling above them.

They really need to stop demonising the peacemakers and calling vicious thugs humanitarians! Look at this. It is an example of a story never told:

“Piracy off the coast of Somalia has been a threat to international shipping since the second phase of the Somali Civil War in the early 21st century…..

The former UN envoy for Somalia, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, has stated that "because there is no (effective) government, there is … much irregular fishing from European and Asian countries," and that the UN has reliable information that European and Asian companies are dumping toxic and nuclear waste off the Somali coastline. However, he stresses that "no government has endorsed this act, and that private companies and individuals acting alone are responsible". In addition, Ould-Abdallah told the press that he approached several international NGOs, such as Global Witness, to trace the illicit fishing and waste-dumping. He added that he believes the toxic waste dumping is "a disaster off the Somali coast, a disaster (for) the Somali environment, the Somali population", and that what he terms "this illegal fishing, illegal dumping of waste" helps fuel the civil war in Somalia since the illegal foreign fishermen pay off corrupt local officials or warlords for protection or to secure counterfeit licenses. Ould-Abdallah noted that piracy will not prevent waste dumping:
I am convinced there is dumping of solid waste, chemicals and probably nuclear (waste).... There is no government (control) and there are few people with high moral ground[…] The intentions of these pirates are not concerned with protecting their environment. What is ultimately needed is a functioning, effective government that will get its act together and take control of its affairs.
—?Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the UN envoy for Somalia
Somali pirates which captured MV Faina, a Ukrainian ship carrying tanks and military hardware, accused European firms of dumping toxic waste off the Somali coast and declared that the $8m ransom for the return of the ship will go towards cleaning up the waste. The ransom demand is a means of "reacting to the toxic waste that has been continually dumped on the shores of our country for nearly 20 years", Januna Ali Jama, a spokesman for the pirates said. "The Somali coastline has been destroyed, and we believe this money is nothing compared to the devastation that we have seen on the seas."
These issues have generally not been reported in international media when reporting on piracy. According to Muammar al-Gaddafi, "It is a response to greedy Western nations, who invade and exploit Somalia's water resources illegally. It is not a piracy, it is self defence."
Pirate leader Sugule Ali said their motive was "to stop illegal fishing and dumping in our waters … We don't consider ourselves sea bandits. We consider sea bandits [to be] those who illegally fish and dump in our seas and dump waste in our seas and carry weapons in our seas." Also, the independent Somali news-site WardherNews found that 70 percent "strongly supported the piracy as a form of national defence of the country's territorial waters".
Waste dumping
See also: Toxic waste dumping by the 'Ndrangheta
Following the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004, there have emerged allegations that after the outbreak of the Somali Civil War in late 1991, Somalia's long, remote shoreline was used as a dump site for the disposal of toxic waste. The huge waves which battered northern Somalia after the tsunami are believed to have stirred up tonnes of nuclear and toxic waste that was illegally dumped in Somali waters by several European firms – front companies created by the Italian mafia. The European Green Party followed up these revelations by presenting before the press and the European Parliament in Strasbourg copies of contracts signed by two European companies—the Italian Swiss firm, Achair Partners, and an Italian waste broker, Progresso—and representatives of the warlords then in power, to accept 10 million tonnes of toxic waste in exchange for $80 million (then about £60 million). According to a report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) assessment mission, there are far higher than normal cases of respiratory infections, mouth ulcers and bleeding, abdominal hemorrhages and unusual skin infections among many inhabitants of the areas around the northeastern towns of Hobbio and Benadir on the Indian Ocean coast—diseases consistent with radiation sickness. UNEP continues that the current situation along the Somali coastline poses a very serious environmental hazard not only in Somalia but also in the eastern Africa sub-region.
In 1992, reports ran in the European press of "unnamed European firms" contracting with local warlords to dump toxic waste both in Somalia and off Somalia's shores. The United Nations Environment Program was called in to investigate, and the Italian parliament issued a report later in the decade. Several European "firms" — really front companies created by the Italian mafia — contracted with local Somali warlords to ship hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic industrial waste from Europe to Somalia.
—?Troy S. Thomas, Warlords rising: confronting violent non-state actors
Under Article 9(1)(d) of the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal, it is illegal for "any transboundary movement of hazardous wastes or other wastes: that results in deliberate disposal (e.g. dumping) of hazardous wastes or other wastes in contravention of this Convention and of general principles of international law".
According to Nick Nuttall of the United Nations Environmental Programme, "Somalia has been used as a dumping ground for hazardous waste starting in the early 1990s, and continuing through the civil war there", and "European companies found it to be very cheap to get rid of the waste, costing as little as $2.50 a tonne, where waste disposal costs in Europe are closer to $1000 per tonne."
Illegal fishing
At the same time, foreign trawlers began illegally fishing Somalia's seas, with an estimated $300 million of tuna, shrimp, and lobster being taken each year, depleting stocks previously available to local fishermen. Through interception with speedboats, Somali fishermen tried to either dissuade the dumpers and trawlers or levy a "tax" on them as compensation, as Segule Ali's previously mentioned quote notes. Peter Lehr, a Somalia piracy expert at the University of St. Andrews, says "It's almost like a resource swap", Somalis collect up to $100 million a year from pirate ransoms off their coasts and the Europeans and Asians poach around $300 million a year in fish from Somali waters” Wikipedia

Blame who you like but we cannot adequately and safely dispose of nuclear waste - it costs a fortune. So someone came up with this. Meanwhile the windmills making clean electricity in Scotland and providing almost all the country’s needs are demonised (kill birds!). The subsidies have gone. Now we are building a vast untried nuclear power station in England which will be subsidised by all consumers forever more even as Sellafield nuclear waste reprocessing is falling apart. Such things are happening everywhere which is why we have forums like this. How unnecessary it all is and how short sighted the perpetrators of pollution and war are. We will all lose everything.

So blessed are the few remaining genuine peacemakers.

I still want to delete this thread. A tumour heralds the end for me and I would like to slip away without leaving my anger for others to see when I am gone. Can a moderator please note my request? Others do this protesting better than me. I would like to end on a more positive note. The blackboards of my youth were long ago wiped clean after the lessons. So should this thread. Please. I have deleted as much as I can - my website was as long as War and Peace. Too much war now time for peace I hope.
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Well while I wait for this thread to be deleted if it ever happens I may as well get to the point of why I started it in the first place. Peacemaking is not understood and there is very little of it right now. But in essence it is about making deals. You see two hostile nations or even neighbours and for one reason or another you want to take the hostility out of whatever they are disputing. In our current situation that is because we do not want the world blown to smithereens. We might think this is what the humanitarian organisations are doing but most of them are firmly based on one side or another.

Suppose for a moment that this is about two neighbours and we want a bit of peace and quiet in our community. We may try to find out what the reason for the dispute is, however unreasonable it might be. Quite often one neighbour will be upsetting the other with very unreasonable and provocative behaviour but sometimes they get their wires crossed and think unjustly that the other is responsible for something that has annoyed them. But whatever it is we need to find out what one thinks and then what the other thinks.

