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Default "Bechamp Day" - Oct 16?

Pasteur's theory was that disease comes into the the body from the outside. Antoine Bechamp's was that disease and disease-causing agents arise in response to a toxic, unhealthy bodily environment as a result of unhealthy lifestyle.

Ethel Hume wrote a famous work "Bechamp or Pasteur?" in which she concludes, based on comprehensive first hand evidence of both men's writings, that Pasteur was something of - dare I say - a con-man who made his name by plagiarising and distorting the work of Antoine Bechamp. She also documents how Pasteur's theory was preferred over Bechamp solely because of a) Pasteur's aggressive self-promotion, b) his political connections, and c) the potential profitability of his theory, which effectively takes power away from people and into the hands of medical and pharmaceutical industry.

I have a copy and it's a very interesting read, with a lot of uncovered mysteries.


Please also have a read of some of these articles:


October 16 marks the 194th anniversary of Bechamp's birth. April 15 2011 marks the 102th anniversary of his death.

It would be great to take either of those opportunities to have a "Bechamp day" - as a way to raise awareness of the true history of Bechamp. By all accounts it sounds like he was a truly great man who should have had the fame Pasteur enjoyed - and it sounds like his theories could well have saved humanity untold death and suffering if it had not been for Pasteur's activities.

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