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Did you guys see the "all seeing eye" symbolism on the new video? It's on the wall and tori stands right next to it. So funny - and creepy. And there's also like an ET head drawing next to the symbol. Couldn't really figure what that was...

I like the lyrics though...

Battle of the minds
Cries Below
Cries Above
You must pick a side
Will you choose fear?
Will you choose love?

What does it look like
This orbital ball
From the fringes of the Milky Way?
What does it feel like
This orbital ball
On The fringes of the Milky Way?
Raining flavor
I've seen flavor, flavor, love

Whose God then is God?
They all want jurisdiction
In the book of Earth
Whose God spread fear,
Spread love?

Turn up the frequency
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I've read through this forum and without having to go back to quote people I just want to write the following;

- In regards to Scientology, it's highly unlikely that Tori's friend Neil Gaiman is still a Scientologist. I don't think he's done courses in years and Scientology doesn't allow people to have auditing if they're connected to an enemy of the Church. His girlfriend, Amanda Palmer is quoted on the sleeve of Kate Bornstein's book (an ex and anti Scientologist). Neil's family are big in Scientology but Neil and Amanda are certainly not involved. Tori's home is in Jupiter, on the other side of Florida from Clearwater. Tori also has a heavy drug past which is documented in some of her music and people with heavy drug pasts (including psychiatric) are not allowed to have Scientology auditing (Dianetics and the therapeutic stuff) but are allowed to study the textual courses.

To see an example of Tori's mid-90's drug use, look here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7pP7M7KqAc

She also states that until 2005 she was having regular therapy which would likely disqualify her from Scientology to some extent; http://www.theguardian.com/music/201...amos-interview

Scientology is a spirituality, but quite a conservative one and Tori's very open support of LGBT culture is not a Scientology belief. Hubbard say's in both Dianetics and Handbook for Pre-clears that homosexuality is an aberration. It's probably discussed in a few other places.

- In regards to her "change". The same Tori is definitely there, she has just changed an awful lot, especially since "Scarlet's Walk". I believe that Scarlet's Walk (2002) is her best album and one of her best tours. Our favourite artists are not going to be making angsty music forever and I think her interest in native Americans and US culture came out really well on this record. Her fashion was also great. My sister who doesn't follow her as much as I do couldn't believe how she looked on this TV show from 2009 when she was promoting her latest record; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_YZ7gtYkwo. I believe it is a mixture of plastic surgery/botox, ageing and possible depression? She hasn't openly talked about this like she has other subjects, but lyrics on recent albums quoted elsewhere do hint to some problem with the husband. Her last real music videos were in 2005 and since then her "singles" if you can call them that have had really poor videos and the album art work has been a little naff. She still writes great songs but doesn't edit her albums. Doll Posse didn't have great production but had some great songs (Almost Rosey, Roosterspur Bridge, Beauty of Speed, Smokey Joe) and would have been a great 14 track album instead of 22 tracks. I liked Night of Hunters and she has clearly read a lot of mythology such as Robert Graves "The White Goddess" and with the Battle of the Trees she might be referring to the ancient alphabets and symbols of Ireland and Britain. Her Beekeeper album was attempting to do something similar by touching on the mysteries of the Holy Grail. Her husbands guitar playing is not popular with fans either and a lot on forums have suggested she start working with different people.

- Her interaction with people.
I've met her scores of times in the last decade and more and she has alway's been friendly and has stood for ages signing autographs for hundreds of people, taking song requests and giving front row seats to fans who've travelled across the world to see her. However on her 2011 tour I went to my first show and the energy was horrible. The fans were more crazy than I've ever seen them. Fighting over seats, crying, depressed. I've never seen anything like it. People inside the venue were dark and moody. I was sat a few rows back and the fans on the front row all desperate for her to look at them, all vying for her attention. It was a truly miserable experience. I felt like these people, some I'd known for years, were behaving insane. At that point I felt like I had woken up to a cult. I was already cognisant to the illuminati/mind control connection, but at that show, seeing how depressed and dark everyone was just woke me up. The next time I met her was at the meet and greet in New York and I felt the energy between us was different. She didn't seem to really remember me (the previous year she'd run up to me at the first tour date) and something seemed different. It might be that the energy between us had changed due to the change in perception. A fan whose known Tori since the 90's and spent time with her backstage had told me stuff before I travelled to the US as well, so mentally things had really shifted.