Now usually at this point it is decided that one or other is at fault and may even have done something illegal. For example covered a wall with graffiti. Then of course, if there is sufficient evidence, action is taken, the court decides on some penalty and that is it. But it isn’t is it? If peace is to be made this is about why something like that was done because they wont be living side by side happily ever after. Let us suppose that there is a racist motive and one neighbour is angry that a person has moved next door who is not of the same racial type. It is quite unreasonable to move one of them and quite unrealistic to think that the complainant is going to change and see the light all of a sudden.

This is the reality of peacemaking. The neighbour may be noisy, aggressive, paint his house some garish colour, be seen spying over the fence. The list in neighbour disputes is endless. And it is made even more complex when others get involved and take sides. We tend to see the darker side of human nature and often a continuous escalation.

There are however a few things that can reduce escalation and even move the dispute back towards an amicable conclusion. The first is when the truth comes out. But we should note that this will be difficult when both sides give vastly different reasons for what has happened and vastly different accounts of what has happened too. However CCTV for example can often unlock things and reveal things that have been vehemently denied. Witness statements may be misleading if the witnesses are biased. So the peacemakers like to know the real facts and remain impartial in ascertaining them. In our political world that is becoming more and more difficult.

But shaming someone does not in itself lead to peace and some cynical people are not at all ashamed anyway. If our media was seen as more impartial it might help but quite often it is inflammatory and as we know fake news is already the buzz word for 2017.

The bottom line in peacemaking is therefore cutting a deal. And in my experience there is usually a deal that can be cut even between the most implacable enemies. Even if the problems have been started in an attempt to get one of them to move to another area. People and nations do not like to lose face, or be seen as weak. And it is certainly true that everyone has their price, but that price may be anything from freedom, financial security, the achievement of a dream to longevity etc. And for some it might be summed up as ‘justice’.

Very few in our present world believe in hell and judgement after death. Almost every religion from our most distant past does. Here is something from an article about near death experience:

“Although the features of NDEs vary from one case to the next, common traits that have been reported by NDErs are as follows:
A sense/awareness of being dead.
A sense of peace, well-being and painlessness. Positive emotions. A sense of removal from the world.
An out-of-body experience. A perception of one's body from an outside position. Sometimes observing medical professionals performing resuscitation efforts.
A "tunnel experience" or entering a darkness. A sense of moving up, or through, a passageway or staircase.
A rapid movement toward and/or sudden immersion in a powerful light (or "Being of Light") which communicates with the person.
An intense feeling of unconditional love and acceptance.
Encountering "Beings of Light", "Beings dressed in white", or similar. Also, the possibility of being reunited with deceased loved ones.
Receiving a life review, commonly referred to as "seeing one's life flash before one's eyes".
Receiving knowledge about one's life and the nature of the universe.
Approaching a border, or a decision by oneself or others to return to one's body, often accompanied by a reluctance to return.
Suddenly finding oneself back inside one's body.
Connection to the cultural beliefs held by the individual, which seem to dictate some of the phenomena experienced in the NDE and particularly the later interpretation thereof.

…….Prevalence (population)
The prevalence of NDEs has been variable in the studies that have been performed. A 1980–1981 survey of the American population showed that 15% described themselves as having had an "unusual experience" when on the verge of death or having a "close call".
A more selective study in Germany found that 4% of the sample population had had an NDE.
A 2005 telephone survey in Australia concluded that 8.9% of the population had had an NDE.
Incidence among cardiac arrest patients
A number of sources report incidences of near death experiences of:
17% amongst critically ill patients, in nine prospective studies from 4 different countries.
between 10-20% from prospective studies with people from different populations who have come close to death
Of these studies, one from 2001 found that 62 patients (18%) had had an NDE, of whom 41 (12%, or 66% of those who had an NDE) described a core experience. Another found an incidence of 6,3% of mental states consistent with NDE

……In all, close to 3,500 individual cases between 1975 and 2005 had been reviewed in one or another study. All these studies were carried out by some 55 researchers or teams of researchers. The medical community has been reluctant to address the phenomenon of NDEs, and grant money for research has been scarce

…….NDEs are also associated with changes in personality and outlook on life. Kenneth Ring (professor of psychology) has identified a consistent set of value and belief changes associated with people who have had a near-death experience. Among these changes one finds a greater appreciation for life, higher self-esteem, greater compassion for others, less concern for acquiring material wealth, a heightened sense of purpose and self-understanding, desire to learn, elevated spirituality, greater ecological sensitivity and planetary concern, and a feeling of being more intuitive. Changes may also include increased physical sensitivity; diminished tolerance of light, alcohol, and drugs; a feeling that the brain has been "altered" to encompass more; and a feeling that one is now using the "whole brain" rather than a small part. However, not all after-effects are beneficial and Greyson describes circumstances where changes in attitudes and behavior can lead to psychosocial and psychospiritual problems. Often the problems are those of the adjustment to ordinary life in the wake of the NDE…….” Wikipedia

I do not expect anyone to take me seriously but have been near death a few times and not very far from it now. But because of what I have devoted myself to in my life I also discovered a lot more about our afterlife. I certainly visit it in dreams and you may too. What I see is mostly unpleasant but few of us achieve anything very pleasant after we die. We testify against ourselves as soon as we do and we are not very nice people when the truth is known. I suspect NDE’s happen to some of the best of us, or those that can change and the worst do not get allowed back. However for some it really is hell when they die, as bad as what we inflict on the families we burn alive in our wars but lasting a very long time. And if we are responsible for this sort of carnage we will find that our families, our ancestors, have been herded to the places of punishment and we must endure their anger too. They are deemed responsible for our actions if we are mass killers and cannot repay our karmic debts ourselves.

Now the people heading for this hell may be in denial but as they age usually become more and more aware of the fact. In some it leads to a feeling of futility as though there is little point in stopping what they are doing. In the same way smokers with lung cancer or COPD seldom see the point in stopping.

But it may still be possible to cut a deal with the peacemakers if that deal results in widespread peace and saves millions of lives. Such a deal is certainly on the cards now as we face mass destruction from nuclear war, however as I noted above in a previous post there are active forces in the universe that would prefer us to be collectively wiped out as an unjustifiable species horror.

The other problem for our warmongers is that there are so few peacemakers left, let alone ones who can do this for them. And soon there will be none at all.

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I doubt that many would agree but we humans are really two species. It is a fact that around 1 or 2% of us meet the criteria for being diagnosed as psychopaths or sociopaths but that is not really what I mean. We could note that most countries have a proportion of vegetarians - India up to 40%, US a precise 3.3%, China 5% , UK up to 12% but still only 375 million out of the 7 billion or so, roughly 5%. That is more what I mean but what I really mean is how many of us are sheep and how many wolves. I have a preference for being a sheep but have always had a soft spot for wolves. I have been a vegetarian for over 40 years but was brought up in an ardent meat eating household.

