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johnny botwright
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Question Is there a higher intellegenge?

is there a higher intellegenge, ? and can this intellegence also use every thing around us, to convey some thing to us, the people we speak to, through them, some thing we may see or hear, also within our selves,
if we are tuned in.?
in other words the power of good can comunicate in this way, as well as dark forces at work. ie using that which is around us.

its funny to, i posted a post on the bbc forum, about the power of images, and who was controling the news, they could not remove it quick enough.
though the same post was posted on other forums, and not removed.

I read a ladies account ,in the dreams and vision forum, at http://www.prophecytalk.com titled end time premonitions , and some peoples response, can God use things he knows, will get our attention, to convey a message to us. Reveal some thing, we need to know?
We can be like radios, tuned in and not turned on, or turned on but not tuned in,
I once spoke to a blind lady, she had a very nasty fall on Christmas eve, very shaken, as she sat there, in her spirit, she heard turn the radio on, it was all the hymes from St Paul’s Cathedral, as she listened, made her feel a hole lot better about her situation.
Another good friend of ours, could not decide weather to be a teacher or a nurse, she left it with our heavenly father, and asked for the wisdom to take the right path,
Not long after she was walking along a road, she just felt to turn around, as she did, a lorrie went passed the junction, at the bottom of the road, on the side of the trailer was a picture of a nurse, in her spirit she felt a ping and a gush, she new she had been shown , received her answer, all the doors opened and she enjoyed a carrer in nursing.

My mother phoned me from Kenya, she is a very tough lady, irish, romany, cockney, her mother my nan was the same, never say die, even when she had cancer, never heard her complain, or why me, they gave her six months to live, she was quite indignant about this, said-- who are they-- to tell me i only have 6 months to live.

I was doing a milk round, it was early in the morning, the heavens opened, so i waited for the shower, rain to pass, while i was waiting i had a time of prayer, i saw , in my spirit, Jesus standing next to my nans bed, when i returned from the milk round , around 10 am, the phone went, it was my mother, johnny your nan died this morning , peacefully in her sleep, it was around the same time, i had waited for the shower to pass, 5am
This was two and a half years after they had tolled my nan, she only had six months to live.
When my mother phoned from Kenya, which she would not have done unless she thought there was a real problem, she sounded very shaken, she had just had a scuffle with the leader of a yardie gang, called Jaffa, his parting threat, was the next time they saw her, they would burn her alive in her car.
The last words my dad shared with me, before he died, was Johnny please take good care of your mother.
A friend of ours had also recently been killed, his car over turned in Royon, near Diss in the united kingdom, had caught fire, he was trapped in his seat belt,
And I had read in a national newspaper, where a yardie gang, in London, had burned a girl with a hot clothes iron, to find out where her drugs and drug money was, even putting it on her face.
I knew from my own experiences, one youth, one gang, a knife, gun, fire, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, could be fatal.

Then I was delivering milk, I picked up a guardian newspaper, and read a report, how 17 nunns in a childrens home, near to my mothers children home had stood between 50 youths with machetes, and the children in their care, and were hacked to death, Christian courage, no greater love.
Their bodies some still half alive, were put down a narrow shaft, used for a toilet,
When nuns start getting hacked to death, when evil is on the move, some times we have to be on the move also, weather to meet it head on, or like Jesus said, when you see the abomination, that causes desolation, standing in the holy of holies, its time to take to the hills,
I then saw and got stuck behind a ford tractor, with a spreader on the back, behind this was a butchers van,
Im thinking Lord you telling me something here, F.O.R.D. Kenya were the opposition party, to the Kenyan government, their stronghold was Kisumu were my mother was,
When I had been in kisumu my self, it was when, the presidents tribe, the Mandis well feed, well armed, were pushed in against the Lure tribe, hots were burnt down, with familys in them, or slain trying to flee, F.O.R.D Kenya the opposition party, were inciting crowds to riot.
Kisumu was under curfew, mobs on the ramage, people shot on the streets.
So im thinking, ford tractor, F.O.R.D. Kenya, A spreader, the trouble is going to spread, a butchers van, people are going to be massacred.
I prayed Lord is it right for me to go to Kenya, should I go, I then stopped at a junction, a van went by, and on the side of the van, was one word URGENT.

I went to my church, shared with the elders, said it might be a good idea to send in a team, just in case trouble spread to kisumu, we could put things in place, my mother at this time had 40 children, in her care, and the church had two girls there running a nursery, near my mothers childrens home.
There was trouble on the Horizon .

There reply was I was in bondage to fear and the devil, and that if I went, they would stop the sponsorship money to my mother, as they sponsored some of the children in her care.
There concern was if I went, the parents of the two girls , would get to hear, and this would cause them unnecessary worry, in my heart I knew God was telling me to go, emergency.

So I politely tolled them what they could do with their sponsorship money, and caught the next flight to Kenya,
I picked up the Sunday times newspaper, on the plane off the trolley, western intelligence were warning if South Africa, collapsed in to civil war, that 50.000 people could be massacred in days, it was on the front page, I thanked God,
That his intelligence was higher, than western intelligence, and that I was already on the plane.

Every plane was fully booked with every one coming out, and there were just 10 days before this prediction, could become a reality.
While there confronted, Jaffa and his gang, got children out of Uganda, elections were
On in Uganda the same time as the elections in South Africa, this was 1994.
Heavy fighting in north Uganda, who are kinsmen to the tribes of north Kenya.
Heavy fighting down the rift valley, 14 opposition MPS were arrested for inciting crowds to riot against the Kenyan, with places burnt down, just south of us,
And it was estimated that 250.000 people had just been massacred, 300 miles away.
We set up a safe haven, so mum would not be trapped in kisumu.

