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Default Meat Pies and Sausages

Meat Pies and Sausages
by Stuart Wilde

Sugar amounts in beverages & diet drinks containing Aspartame

Here is an interesting article I wrote back in early 2004; one of themes coming through from the mirror-world was the deadly nature of tap water that is usually recycled sewage; it’s been found to contain a staggering cocktail of prescription medicines. Then by mid-year the focus of attention was the eventual collapse of soft drinks companies. It’s the aspartame in diet drinks that will eventually be ordered off the shelves. It’s known to be a neurotoxin, which is deadly for the brain. Aspartame is also linked to a sudden upsurge of multiple sclerosis in the USA; the deadly nature of aspartame has been very cleverly hidden from the public.

All of these issues are issues of injustice. It’s not fair to sell people water that will give them serious diseases or drinks that contain a poison that affects the neurological system. Toward the end of the year the focus shifted to meat pies and then sausages and pies. I’m not sure what is wrong with them but they will also turn out to be another horrific scam. I think the problem is the meat industry knowingly includes beef known to come from cattle infected with CJD. Also, to save money the pies could well include dog, horse, rabbit and other rejected meats, mixed in with a bit of coloring and a tad of the real thing to make it look real.

Hot Dog Eating Contest:

A world record holder T. Kobayashi, the skinny guy pictured left.

{A world record for eating 53 1/2 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes – Takeru Kobayashi**.

I don’t know the full story but meat pies and sausages that come major producers could well be unmasked in the next few months. I think small, specialty sausage and pie makers might be more reliable that the mass producers whose products are on every supermarket shelf.

Strangely the news about the deadly nature of water hasn’t quite broken free from the usual restraints on this type of thing. There is class-action suit against the soda makers for three hundred and fifty million dollars. I don’t think that has come to court as yet. We’ll wait and see. If you can afford it buy spring water and have it delivered to your home you’ll begin to feel a lot better. Don’t under any circumstances drink water like Desani that is filtered sewage, masquerading as pure water. Buy spring water. There is no way to filter medicines from water, they are not particulates, the medicines are dissolved in the water and so they can’t be removed.

If you must eat meat then go to organic meat that is free of hormones, antibiotics and other veterinary medications. It’s more expensive but you could compensate by eating less of it, or none at all, that is very inexpensive. It is rotten karma to kill hundreds of thousands cows so our citizen can wobble across the parking lot to McDonalds. The Bible tells the Christians they can kill and eat anything they want, it says this world is theirs to pillage and consume. There is no mention of love for the animals or care for the planet—sad but true. The irony is that five hundred years from now there will be almost no Christians on earth, less than thirty thousand globally, but there will still be lots of cows, millions of them. Remember, the day is coming when the fat go hungry.

My advice would be to avoid meat pies and sausages and consume as little of the world’s resources as you feasibly can and don’t kill things, that’s the loving and safe way to proceed, everything else is indulgence, and unsafe to the extreme—deadly actually.

Sausages and Pies early death link http://uk.news.yahoo.com/red-meat-ea...9.html#OCRMH5H

© Stuart Wilde 2013 – www.stuartwilde.com
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