When I was younger, men would talk about the war which was something that embraced so many of them just before I was born. Some were heroes and some had never killed anyone, although perhaps not for want of trying. Most extended families had lost someone to war. Bomber pilots and crew may have killed tens of thousands. Most showed no pleasure in any of this and some had consciences that would not let them be. But quite a few, certainly some of my teachers at school, delighted in telling us about their battles - Tobruk, D-day etc and describing the area that a mortar would take out while training us to shoot at targets made in the shape of people.

That is closer to what I mean about the two species. I always expected to be something of a soldier and as a child had various toy guns even a toy hand grenade. It was really only in my late adolescence that I changed and became disgusted with violence and war, eventually becoming a hippy like many in my generation. During the war the equivalent would have been the conscientious objectors who were demonised in their communities and given stretcher bearer duties. These days there is a huge anti-war movement, perhaps for the first time in history. It hovers around 50%.

So it is unimaginable for me to consider what it is like for someone who killed someone today - by drone, by bomb, gun or shell. However there are many who have. I cannot imagine what it must be like to go to bed after giving the orders to others to do this. Nuclear weapons strike me as unusable. Even if they were used against me I cannot think why I would fire them and kill millions of civilians in retaliation. But over 50% of us would. Of course I would defend myself and my family if we were surrounded by thugs but I would never seek such a conflict and would expend all my energy to avoid that. But over 50% of us would seek such a conflict, indeed do and almost all of the media seem to be in that category.

Because I am so firmly on one side I have to accept criticism from those on the other side, those who for example explain that if we do not invade Iraq, Libya and Syria our world will be torn to shreds by those who see us as weak. They have to accept my criticism that this is exactly what they are doing by invading country after country. I read the most ghastly statistic today suggesting that child poverty in the US is 32%, UK 25.6% and New Zealand 18.4%. It seems to vary depending where you look but in Scotland we are told that one in three children live in poverty. These are nations who spend billions on weapons, the UK may be spending over 100 billion on new Trident nuclear weapons and submarines yet the Labour party overwhelmingly supports that. They may be right if the alternative is being invaded and all of us either being dead or starving but when I see on TV the many experts telling us we must spend more on weaponry, reduce corporation tax, and see how rich some have become - the top 8 in the world now own more than the bottom 50% (not surprising as most of them have nothing or big debts!) well it makes me feel we live on different planets and that we are different species.

Sheep like me accept there are wolves but do not want to be wolves ourselves. If there are too many sheep for the pasture then obviously wolves will multiply - that is natural and that is what we are seeing. I wish we sheep would accept a one child policy instead but it has been demonised like birth control. We are told there are not enough young people! And it is this natural reaction to over population which is causing such problems. We are destroying our habitats and other species but inevitable building up to a vast global war to reduce numbers. If it was not war it would be disease or famine, maybe natural disasters like comets or super volcanoes. So while I want peace and campaign for it I also accept that we have made the circumstances for war by over breeding. And if anything can be blamed in the UK for that it is not immigration but the extraordinary benefits for breeders which also encourage immigration - child tax credits, child benefits, free child care, maternity and paternity leave, benefits for single mothers and exemption from work and complete respectability in society where childless couples are made to feel inferior, women who have no children as if there is something wrong with them.

Meanwhile of course the wolves are out there killing each other on a daily basis as well as many of us sheep. They don’t have consciences about this - in fact many wolves feel very good about it. They wont when they die but that is not something that they take very seriously.

I doubt that the days of the Plague and Black Death were any better. But exchanging disease for nuclear war is certainly a bad move. Plague did not kill other species nor even habitat. It just thinned out populations especially in cities. So does famine. How much better a one child policy would be! But the wolves and hawks do not like that and they rule the roost. What we do to our poor farm animals will be done to us - over breeding, genetic modification, artificial cannibal diets, daily medication and when in our prime - violent death.
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There are a number of wars in progress right now but the ones that Wikipedia list as having fatalities in excess of 10,000 in the last year are:

Afghanistan 23,539 cumulative around 2 million
Iraq civil war 23,778 cumulative 74,500
Mexico drug war 10,000 cumulative 80,000
Syria civil war 49,742 cumulative 470,000

There are many others listed and notable that in the Congo there have been 1,600,000 fatalities since 2004. 60,854 in Pakistan over the same time line. 50,000 in Sudan since 2011 also 178,363 in Darfur there since 2003. 47.000 Nigeria since 2009.….

Most are barely reported and even if they were would not really attract much notice or even sympathy. We seem to need more dramatic figures to get excited or political about these things. One in three Scottish children living in poverty does not seem to cut it. One would imagine the Scottish parliament unable to talk about anything else but they do not talk about it at all.

Total deaths in World War 2 by the way UK 450,900, US 419,400 Soviet Union 27,000,000, Poland 6,000,000, Germany 7,400,000, China 20,000,000, India 2,600,000, Japan 3,100,000, Yugoslavia 1,700,000 and numerous other countries.

The next world war perhaps 7,000,000,000. Then we ghosts might talk about stopping this war stuff which is usually made by a handful of leaders over matters that do not really concern them or their populations. Media wars. They could all be or have been stopped before they got going if peacemaking was as highly regarded as warmongering or seen as profitable.
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What we need to do now is bring the wars home. As long as the foxes are in the hen house within our own governments we need to start fighting where it is prudent. It's the people running all these illegal wars that need to be put on the straight and narrow. Some of them need criminal prosecution or, remove from society permanently.
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However respectable the veneer on some governments the horrible fact is that almost all the world’s governments have looted their countries for the benefit of the very rich and their corporations. The exercise is made possible by lobbies and institutions that elevate young men and women to positions in political systems then demand their loyalty. Think tanks are mostly nothing of the sort. Nor is there much difference between the opposing sides in politics as both end up handing over the cash, the contracts and the power. The media such as it is, and in spite of its continual denials, is as compromised as our governments if it is in fact a separate entity.

In Gambia we are told the fleeing despot has emptied the state coffers but ‘privatisation’ has already done this in most western countries. And as a direct result global poverty is soaring. How else can one explain one in three Scottish children living in poverty in 2017? Vast swathes of the Middle East have left families homeless and penniless but the oil continues to be extracted and sold.

Britain has just decided to invest in a new Trident system by an overwhelming vote in Parliament. The costs of this would not only alleviate poverty here but also save the NHS, a health system almost unique in the world now because it offers free health care to one and all. The decision ignored the fact that satellites can pinpoint submarines, that the new drones can sweep the oceans and find them, and that nuclear devices can take them out in a flash. They are in fact as vulnerable and obsolete as the aircraft carriers we are building at vast expense while we have no aircraft to put on them. Meanwhile the army said yesterday they could only muster 10,000 fighting troops in a war, that they would be taken out in an afternoon by a real enemy, that there are not enough ships to transport them nor enough planes to transport our tanks!