According to the elders they tolled the congregation, there was no problem what so ever, it was just me over reacting, apon my return , I had fellowshipped there for ten years, I was tolled I was no longer welcome, and people were tolled, to have nothing to do with myself.
I did share with them from the churches in kisumu they were affiliated with , their brothers and sisters, who asked me to pass a message on, my church, very well attended, loads of resources, they had preached, from the pulpit, how they wanted to make great inroads into Kenya.
Riots had started in Nairobi, there was also a severe famine, the Kenyan government were only distributing aid to where they held sway, as far as kisumu was concerned.
They were letting people starve, as it was the strong hold of F.O.R.D. Kenya.
Tribal fighting had already started.

The people, people in the churches were starving they had nothing, I was not telling my church what to do, just passing on the message to the elders. They replied as far as Kenya was concerned, they were putting every thing on hold for six months, I said ive just seen people who did not know how they where going to get through 6 days.
With this an elder jumped to his feet and said we rebuke you, in the name of the Lord, funny thing was, I felt no rebuke, in fact it was as if the Lord was standing by my side, they said as far as my mother was concerned they had, stopped the sponsorship money, leaving her high and dry, because they were not sure if she was doing the will of God.

I replied it was going to take them six months, to see if picking up bundles of rags, children of the street, sick, starving, beaten abused. And given them shelter , love, and a home , was Gods will, and it was going to take them six months to decide.
With this I was tolled to get out, never to return.

Diss christain community church, they are online, so is my mothers children home, covenant home kisumu Kenya.this is not an appeal, look at what God has done , hundreds of children have been saved, was it Gods will.
While there, standing on the shore of lake Victoria, which is the size of England, watching an electrical storm, over the lake, bolts of lighting, sheet lighting, the sky heavy and dark, the other side of the lake, genocide was takin place, in Rwanda, the slaughter was relentless, day in day out, when you woke, when you went to sleep, The Lord tolled me, in my spirit I heard,Johnny the storm is coming, the sword is out in Africa, the sword is out in the middle East, the sword is out in the far east, and the sword is out in Europe.

I Knew it was the Lord speaking, as I was surprised when he said the sword was out in Europe, I could understand Africa, the middle east, the far east, but Europe, nothing was happening in Europe, shortly after my return, the Bosnia erupted, and it seemed the evil that had manifested it self in Rwanda, moved to the Balkins, and we had mass graves on our door step. I believe in a higher intelligence,other than our own, Noah prewarned, built an Arc. Joseph and mary, fled to eygpt with Jesus.warned in a dream, before King Herods troops arrived to slay every male child, two years old and younger.

Another strange thing happened apon my return, I was in Thetford forest, near Lakenheath, and Milldenhall, were the American air bases are, it was a fine Sunday afternoon, as we walked through the forest, I was thinking of all those thousands of people trying to flee through the forests of Rwanda, for their lives, at the same time,
Most people in my home town of Diss, were in the centre of Diss, to welcome back Diss town football club, who the day before had won the vase cup, at Wemberly stadium ,
Suddenly there was a flash of light no warning, then this almighty bang, for a split second , you could have though , one of the bases had been hit by a missile , the heavens above us, sounded like they were tearing apart, this electrical storm, ragged across East Anglia, and there were pictures in the Eastern daily press newspaper, of the lighting of Great Yarmouth.
The game Diss town football club, had played at Wemberly on the Saturday was on the television, on the Sunday afternoon, just as Diss was about to kick of, Tacclestone mast, near Wymondham, was struck by lighting, and all the televisions blacked out.
As I stood there in the forest, The Lord reminded me, The storm is coming, the unexpected, when least expected,

When I was in Russia, Leningrad, we were by the Baltic docks, and watched the whole Baltic fleet put to see, as Russia had just invaded Afghanistan,
The ship next to us was an American ship called the Lord Nelson,
While in Russia, I saw models of the United Kingdom. London, showing where every major structure was, power stations, telecommunications, government buildings,
Every were could almost be hit at the same time, from a conventional strike,
There were Russian Generals, boasting they would defeat their enemies at home and abroad, and there troops, one day would wash their feet in the red sea.
That they could descend like an avalanche, and still can.

When Kenya, exploded into violence 2008, I was ready to leave on the drop of a hat, I prayed is the light green, to go, this time , I drove up to some road works, waiting to come through, was a landrover, there was a man, standing with a big sign, controlling the traffic, he had his back to me, the sign in his hand was stop. I knew God was telling the light was on red, though there was killing, burning , looting, alround covenant home,kismu looked like a war zone no one touched the home, the mobs would even open up, and allow my mother through.
Hundreds of children, came from the streets and took refuge.
Is their a higher intelligence.
I believe events around the world, speaks volumes also, God is bringing power down, shaking those in power, Goverments,
Can bankers who fiancé war, fiancé the reconstruction, millions of lives shattered, while they rake in their winnings. They think their judgement is not coming, they are in for a big surprise, I tuned on the telly this recently and the new president, being sworn in, in chille, the building was shaken, from strong after shocks.
Anyone you know who has been sworn in recently, put there by the the masters of wall street, the illuminati, looking after their interests. and then
Just handed the free world to the banks, the new world bank. Anyone you know?
As they held the world to ransome, threating to let , the markets collapse, if the world did not pay , the presidents gang, point break, and the biggest heist in history took place, in front of your very eyes,
Abraham lincoln warned about this, Thomas jeffersn, strongly warned agaisnt, his prediction coming true.

i know what it is to be framed, falsely accused, character assassination, both within the church, and out side the church. The Lord is faithful.
as for swine, i have met a few in my time, there were people to, Jesus did not really give the time of day. such people you can warn them , then just walk away.
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