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Default Popping the Bubble, Alien Pancakes

Flying canoes, Secret Space Programs, hidden technology, I am reviewing everything I have read in the last 20 years. I find nothing in the alien agenda for the benefit of mankind. A new level with new lies by puppeteers is the most likely prognosis.

A good teacher when he sees a child fumbling reaches in and helps him. These (benevolent) aliens do not fit the bill. If they did they would teach and distribute technology that would help us clean the planet. Of course the idiots that hide technology from us are impeding the human race also. I see these stupid figures that the government may be 50 years ahead of the public in science. Let's look at the last 93 years. Starting at the point of the beginning of the FED. We have economic slaves everywhere and the government is gobbling up all the research money. More likely 5000 years ahead of us. If you have an idea with scientific soundness you are not going to chase it, you can not afford to. Who is doing the research and handing it out in a manner to keep people in perpetual slavery. There is a document that states the government will decide who is fit to handle the money. It follows that the chosens companies hand these advances out in a manner that they can screw the least bang for the buck from the customer.

Computers are designed 10 generations ahead at least. Instead of releasing the newest model they chop it up. New video card for game playing, more ram, bigger hard drive, new operation system, and your new flat screen touch monitor needs replaced because it is not 3D. Never mind that they have a shelf able holographic display that they did not need to design, they found it in a cave.

They have lied to you from day one. You have no idea what mankind is capable of and we should take a back seat to no species in the universe. Who ever is pulling the strings on the human race is losing their grasp.

IF you are unaware of the topics in the title and top of this post then look them up. It should be something that will open your awareness.
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