It would not make sense unless you computed that the contract for Trident was the important part in Parliament’s considerations, not its effectiveness. That friction with Russia elevated through the media is a vital part in ensuring such contracts. That the people who benefit have no real concerns about any political matters just a need to keep the cash coming in. But the fact is that they could earn just as healthy profits by making tidal barriers and windmills for clean energy. And possibly they would were clean energy not detrimental to those who own the oil and fracking wells. And of course those who do must take account of the fact that Russia is sitting on vast reserves of gas, also that were it able to move that gas through pipelines to Europe that would be a massive headache for those who need to transport the stuff by ships to the new terminals making it much more expensive. Sanctions are the temporary solution, made possible by the media.

There is no point expecting any change. One cannot expect the local crime syndicates to change course and start building free hospitals. They depend on the war on drugs as much as the many forces that cream off the profits which are only possible because drugs are illegal. It is no different from the other wars. Most people on sites like this know all of that. All journalists know it. By and large ordinary people do not wish to know it as their opinions have formed over their lives and they are not for changing them any more than changing their support for a particular football team, or their liking for certain music and food. They would like more cash of course and they do listen to the voices that assure them that one vote will achieve that while another will cast them into poverty, something they see all around them. Tell them that the jobs they just about hold onto can vanish in a flash and their little houses be repossessed by the banks. In other worlds the multitude of the world’s population are between a rock and a hard place as they say. We have to face it - life is pretty good for many of us right now. We all know how much worse it could be if we rock the boat.

So there it is. Looting countries works! You get the governments to do it for you. But what you need trillions or billions for is an unanswered question. Unbridled wealth does not have any real benefit at all and brings with it massive insecurity, huge expense, dangerous envy and a simply terrible karmic afterlife. The other worry for them is that the world is running out of cash. There is not really that much more to loot. They have printed so much money that it could buy up everything on the planet many times over. If there was a concerted rush to buy stuff with it rather than hoard it in banks then two things would happen. One would be that the price of gold and land would sky rocket while the other would be that the value of currency would plunge. We are seeing a bit of both but there are strangleholds on these to prevent most people being able to do it. Your pension for example is managed for you and kept in shares and bonds. Gold futures are bought up every month by governments to keep the gold price down. No one wants to see a world where petrol and food are only exchanged for the shiny stuff.

As an ordinary person the worst scenario is revolution. That brings countries to the level of Syria and Libya very fast. Utilities break down permanently, supermarkets empty and are not re-supplied and armed gangs take over. They happen in the world when a spark is allowed to ignite the petrol soaked discontent of the masses. Inevitably they end up with dictatorships which promise to restore order. Order that is fondly recalled as a golden age all of a sudden by the masses who destroyed their own shops.

But the alternative reality is just as clear. There can be enough food for everyone. There is enough shelter if shared. A collective effort can move to clean energy and clean up our oceans. We can rescue our fish and other species by protecting them and their habitats. There are enough worthwhile jobs for all in that. There is one truth and no religion can claim an exclusive right to it. Almost all have lied for generations as their leaders well know but they are big businesses that have looted their congregations as surely as our countries have been looted over the last 5000 years. We do not need wars. But we do need armies and police forces because human nature shows us we have problems among us, people who will kill and maim for psychopathic reasons alone.

However in the face of all of this and the mass hypocrisy and deception we witness on a daily basis perhaps it is wise to consider again the reality that it could be so much worse overnight. That is how fast countries fail and become taken over by ruthless thugs, gangs of them. That is how tranquil lives suddenly become living nightmares. If the mega rich are sensible they will make adjustments and start investing in, rather than looting and destroying, the trees that give them life. The planet is at its end for no good reason. This coming extinction is in no one’s interests. But they have created a system that lies and refuses to accept the terrible faults it has.

Our government could give our health service a cheque today that would save it and even allow the expensive drugs to be prescribed that many need but are now refused. They could replace the wards and beds they closed down but which are so urgently needed by the Emergency departments. However they cannot do that because private health care industries object that they are not on a level playing field. Their customers who pay large insurance premiums for the private hospitals would stop doing so if the national service dramatically improved. The drug companies could supply the drugs cheaper but they will not, cannot……… They can stop the poverty today. They can stop the war on drugs with its vast costs and countless casualties today…. But they cannot because they are not allowed to by the hugely important lobbies that see further ahead and depend on all these things….

Trapped in a madness. Sanity would tell them that it is better to make slow adjustments than try an emergency braking at the last moment. We can see the snarl up ahead, the signs are on the road but their foot is stuck down on the accelerator. They are arguing about being late, shouting at each other, driving faster and faster and we passengers will all be killed with them. Because not one major media outlet will tell the truth and any sites that do are demonised, about to be taken down, branded false news, or worse traitorous, in the pay of the enemy. The answer is of course there. The Revelation trickling out that forces them to slow down and start undoing the damage they have caused. Only knowing the truth causes the smoker to quit and don’t expect the cigarette manufacturer, the retailer or the government that takes over £6 a packet to stop him. The manufacturer can make something else, the retailer can sell something else but the government depends on that addiction.

The wise teachers watch their pupils. They see their talent and they also see how some kids opt for all the wrong things in life because of peer pressure, even fashion. They could be anything they want to be - doctors, prime ministers, scientists, businessmen but they end up as crack heads. That is what is happening to humanity, our lot. Perhaps that is what humanity really is - a destructive force capable of destroying every other species and its own habitat. But we know it can be something better. No one is really to blame for a system that started 5000 years ago in the empires of Egypt, Sumeria and the Indus. Trade! Our best hope is that in working out new trade agreements we get the faults put right, limit profits and maximise the life chances of the world’s inhabitants. It wasn’t in their thinking back then. People in Egypt in 4000BC were buying lapis lazuli from Afghanistan because they considered it beautiful. Perhaps the Afghanis loved the dates and wine from Egypt. Opium was the only effective pain killer. Now we have a war on terror, a war on drugs and trade wars erupting that will destroy us all. Although we are gravely ill a simple and small operation now can save us but can we afford it?
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We cannot all embrace poverty willingly and very few if any will work all our lives to heal the effects of poverty around us, but many around you do just that. Here is one from the last generation:

“In December 1950, the Sunday Dispatch wrote of him: "People who do not know the Reverend William Francis Buttle feel sorry for him as he trundles his ancient bicycle through London’s East End or shuffles along the grey streets in shoes several sizes too big for him and clothes from which the linings hang in ribbons.
They do not know that he has amassed a fortune of £700,000, that he dreams of making a million, and that he will never touch a penny of it for himself. Canon Buttle, at 72, is the Church of England’s most fantastic Parson – solicitor, real estate operator and shrewd share speculator – a legendary figure who some call a saint, and some a miser. In 30 years he has built up two fabulous trusts which he claims will one day educate, maintain and send out to life 1,000 children a year who are either illegitimate or from broken homes." Wikipedia

The Trust he set up has helped thousands and thousands of children over the last 60 years. I have used it when I worked with poor families and it provided washing machines, cookers, cots, clothes - many things we take for granted that poor children lack and which our government no longer provides for them. You will have heard of Mother Theresa but not of Frank Buttle I think.

