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Default What we speculate

What we know. We know that the flow of particles past each other causes a charge in the atmosphere.

What we need speculate. I have heard in articles of the past that we would be entering a space cloud and possibly be in it for 3000 years.

What I saw on the net a long time ago and hope someone else saw it to and backs me up. I saw a article that said they would spray the atmosphere of the sun so heat was reflected back to the sun. It was among the article list on Coasttocoast. It said they would do it because " it could work.

That could make the sun much hotter because it could be acting like a laser. The radioactive light and heat would then build up until it had enough energy to breach the doping of the atmosphere.

I did not attach the importance I should have to the article and did not save it. I will say this though. By the time we hear about things like this they did it at least 10 years ago. In short I do not buy the (man made) part of the global warming story. The whole solar system is heating up and it either has to be the Sol or, the amount of energy in the space we are moving into.
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