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Default You, WILL BE....THIS

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Could someone kindly translate the robotic junk into plain old text please, or at least give a summary.
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"THIS"....is It "It"....is THIS
Nothing is as it seems. All is relative to interpretation by the experiencer. Nothing exists. Death is life and vice versa. As above so below. ALL aspects of consciousness and perception are shaped by the perceiver. The dream is more real than the physical. The physical is more real than the physical on one day than it is on the next. All possibilities exist and none do. Everything is ALWAYS changing. Consciousness is an oxymoron. Perfection is imperfect. Nothing has permanence, consequence, or relevance. Try to explain the way a day "felt" to a computer. Try to describe a flavor to a one who has never tasted, a color to one without sight. Would they agree with your opinion of it? Would they have a choice? This physical existence IS the ONLY barrier between you knowing and not knowing the answer to the "question" . It's certainly not a test because we are all given completely different versions and circumstance. Existence is illusory. Circumstance is closer to calculating than equation. Infinite number of variables in the equation. Resistance is futile, because it is merely physical and conscious objection to circumstance. It is not the "Is-ness" its the "Isn't-ness" that should be the focus. Anti-matter. Take the Planet and compress it down to such density that it could no longer be seen yet is still holds the same mass / molecular weight, then you have a particle of Anti-matter. Then imagine an infinite universe of unseeable anti-matter existing simultaneously with us without our even knowing it. Influencing everything. INFINITE possibilities existing among infinite circumstances. Dark being Light and Above being Below Push being Pull Close being Far. We strive closer to birth through LIVING. Die to be Reborn. Pain and suffering bring joy to some. Life of one may mean the death for another, but purpose it is not. Circumstance. Isn'tness. IN infinity all things can, will, and do occur. NOTHING is as the individual mind perceives it to be but is with certainty not what it perceives. Astral spiritual existence is merely a conscious concept no different from time or religion, or money, purely physical concept. Everything is wrapped in illusion. False beliefs completely entomb the entire reality of circumstance. Suffering insignificant, creation insignificant. Consciousness insignificant. Love and evil insignificant. Significance Insignificant. Everything is happening exactly as it would at this moment because it is, THE-Is, see. How much does one "know" if he has just one eye but no other senses to guide one? ALL senses are physical therefore illusory. It's all in the empty spaces. Love and Hate are one and the same. Fear and Joy are one and the same. Illusion. Numbers remove one even further than one can even comprehend from This. It tries to limit the infinite. The ANY possibility existing "simultaneously" and between layers of other infinite possibilities. THAT is what This is. Creation / Destruction. Death / Birth / Death. Love / Hate. Thrill / Kill. Mortality is conceptual perception based on very little information. ALL "KNOWLEDGE" IS LIES. False limits. Death, Numbers, Opposite of infinite. No tests, no wrong, no book. Be. Being is This. "This" is being. This is infinite. All preconceptions only set limits. Time, Space, Numbers, Symbols, ALL of THEM. Chaos IS order for the infinite. THIS. All possibilities exist in This. THIS...is "It". You are HERE. You are EVERYWHERE, and NOWHERE. You fill the spaces between.... a piece of infinity. Without just a particle of you, This, / It, / Infinity, would, and could not be. Only the question can reveal an answer, but without the question what do you have? Questions equal possibilities, the possibilities are infinite, as is "This".
Be This. Whether you be an open "mind" or closed one, you, WILL, BE.
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Thanks Vern! I had to stop it at 0:34 because everytime I hear Stephen Hawking's voice I become violently aroused....
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OP is called "not sure"

the icke boards have some of the worst screen names i've ever encountered.
‎"people are basically just vehicles to create money, which must create more money to keep the whole thing from falling apart"
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