In a wealthy country like the UK it is stated that over 8 million (16%) currently have a problem with debt by which they mean they cannot afford the repayments. In fact that is a vast underestimate as much of the population cannot get loans at all because they have no assets. They must resort to loan sharks who charge around 1 million% APR.

“There are many risks attached to borrowing from a loan shark.
You pay far more in interest than you would through any legal borrowing. One woman who borrowed £500 ended up repaying £88,000
You may be harassed if you get behind with your repayments
You are often pressured into borrowing more money to repay one debt with another
…..https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk › ... › Debt and borrowing › Help with loans
Loan sharks are illegal, dangerous and can resort to intimidation, threats or violence – don't use them. ... Some loan sharks have attempted to charge interest rates as high as 719,000% Source: BBC news

According to the government in 2013:
“Of the 23.4 million homes (or households) in England and Wales on census day in March 2011, 15 million (64 per cent) were owner occupied and 8.3 million (36 per cent) were rented”

Of the 15 million owned most were mortgaged to the hilt. The rental sector comprises all those who have no assets at all and live month to month or day to day. But there are hundreds of thousands who are homeless and may be sleeping on sofas or the floors in the homes of friends and family. The figures are not exactly put out there:

“There is no national figure for how many people are homeless across the UK. This is because homelessness is recorded differently in each nation and because many homeless people do not show up in official statistics at all.” Crisis - national charity for homeless people.

So when they say for example that 1% own more than 50% of the planet they are being misleading. Most of the planet’s population are in debt or have no assets at all. One person owning a small house, or in fact with a small amount in the bank, has more than all of them. You probably do. How many of us actually owe money to the richest people on the planet is debateable but it is a vast number. Whole countries have completely un-repayable debt and because they have a ‘low credit rating’ must pay more interest than those with AAA gradings. Loan sharking at its worst.

Fortunately I have spent much of my life with no assets or in debt. I have worked hard for most of it and earned a pittance. Now I have to claim ‘pension credit’ because even my pension is below the threshold of poverty in the UK, yet I am fortunate by comparison with most living around me. So many people I have known have never know the insecurity of such a life, have always had rich parents or assets to fall back upon and as a result cannot understand the reality of our world. If they see film of children begging on an Indian street they are shocked but still they will stay in some marble palace there for a holiday and return with tales of horror of what they saw when they left their hotel to do a little sightseeing. What they saw were certainly not the worst cases, nor the harsh reality of a life in poverty in most nations. Back in the UK they will stay away from our ghettos and ignore the harsh reality of life without a job, let alone a home here. And may I point out that these same people are governing us, run our judiciary and own our workplaces.

Homelessness at record levels as numbers rise at 'appalling rate' since Tories came to power
The number of rough sleepers on the streets has increased by 16% in just one year and has increased steadily since the Tories came to power
ByMikey SmithClaire Miller
11:42, 25 JAN 2017

Is there really no solution in sight? It has been like this for centuries and the only carrot offered to the poor is to climb up some ladder to get out of poverty. The chances of that are about the same as winning a lottery. Only a few are allowed to do it or we would all be in poverty. There was never any plan to do away with poverty all together. Never intention to share the land on the planet with all arriving here at birth. And a mass of law to ensure that does not happen.

Christianity and Islam have done their best to deal with the problem by suggesting that charity is something that buys you a pleasant afterlife and is supported by God. The Egyptians main god for much of their history was the god of the poor, Amen but there was always stark inequality there. Christianity also tried to explain that the rich cannot get a foot into heaven, But it has not worked even if it underpins some of the main charitable institutions in our world. The rich have allowed these to do what they should be doing, caring for their communities, their populations, and sharing all they have with them. These days charities are paying vast sums to their CEO’s! Exactly the wrong people to run them.

By definition :
….a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end ….Merriam Webster Dictionary

this is ‘war‘. The rich have waged a continuous war on the poor in our world. What else can we call taking away everything from a family by force, forcing them into pittance paying employment to survive, charging them for the space they sleep upon, depriving them of health care and education, imprisoning them if they do not pay….? It would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that the rich are treated so differently. The use of ‘war’ in this context is a problem but what else can we call the establishment ensuring that the poor have no real say in government where there is not a single poor person to represent them, never mind 60% of our MP‘s who should by rights be in the same poverty that their constituents endure? The poor are expected to serve the rich - that is the essence of life on this planet. The weak are exploited by the powerful. In a sense that is the reality of nature itself. Predators are at war with their prey. We can hardly claim that the prey are at war with the predators because they run away or try to defend themselves when attacked. But it is in the nature of a hawk to take a small bird or rabbit for supper. They cannot survive if they do not.

Great minds have struggled with this. Surely there is a non violent solution! But what we see in our own lifetimes is the problem getting worse. Poor people in my own country were much more secure in my youth. The safety net has been taken away as surely as the subsidised council housing has been swallowed up. In Glasgow they are now closing most of the Job Centres. My two local hospitals deal with the East End of Glasgow, the most deprived area in Britain and as a direct result must deal with much more advanced pathology, which is to say the diseases they try to treat are considerably more advanced and more widespread than in the wealthy parts of the country. They can barely cope yet hospitals here have been closed, A&E’s shut down, wards closed, nurses laid off, doctors are completely overworked, budgets slashed. Of course the pathology is worse.

How is that possible in 2017? Would you not imagine that in our enlightened country we would pour resources into such a place? It seems not and in fact if you study ‘war’ you will find that it targets areas of high population density, it is endlessly destructive and reconstruction is the last thing on its mind. Occupation, expansion of occupation, confiscation, internment, starvation, eviction - these are the things that war brings if you are on the wrong side. And the poor are on the wrong side. That is why Trade Unions have been all but destroyed or compromised. That is why austerity policies hit the poor, why they exist. That is why wages plummet as work loads multiply. That is why any working politics are demonised as ’communism’ or even ’socialism’. And why no media will touch the issues or if they must, give some distorted picture of a prime minister on some building site making life better for them. The latest horror is the use by government of the old Nazi slogan at Auschwitz - ‘work will make you free‘. This is the policy they now openly espouse. It certainly does not apply to the rich where it is clear that it is in fact money that sets you free and can even free you from criminal charges if you have an expensive lawyer. Meanwhile the poor in many countries including the UK and US find it very difficult to get any decent representation or advice.

Global politics, domestic politics and even local politics are dictated by this war. All wars in fact are subsidiaries of this, especially what we call ‘corruption‘ that is so rife. Some wars have even been deliberately used to thin out the difficult young men born into poverty, WW1 a classic example. This is not ‘revolutionary’ thinking just history and historical analysis when the facts are made clear. Nor is it a modern phenomenon, it goes back to the dawn of recorded history, clearly seen in Britain throughout the feudal system which still seems to be in place in one way or another.