Her tours have started to get shorter, in the 90's she was doing close to 200 shows a tour. Her 2002/3 tour was about 130 shows and her 07 tour was just under a hundred. She got better chart positions in the non-English world for her albums since 2000 and has mostly concentrated on touring Europe where she can sell out venues and Australia which she neglected for years. Some of her most regular fans are very vocal online about not liking her albums and work, yet turn up show after show and take the front row seats reserved for fans. I have to say that I still like her work and her shows are still great and her music is still more interesting to me than a lot of newer artists, but there is definitely an enormous change in Tori and whether it is for the better or worse is open for debate. The first problem I noticed was back in 98 after Choirgirl and the single Spark were both hits in the UK, yet there was not another single released from that album. Her previous three records all had 3 or 4 singles in the UK and this album only had one yet it was her third top ten album? I wonder what went down with Atlantic because that has had a huge affect on her work. She had to make three more albums for them under contract but they didn't want to promote her. So first we get the 1999 compilation "To Venus and Back" which was a disc of original songs (a great album) with a bonus disc of live tracks. Then in 2001 she makes another compilation records of song covers of male artists. Adrian Belew plays guitar on this I believe. Not a bad album, the sound is good and clear, the vocals are clear. She does a short tour for this.

Her next record is with her new record label. I think it's her best work, but it got no promotion in the UK and as it was a long disc and lacking angst, a lot of fans went off her here. Then she fulfils her contract with Atlantic records and releases her final record in the deal with them (which she could have done with Scarlet's Walk but chose not to). The compilation Tales of a Librarian contains really flat reworking or songs and songs like Mary which don't really need to be there. The artwork though is really good, with the Dewey system for songs and nice photography. Her next album The Beekeeper in 2005 was her last to have a real music video and artwork that didn't look "cheap". She did say in 2011 when she released Night of Hunters that she was given money and had the choice of making a nice video or album artwork. The video for Carry seems to mostly come from the photo-shoot for the album and the Star Whisperer video (excellent song) seems to be the same.

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- The Illuminati connection

I sometimes wonder whether there is conscious or subconscious connection to the Illuminati? When we see symbols are people really being controlled or are they expressing some past life identity or connection unknowingly? It could be that they are showing membership or affiliation with a secret group.

Form a 1996 UK TV show Tori plays her instrument which has a chequerboard pattern on the front above the keys; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCZJ6g4wHnI

Her 1998 video Spark is also interesting; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsbFOMICB9k

It starts with her on the ground of the woods outside of a car with it's rear boot open. The drivers door is open and the driver is missing. I get the impression that he has gone to dig a hole for her body. Her wrists are tied and she is blind folded. The car is leaking fuel and she gets up and starts to run away. We haven't seen the driver by this point. During the video a bird is flying over her in the sky. The man returns to the car and finds her gone and goes on the pursuit. She goes into a river and makes it to the other side. Her blindfold comes off in the water. A cigarette the man had dropped near the car ignites the fuel (which indicates he didn't know it was leaking). We never see his face but his body posture looks negative and fearful when this happens. Tori makes it to a road in the woods. A car stops with a girl inside. Tori goes to the window and tries to get the girl to untie her. The camera cuts to the girl who looks sideways and only see's a reflection of herself (some personality/identity disorder?). The girl looks really "dead". The girl drives away and leaves Tori there who drops to her knees.

