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Default Total Recall by Indigo Child.

Total Recall by Indigo Child

Matias De Stefano
Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano ,
Matías De Stefano is an Argentinian 22 year old, who could be described as an Indigo child. He has been allowed to activate the area of the brain where all the cosmic memory is registered. His purpose in life is to share his memories with the people, helping these to organize their own information. Also one of his essential missions is to help create a new education that can adapt to the new paradigms of the children of our time.

from Matias' website:

Heaven on Earth is a plan created in antiquity. Around 10,000 BC, a group of dependent nations of the famous Civilization of Atlantis, they decided to meet her parents work groups, the Atlanteans, failed to generate the world because of the hatred that instilled among other cultures and his arrogance at the time to communicate and govern.

It is for this reason that I called my work "Ater Tumti honor, because in one way or another, everyone is bringing this plan to come from other worlds and other dimensions, to work on the lighting of the Earth.

Ater Tumti is the meaning of everything we do in this world, from everyday life, spiritual, scientific and social, urban, political and economic, religious, educational, everything, absolutely everything that we see developed in history, it belongs to this Plan.

I have now decided to conduct the workshops that people asked me, with the name of Ater Tumti, to honor those who gave their all for making the Earth and Humanity remember where they come from, where they are and where they go.

Recognize each within this Plan, our small or large part in it, to learn more about the why of our history, our present and our future, but above all, ourselves

I invite you to Remember!

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if what he says is correct, which is what I have said for years on some of the topics, then I really dont have much to do what he says and what I got from my experiences is very similar only when I had those visions he was barely out of diapers. It would be cool if he was legit.
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Very very cool
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Vibrates with me, great vidio thank you.
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when you look around how many facts and amount of knowledge has been suppressed.....our whole official existance is a lie.....his story ,it has to be true...
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Some of his 'memories' really caught my attention and I agreed with a small percentage.

However, saying that all souls who have reincarnated since 1980 are all Indigo children is a bit of a concern. Just look at the state of the teenagers in the UK. Completely blinded by materialism and how to become an 'X factor' contestant and find Fame at all costs. I am not saying that all are bad (throughout the world) but where I live in Northern England, violence, drugs and all matter of negativity rules the roost.

Also he stated that in the 7th Dimension that Souls/Angels lose their face???

As a veteran Astral projector, I know that numbering dimensions is a waste of time and Souls/Angels with faces are only thought forms. In our out of body state we are only the imagination of our last incarnation.
Souls are nothing to do with form of any kind and a soul looks like a ball or pinpoint of light (this is why we always get 360 degree vision in the Astral).

All this ascension and numbering of dimensions sound very new age to me, descend, evolve then ascend back to where we came from?? waste of time IMHO.

We are permanently in the ascension state of balance (we have just been manipulated by 3D masters), the game is over when you realise that the knowledge of this is the only thing we need.

Nice vid though, killed an hour.
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