Now I only mention this because there is a peaceful solution and it is ‘peace‘. Usually peace comes from talks and compromise. We are seeing such talks over Syria for example where the damage has been done and mission achieved. Under cover of, for example, the Brexit dilemma and the furore over a new President we can see how the occupation and exploitation may dramatically increase along with inequality unless the root problem is addressed. The last thing on any minds right now is peace between the rich and poor and an end to the war the rich wage. The rich used to think that the Trade Unions were waging war on them, and indeed any socialists who wished to increase the taxes they pay. They have fought back very effectively which of course they do not see like that more is the pity. What they prefer to see is a precious status quo with each man in his appointed place. But increasingly we have seen deployed so called liberals who apply a glossy and humanitarian veneer to some of the most radical policies that target the poorest. They work in the media and in politics and are either naïve, misguided or cynical. How can any liberal honestly believe that destroying a country frees a population from dictatorship, or that cutting benefits and penalising the unemployed somehow empowers them? This is the world of spin and it is growing exponentially. For the mystic it is illusion clouding truth. Maya at war with the dharma.

But while on this point may I point out something else. Sky TV has started a campaign to clean up the seas of rubbish and have some pristine plastic rubbish piled up in their studio. Their reporters have been on various beaches pointing out the problem. I heard one showing us a plastic bag which she said came from any shopping mall and had just been thrown away, now washed up on the beach. Today they explained that rubbish finds its way down sewers to the rivers and thus the sea. Well when I was a boy it was not really a problem,. We found the occasional debris washed up - perhaps a sandal or a bit or rope and thought this was stuff washed overboard from some liner. There was glass from the odd bottle but the sea soon turns that into a rather pretty, coloured and smooth sided pebble. The plastic however turns into micro beads that poison everything. Still the impression I was getting from Sky was that we the public were to blame. We were chucking our rubbish in the sea, perhaps on picnics!

When I lived on the Thames in the 1980’s every day we saw barges loaded up with rubbish heading out into the estuary. I have written above about the radioactive waste dumped off Somalia by fictitious companies employed to reprocess it. We pay to have rubbish that cannot be recycled put in expensive landfill sites. Around the world they exist in various forms, waste mountains perhaps. In the UK companies must pay to dump rubbish from house building etc and people must pay the council to take away items like mattresses - so we tend to find that these are dumped all over the place to avoid paying. Quite why the TV reporters have not pointed out that the vast island of rubbish floating in the Pacific, almost the size of the US now, has nothing to do with picnics on beaches and everything to do with illegal ocean dumping by vast corporations is a question they should answer. It would be very easy for the world’s navies to stop this but the last thing on their minds.

For example October 2016

The skipper of a barge has been fined £500 and more than £2,000 in costs, after pleading guilty to dumping rubbish at sea.
On the morning of 26 May this year, the barge Beta was enroute from Exmouth to Plymouth. In charge of the vessel was Mark Tamburrano, a 33-year-old restaurateur from Plymouth


That is a pathetic little case of dumping but they only prosecute the little men. This is all part of the war between rich and poor. The poor are blamed for the rubbish, the poor children pick over it to find items they can sell, the poor people live by these sites and are polluted by them. The poor fishermen are the ones whose livelihoods are ruined even as the vast trawlers take away the fish on which they depend. The poor farmers are forced to buy seeds from the vast corporations. The farm subsidies in the EU (40% of its vast budget) go to the wealthiest landowners on the planet, not the farmers who rent from them in most cases:

“Common Agricultural Policy: Rich List receive millions in EU subsidies
September 29, 2016 - 7:30 am………

For example

“Taxpayers are paying more than £400,000 a year to subsidise a farm where a billionaire Saudi prince breeds racehorses.
The Newmarket farm of Khalid Abdullah al Saud - owner of the legendary horse Frankel - is among the top 100 recipients of EU farm grants in the UK.
The system's critics say Brexit will let the UK redirect £3bn in subsidies towards protecting the environment.
A spokesman for the prince declined to comment….”

As if Brexit will change anything! But it likes the masses to hope it will.

Is peace possible? Can the rich stop their greed for long enough to even consider talking to the poor about the error of their ways? It is a game for them. One billionaire described getting his EU farm subsidy as his ’hobby’. What billionaire wants to give more let alone equal rights and property to his butler? After all it is his money. Or that is how he sees his occupation of land and assets. So do countries and corporations even now taking more and more from the poorest people on the planet.

“The Sixth Plague: Boils
Exodus 9.11 The magicians could not stand before Moses because of the boils, for the boils were on the magicians as well as on all the Egyptians. 12 And the LORD hardened Pharaoh's heart, and he did not listen to them, just as the LORD had spoken to Moses.
34And when Pharaoh saw that the rain, the hail, and the thunder had ceased, he sinned yet more; and he hardened his heart, he and his servants. 35 So the heart of Pharaoh was hard; neither would he let the children of Israel go, as the Lord had spoken by Moses.”

Right now Pharaoh’s heart is hardening and he is demanding more from his slaves while giving them less. The result is not revolution which achieves nothing except a cull of the poor, but a series of plagues - all self induced. So our sea food or what is left of it is becoming more and more diseased. Our food is increasingly toxic as is the air we all have to breathe (even if it is much worse in Glasgow, for some reason the lung disease capital). Diseases are becoming resistant to our increasingly expensive corporate drugs. And asteroids and comets are now taking an interest in wiping us out. Why does ’god’ harden Pharaoh’s heart? Does this god want his Pharaoh to use his nuclear weapons next? It is a most extraordinary chapter in the development of humanity that it is ruled by such inhumanity and stupidity. That ignorance is so deep rooted and enables the illusion that the richest are the best of us and deserve to be waited on hand and foot while small children starve nearby. The one in three Scottish children living in poverty while the rich dine in Mayfair.

Who would want to be rich in such a world? Where are the peacemakers? And when can I delete this obsolete thread moderators?
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It seems that more people are protesting against Trump than against the wars that created the refugee crisis. It seems that Trump is called the most awful names by senior elected people, names usually reserved for the kind of thugs who beat up citizens from any different ethnicity and daub graffiti on their homes. Worse names than those applied to murderous jihadist rapists, women traffickers and thugs. The entire media is at war with the man. It seems that the Queen has said nothing but has been brought into this as needing protection from him.

It ‘seems’ is the clue. Any sensible people left in our world must know that US citizens cannot come and live in the UK, cannot get jobs here. A person we know, a ’white’ American who is studying medicine here arrived at Heathrow without all the paperwork they required and was immediately flown back. The only citizens allowed to come here whenever they like and who can work here if they choose have EU passports. I cannot even travel to India without an expensive visa which could be rejected for any number of reasons, some I would never know. The new US prohibition may be over the top but how extraordinary that it has attracted more rage than the bombing of children in Yemen where it is said that one dies every ten minutes and where we provide the munitions.