Her lyrics to Carbon are about mental health/mind control and I'm sure I've read this in an interview. This song is from 2002; http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/toriamos/carbon.html

HTML Code:
carbon made found her at the 
 end of a chain "time to race" 
 she said "race the downhill" 
 behind crystalline irises 
 loons can drive 
 where the world bleeds white
 just keep your eyes on her 
 don't look away 
 keep your eyes on her horizon
 bear claw free fall 
 a gunner's view black and blue 
 shred in ribbons of lithium 
 blow by blow 
 her mind cut in sheets 
 layers deep now unravelling 
 just keep your eyes on her. 
 get me neil on the line 
 no i can't hold 
 have him read "snow glass apples" 
 where nothing is what it seems 
 "little sis you must crack this" 
 he says to me 
 "you must go in again carbon 
 made only wants to be unmade" 
 blade to ice it's 
 double diamond time 
 and keep your eyes on her 
 on her eyes on her horizon
The cover from her 2005 book shows one eye covered with a mask falling away;

In 2005 we also get this image of her holding an apple over her eye;

Her album is also called The Beekeeper which at the time made me thing about occult knowledge and mysteries. One song "General Joy" may be referring to a mind control person;

"General Joy"

General joy I know I know
You'll take me there -
Where your boys were left behind

General joy it seems you need
A soldier girl -
Now "they" have liberty gagged

By boat by tram by motorbus
Could it be the fates are protecting us
From the hawks that have stolen the bird from the sky

And I know
You will always love sorrow
Is that why
You gave her dress to happiness?
'Cause it matches her eyes
When she cries

General joy it seems
You don't love your bride
You're friends but she is not the love of your life

To dye to perm to change your hair or your wife
The posssibilities are there
And it's time for you to decide

General joy I know I know
You'll take me there -
But you'll need strength
From within
General joy it seems you need
A soldier girl -
And a willing coalition

By boat by tram by motorbus
Could it be the hawks are protecting us
From the men who have now assumed their name
But it also includes a song about the Mary Magdalene, a maligned woman in history who may have held an important and spiritual role which has been covered up and degraded by men. This is the lyrics to "Mary's of the Sea".

Hey, I am not in your way
Hey, no need to push me again
I know it's your day in the sun
Last time I checked he came
To light the lamp for everyone

"Relax love" He said before he left
"Take those hands away from your eyes
From where I stand you're in my sky"

You must go, must flee
For they will hunt you down
You and your unborn seed
In all of Gaul is there safety?

Les Saint Marie de la Mer
You will dance the ring
Marys of the Sea
The lost bride weeps
Les Saint Marie de la Mer
We will dance your ring

Hey, there's a new Jerusalem
Hey, you built on rock that's on sand
For now you have hijacked the son
Last time I checked he came
To light the lamp for everyone

"Relax love" He said before he left
"Take those hands away from your eyes
From where I stand you're in my sky"

I hear a voice and it says
"The red of the red rose is its own
And something no man
Can divide"

So St. Jermaine hear the prayer
Of this supplicant
For two scarlet women
Black Madonna

Les Saint Marie de la Mer
You will dance the ring
Marys of the Sea
The lost bride weeps
Les Saint Marie de la Mer
We will dance your ring

Hey, I am not in your way
Hey, no need to push me again
I know, I know it's your day in the sun
I know it's your day in the sun

Hey, I am not in your way
Hey, no need to push me again
I know it's your day in the sun
Last time I checked he came
To light the lamp for everyone

Read more: Tori Amos - Marys Of The Sea Lyrics | MetroLyrics
I find this song interesting because it's very possible that Mary Magdalene fled to the south of France using a form of past life healing. With this album is a mixture of positive/negative connections with occult themes which makes it very hard to understand where Tori stands on the subject. I think a lot of this stems back to 1998 and I wonder whether her drug use and volatile relationships lost her some friends in the industry and the record company decided she was a liability and that was that. She doesn't seem to have made many public long term friendships with other famous musicians from her generation, despite having collaborated with Trent Reznor and being interviewed with Bjork and PJ and touring with Alanis. Since she left Atlantic, it's been the same collaborators; her husband on guitar and studio duties with Marcel and John P Shenale. She did bring in some new people for Night of Hunters to do the classical music.

