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Default Dna and how feelings can effect it

I'm not saying I am correct here, I am merely just rambling about my thoughts on the subject and trying to fit the pieces together.
Firstly I have been watching a lot of information lately about the DNA, and how our feelings effect our reality in relation to the resonance of energy we are emitting. Also the subject of the Holographic nature of the Universe.
You have probably heard the saying - be the change you want to see in the world- ghandi
This concept is only possible to implement if you can understand that we are all one consciousness.
Any change that you make to yourself, effects the entire Universe (one song) because of the fractal nature of the universe, then you will know that all you have to do is change one part and the entire fractal changes
As you know you are the center of your world, everything that you experience in this reality is only from your own point of view. Change you point of view and you change yours/mine/everyone reality.
If we get to a point where our energy is osculating in a frequency of love, then no matter can penetrate that.
I know it sounds whacky, but its all inside my head, its like i know something that i cant find the words to communicate to the outside.
Yesterday I was watching this video about 3 survivors of Hiroshima, one of them was a 13 year old girl who was very close to the centre when it went off, the way she describes the incident (she has no idea this is why she lived and no one else did) Is she says she looked up and saw this beautiful plane and was thinking about how beautiful it was.
What I am thinking is the reason she survived was that according to what Dan Winter is saying about the DNA, is her resonance was at phi, (love) and therefore no matter could penetrate her being. Even though everything else around her was killed and destroyed.
I woke the morning with a million thoughts all at once, it was sooo overwhelming, but i was only able to capture a few of them.
one of them was the picture of the Illuminati pyramid, blowing its top off. then an idea that we are blowing the lid off the whole thing, then it flashed to the pic on the eye, which the thought that followed was, this is a personal journey (the I), that we are in the Human RACE and that if any one of us really get this, then we all get it.
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