It ‘seems’ is what appears when our media decide to highlight something while obscuring almost everything else. So when I saw this headline:

“Fake news inquiry by MPs examines threat to democracy
30 January 2017”

I wondered whether they would mention anything I have written above. The role the media play is hoodwinking the public, in deciding election outcomes in the UK with their choice of articles on those they support and those they oppose.

It is a BBC article and at first it looked like they were looking into this:

“MPs are launching a parliamentary inquiry into the "growing phenomenon of fake news".
The Culture, Media and Sport Committee said it would investigate concerns about the public being swayed by propaganda and untruths.
The inquiry will examine the sources of fake news, how it is spread and its impact on democracy.
Claims that voters in the US election were influenced by fake news spurred the inquiry, the committee said.
Damian Collins, the committee chairman, said the rise of propaganda and fabrications is "a threat to democracy and undermines confidence in the media in general".

However when I noticed that one of the major worries about this fake news they say is peddled by social media is that it undermines the public’s trust in mainstream journalism I realised that ‘it seems’ not. The real concerns are the threat to the comfortable illusion we live in. Maybe they are right. Protesting against Trump makes us feel better about ourselves and our own sad politicians. If some lunatic article about Clinton running a paedophile network from a café is supposed to be representative and a worry it suggests that all independent media is doing this. Why they did not include some of the claims levelled at Trump like the woman he was said to have raped when she was 13 who dropped the case after the election is hard to determine. But ’it seems’ fake news runs one way not the other.

‘It seems’ that most of the most dire warnings about Brexit were rubbish. Was that not ’fake news’? No that was genuine reporting.

“The way that fake news affects people's understanding of the world and their trust in traditional journalism will also be examined….”

There is a war with Truth. No one is quite sure what is true and what is not. That seems to be the problem. It is not a problem if we all trust the Ministry of Propaganda, only a problem when we do not. I am seriously in two minds about this. I want us to live peacefully and if illusion enables that it may be a price worth paying. If truth is too hard to bear and revelation results in violent insurrection, murder, looting and mayhem it is better perhaps concealed. But I am also aware that wars are fought under cover of news blackouts and that if the truth was known about them they might never be started. I am aware that many innocent people are in prison and many violent criminals are not. We need to think about all of this and if Parliament is genuine and will look at the role of all media that may help enormously. I have my doubts however every time I see the House of Commons on TV. Every time I see the News in fact. Do the media and parliaments want peace or wars?

This also caught my eye on a day when the media is protesting about Trump and refugees:

“Asylum seekers housed in 'disgraceful' rat-infested accommodation, MPs warn

Asylum seekers arriving in the UK are being housed in filthy, rat-infested accommodation, according to MPs.
The Home Affairs committee described the conditions in some of properties used to house those seeking asylum in Britain a "disgrace" and said the system was in need of major reform.
The committee's asylum accommodation report recorded infestations of rats and bedbugs, rotten sofas and inadequate support for vulnerable people.
In evidence heard by the committee, one woman complained that her kitchen was "full of mice", saying "they even ran across the dining table while we were eating"…..

It raises the question of who they think should be living in such housing if not refugees. In my work with people facing eviction or living in poverty it became clear that due to the chronic housing shortage, particularly council and housing association properties, we were seeing a boom in the use of private landlords. I often came across rats, bedbugs, cockroaches and damp. That is the state of much of our property in this country and someone is expected to tolerate it. The councils cannot cope with the complaints, the landlords are cynical, the councils need the landlords…… It is a terrible fact about 21st century Britain as are the one in three Scottish children living in poverty as opposed to the one in ten in Britain as a whole. In many areas up here it is 100% of the children I might add. Unheated homes in cruel weather. But what I am pointing out is how this is manipulated by cynical politicians and the media into being a situation targeting refugees rather than the poor in general.

There is so much work needed to put our world to rights. It is perfectly possible as long as the media do an honest job. If only they were protesting about poverty and war today rather than some US policy on immigration. If only we had 30 million signatures about the Scottish children enduring poverty or the continuous cuts to the NHS but our media has its own interests too. Those working in the media are seldom poor and those in influential positions are rich. Large corporate and think tank lobbies target and educate the media. The poor have little chance in getting priority over them. Most of the media actively supports foreign interventions and wars.

And every politician can see what happens to a man who takes the media on!

Yesterday these articles were published:

Donald Trump's mental health is being called into question
Metro-14 hours ago
Donald Trump has only been in office for ten days but people are already calling into question his mental health. Hillary Clinton claimed he was ...
Psychologists warn Donald Trump 'displays all the classic signs of ...
Mirror.co.uk-16 hours ago
Donald Trump associate Barbara Res says he displayed signs of ...
The Independent-16 hours ago
Trump displays 'classic traits of mental illness', psychologists say
The Star, Kenya-3 hours ago
'Trump is mentally sick'
The Daily Star-5 hours ago

True or false? Whoever saw such an onslaught on an American president before? Is this ‘fake news’? ‘It seems’ not. But all is not what it appears to be.

I must credit an article in Counterpunch today which has informed me on some of the above:

January 31, 2017
A New Wrinkle in the War on Truth

by Ed Kemmick

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Throughout my adult life I have noticed something that to me is extraordinary and to most others nonsense. It started when I was trying to repair things without much knowledge and certainly without a big tool kit. What I found was that the thing that can do the job is never very far away. We are lucky these days as we have the internet and can ask questions, then probably find a YouTube video showing us what to do. How salt perhaps can remove some impossible stain. My repairs have not always been pretty and in the early days I recall having to use a rope to keep the front door shut on my old Rover 90. The garage told me I needed a new door. Last week the door handle on our present car broke. I needed a new door handle fitted by the dealer at a huge cost but I soon realised that only a tiny pin in the hinge of the handle had broken and good old Internet told me a bit more. I bought a new hinge for less than ten pounds but the tricky bit was getting the old one off and the new hinge in. The gap between the door and the handle hinge was about an inch and inside the handle a screw held the hinge in. They don’t make screwdrivers that small. Certainly not ones that can undo tough screws. But they do make little screwdriver bits that small which are to put into a socket at the end of an electric screwdriver, and I found one that fitted into the screw head perfectly. I have lost you haven’t I? Never mind. This half inch long bit fitted into the screw between the handle and the door but of course could not be turned by hand, however I found a tiny spanner that fitted the hexagonal shaft of the bit and that enabled me to take the old screw out and put the new one in. The garage would have dismantled the door, taken off the whole handle and replaced it. But the moral of this tale is that what you need to do a seemingly impossible job is some ingenuity and something that is never very far away. I also needed a small mirror to show me where the screw was!