Her interest in native Americans, the Magdalene, the mythology of the British Isles would indicate that she's aware of what's going on. I believe she's well read on the subject and her 2009 interviews where she mentions mind control in regards to the US come across as a little flaky and shallow. I'm inclined to believe that she has some very deep interests which seem in complete contrast to what it seems she is doing to her body (designer dresses and shoes, surgery) and the way her fans behave. She never brings up the influences in her interviews which is a shame. Her Night of Hunters record clearly shows she's familiar with the Beth Luis Nion alphabet and yet she never mentions it in interviews? I'm sure in 2009 or 2010 I recommended a book to her by Renee Henry/Alder called "The Battle of the Trees" which is a concept around tree alphabets something Robert Graves discusses in his work and something Tori turned into a song.

I would say that a lot of her recent songs are actually deeper and more interesting that they initially seem and this gets lost because of the poor packaging and promotion and that Tori never talks about her songs. It does seem like one person writes the songs and another person goes out and spreads them to the world. Again, all this goes back to what went down in 1998! After that we get albums with "identities". Strange Little Girls where every song has a girl representing it, Scarlet's Walk with the character Scarlet, American Doll Posse with the handful of persona's. For someone who could still score top ten albums in the US and Europe throughout the 2000's she's sure had a rough deal with her record companies in terms of promotion. It's almost like nobody in the industry will touch her now. In 2009 she sold out venue in the UK, the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, venues in Austria, Norway, Australia, Italy, Germany. With a decent music video, a record producer and bit of editing and decent artwork she would sell four times as many records. So what on earth has happened?

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Default The Vicar's Wife?

"Need a light to use?"

If you find the Vicar's wife... staring out to sea...
running through the rain
on her way from St. James...

His Bride lies with the land...
Rising she stirs, first it blurs...
Cloaked in echo it's almost as if only Nature knows how
to bring his Wife to life and breathe her into form...
One more look from her eyes
One more look, can you paint her back to life?

Rose Dover... that's her secret name
she would meet 3 others to keep the forest safe

So then, I'm gonna turn oysters in the sand
'cause I'm working my way back
I'm working my way back to me again...
turn turn turn

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Her rape seemed like organized mk ultra programming , her miscarriage pointed towards satanic sacrifice of first born , i saw her live during Pele and choirgirl was where i began to lose interest , Im sure it's still her but selling your soul would suck the life energy and vitality out of anybody

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Hi, I'd haven't been here in years, I'm the author of this monstrosity.
I would just like to say that after posting this I got abducted and messed with as well as ht by scalar weapons which today is still happening. The result from this has erased my mind what I mean is its really hard for me to think a thought its empty. I feel like a band is tight around my head, pressure. I feel like a test model from some strange experiment gone bad.
My writing talents gone-I used to write like Tom Wolfe. I had pages and pages which I burned last year (long story).
I am no longer a prodigy musician like I was. I became homeless back in 2016 and have been on couch tour. I live in poverty now, money does not stay in my bank. In fact, I cant make any money no matter what I do. If I put bills in my wallet they disappear. So I've been messed with and financially cursed.
If I would of known this I would of never shared my life, basically my life has sucked for the last 7 years. I am putting this here because this forum is going to be read only. So this will be my last post here.
I'd just also like to say that I do not care anymore about these people, I probably pissed off a lot of satanists.
Who knows, all I know is I do not care anymore about this darkness, these goons much less Tori Amos.

that's it, I"m out.
DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion advised. The above post is entirely fictional, for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real life events, animals, humans, persons, politicians, or any other form of organisation entity living, dead or in any other state of existence are coincidental. Any opinion, comment or statements related or attributed to this username, is just that.

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