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hate it or love it (it doesn't make any difference)... more stuff on microchips

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Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
we cannot die
we can get ourselves damaged but we cannot die
it's impossible
it hurts like hell to exist as damaged, in an unnatural way
this is what is all about, to do away with the pain on existing, since we have no choice but to be
if we could die, it would be so easy

so, what does spiritual evolution have to do with hate? how do we go about it in a most effective quickest way?
this was a beautiful question :luv:

I watched a movie today called "divergent" ( I barely watch movies or read books anymore)


this movie was brilliant, and is sooo this thread… I felt so many divergent emotions..

like how I hate the idea being chipped,

or then volunteering to be chipped ahead to try and hack it lol

whatever we can imagine is truth, b’s


Warning… im in a "hate" mood right now (that im so :luv: ) just to give you all warnings, before you read anymore,

im compassionate lke that..

second warning….. anyone reading past my first warning is divergent like the movie I just watched lmao

we are all now flagged b’s , just like the movie,

so now (imo) we play that energy together :luv:

like stop fucking believing, or needing, to ever be outside ourselves, to be who we are …


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goddess sophia, hate, love, psychopath, punish

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