The word for what I am laboriously describing is ’improvise’. You have to do something, you don’t have the right tools to do it so you improvise Now it is also the case that when seeking advice on what to do and how to do it you get all sorts of very different opinions. Some insist you go to the dealer, get in the expert, do the conservative things. Others decry such actions as wasteful even feeding the greedy capitalist system. Some suggest doing nothing - use the other door mentality. Or scrap the car. And in essence here is our political world. We have something broken, of that there is no doubt, but we just about manage. Are we going to fix it? -ie climate, pollution, poverty, corruption, crime, religious inspired hostility, discrimination, fake news, injustice, unemployment, inflation, inequality ……….. If so how? So for example as our prison system buckles under the strain of an excessive number of prisoners our Justice Minister today dismissed the notion that she let some prisoners out early as a ‘quick fix’ that will not work. As our hospitals buckle an expert yesterday suggested putting more money into them was only a sticking plaster solution. On the other side are many who say the exact opposite. Some want a war some don’t.

We certainly do not have the right tools in the box. Nor do we have the know how. If we had both of those things we would not have the problem menacing our world and all its species. And the main dealers are not going to suggest we use a quick fix that affects their profits any more than the pharmaceutical giants will hand over the patents on their expensive drugs so we can all access them cheaply. Here is a small example which I have taken from the Guardian. There was an article about Ireland legalising cannabis for medical use. It is absolutely banned in the UK although a company here is licensed to make the drug Sativex from marijuana and to sell it elsewhere in the world for medical use. The UK government however state that cannabis has NO medicinal use. Now some claim that cannabis has great use medically - trials have shown that it reduces tumours in mice for example but there have been very few clinical trials, not least because it is so illegal. There was a link to a previous Guardian article saying that the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries have been lobbying against legalisation lest it affect their profits, moreover have spent millions on advertising, articles, studies, persuading governments etc not to do this because it is dangerous. It is interesting isn’t it?.

An extract:
“Indeed, alcohol and pharma groups have been quietly backing anti-marijuana efforts across the country. Besides Insys, the Arizona Wine and Spirits Wholesale Association gave one of the largest donations to the state’s anti-legalization campaign when it paid $10,000 to Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. And the Beer Distributors PAC recently donated $25,000 to the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts, making it the state’s third-largest backer of the opposition to recreational cannabis.
Purdue Pharma and Abbott Laboratories, makers of the painkiller OxyContin and Vicodin, respectively, are among the largest contributors to the Anti-Drug Coalition of America, according to a report in the Nation. And the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, considered one of marijuana’s biggest opponents, spent nearly $19m on lobbying in 2015.”

Now I am not debating the rights and wrongs of any of this. It was however suggested to me by two people recently that I try cannabis oil (based I think on Rick Simpson’s cannabis cure for his kidney cancer) to deal with the tumour in mine. But I pointed out that the stuff is highly illegal and the last thing I need is trouble, nor am I convinced it would work. Where are the clinical trials? At least Chinese medicine has a two thousand year history of use of its herbs, however even that is derided by the media and mainline medicine along with poor old harmless homeopathy. I would expect our doctors to be allowed to find out if it does work without opposition from those whose only real argument is that it might affect their profits if it did. Where legalisation has taken place in the US prescribed opioid use has decreased and they suggest that the makers do not like that. Well we have always had lobbies and we have always had governments controlled by them but these days a new argument is about ‘fake news‘ which I would think might include the tales of simple herbal cures for our ailments. We dont know is the real answer to this but then we might add that nor are we in a hurry to find out. Clinical trials are expensive and almost always funded by manufacturers. No clinical trials are done on these cheap alternatives, for example ‘self hypnosis’ which costs nothing. There is much evidence that stimulating the body’s immune system does help cure cancer but that is because expensive new drugs are used to do this!

So what do you do if you suddenly discover you have a tumour in your kidney? It is like the broken handle on the car door. You can do nothing, go private, go NHS, find folk remedies, travel abroad for a new kidney, research the subject but whatever you do you will find that there are some people who swear that chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the real killers of those afflicted by cancer and others who swear that they are the only reason so many survive it. Do you want to improvise when it is your survival at stake? This is also what I see in the ‘fake news’ debate. One side slating the other for lying.

And the same is true with the survival of our planet Who can be trusted on this? - there are so many lobbies but also so many whacky theories. We love our conspiracy theories as they open our eyes to the possibility that not everything is quite as it is presented to us. But it must also be cautioned that most of us really do not know and jump on the case anyway. I wrote here about the sarin attack in Syria after it happened. Most major politicians still assume that Assad did this although there is much to suggest that he didn’t, not least that UN inspectors had just arrived in the country and were a few miles away when it happened and that it was seized upon immediately as the main reason to invade and change the regime, red line broken. I simply do not know but many of our senior politicians possibly do, certainly someone does in intelligence. But it is still used routinely when describing Syria and Assad and was used yesterday as the reason we should have gone in and stopped the war. But we recall being told by the ICC prosecutor that the Libyan troops were being given Viagra to rape civilians, again as a reason to invade Libya and it turned out they weren’t. Nor were there any WMD found in Iraq. Still it is something we don’t know about and it may well have been a quick fix that worked or made matters worse. This is why the words ‘fake news’ seem difficult to fix down. No one really gives examples of what they mean when they use them. Obviously though it makes a difference who shoots down an airliner or uses Hololcaust era poison gas. And these reports tie our hands inevitably causing division where no division is needed.

We get two sides on almost everything and neither side seems to see things very clearly. What we need to improvise solutions to our problems is a bit of both perhaps. My research has shown me that mainstream medicine and surgery go very well in harness with alternative medicine. Placebos work so we ought to use them as they do no harm. We should use our body’s natural defences to help with the surgeon’s interventions. Many of the people who survive had surgery and also used natural alternatives. And I think it is the same thing with tackling our world’s problems. Sometimes we do need to use force but sometimes we need to use care. What we call a refugee camp in Syria or its neighbouring countries for example would be called a concentration camp if we built it in Britain. We really should invest more in solutions out there and take in the most vulnerable here. It is not really one against the other as our politicians make out. Nor are American politics which affect our whole world. Prisons are needed for our violent members of society and to deter crime but some ‘crimes’ need not result in prison sentences. Those who protest their innocence should not be penalised and detained indefinitely because of that. But they are. Surely our prisons could double up as work places and train in bookkeeping, car maintenance, investment banking etc?

So today I am wondering if our conspiracy sites could ameliorate their attitudes and encourage the mainstream media to do the same so that we could get the big picture in both, use both resources to get to the truth. It is not a question of hurting the profits of corporations but can we not compensate them if that happens rather than have lobbies stopping us find the solutions we deserve and so badly need now. Or violent protests preventing them. Use the private hospitals - many have MRI scanners almost unused while the NHS has long queues. We need not ‘either or’ it all the time. We are all a bit bad and some good, a bit dishonest and somewhat truthful, a bit mean and a bit kind. But none of us will get out of trouble with our hands tied like this.
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