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Default Thermonuclear scattering, the darkness spirit of cosmology...

hard to believe that it all begun few years ago.. on ET's forum....


Welcome on a journey into theoretical physics revealing that exacly the same
"mysterious force" which in a heated kettle "magically transforms” liquid
into gas substance ...is responsible for uprising the universe structures
and expansion of material cosmos.


At the beginning of the twentieth century Albert Einstein made a

great breakthrough in “variable time and space nature" perception.

Unfortunatelly an innovative vision called "General Relativity" does

not break with Newtonian model foundations and in practice "new revolutionary theory" (GR)

becomes only narrow extension of previous perspective.


** Mistakes in GR mass-space and mass-time description dependence **

Newtonian model assumes that time expressed in a cyclic rate of one second

(part of circadian rythm) passes for each object always in the same pace

independently of its mass-size.

(erroneous hypothetical assumption about identical, "perfectly quantized pattern"

-time pace determinant assumed and "set manually" by an observer in previous model)

Revolution introduced by Einstein, instead of finding "time" being fully relative

(dependence on mass/gravity of the object) applies solution which assumes

"time pace slowdown exclusively only from the level of a single/constant second".

(manual setup in the Newtonian model)

According to Einstein time dilation ("delay from original Newton's rate")

occures due to "Newtonian constant geometric space structure deformation”,

created by mass-gravity "curvature effect".

(absence of mass = no curvature = one sec constant timerate

= "natural, initial not deformed state")

Recent study notifies 'time effects' of microscale like atom vibration amount

(microprocesses speed) or accelerated insects<3 perspective (mass dependence).

Although a model even nowadays perserves its classical understanding,

where time passes at almost exactly same rate for each materialistic object size.

(lack of gradual/fluent acceleration for descending weight of microscale particles)

According to Einstein's assumptions and calculations,

time "visibly" slows down only near non-empirical objects such as an "invisible black holes".

** Newtonian flat, 'undeformed' space model **

Classic perspective of “space” is not fully characterized.

Physicists interpret it as three dimensional-infinite size structure

invariable and unchangeable “box”.

Thats leading thought, “spirit of the age” about infinitely large/static

"theater scene" with always existing eternal Newtons laws

and "eternal spectacle stars premiere”.

At the beginning of twentieth century Albert Einsten revolution in

'physical reality model' understanding, annuciates relation between mass

and its influence on space-time factors.

"Mass effect on time speed passage" and "influence on space structure”

(geometrical deformation/redeformation from/into initial assumed in Newtonian "infinite, not deformed-sponge state").

He concludes that factors of time and space are not constant, static and consistent

as physicists previously thought. New "elastic fabric of spacetime" pespective

presents them as “fully flexible”, dependent on the mass impact.

HOWEVER(!), Albert Einstein GR theory does not break with foundations of

previous thinking about infinite cosmos arena.

General Relativity becomes only exclusive extension,

overlay on Newton model which only elicits new "additional" property :

"geometric bending-deformation ability of eternally existing Newtonian spatial structure”

When Albert Einstein in his famous experiment places the heavier object

on elastic spacetime fabric he remarks "rubber material" stretching

(an effective expansion, induced by a cumulated

and compressed mass/energy/temperature state level).

In spite of this and because of simplifications and “zeitgeist - age spirit

pressure", Einstein introduces static/eternal universe

and rejects a model of expanding space from own assumptions.

In return, General Relativity theory offers deflection

and "geometrical deformation" of permanent three dimmensional,

eternal Newtonian space structure-assumed earlier

and "observed" as "non-deformed, naturally straight,

geometricly undisturbed three-dimmensional environment".

A cavity of fabric material stretch, Einstein interpretes

as "the causa/source of gravity".

Described through "free bodies fall" because of "slanted deflection"

and deformation dip in the “sponge” structure of Newtonian eternal space.

However the arena of "deformed dent" which makes up decline and causes objects

falldown (described as pull) in logic reality requires additional,

outside gravity effect - so called "physical force" to push object down

into lowest point of crater curvature dip direction.

("bend shape only" printed geometricaly “on a paper is not a valid explanation

of "gravity mechanism" which requires "another gravity pulling-force concept")

On the other hand Einstein draws "time" as a fourth, separate

"mathematical dimension" (out of detectable reality "existance")

which also gets an unspecified "material" structure. Its an "arrow of time",

loaves of "bread events". Flowing river of "whole universe photographs".

(ps. whatever that might be ...nobody knows)

New concept in Einstein’s logic indicates the full relativism,

"passage of time" dependent on a mass-size (slowdown for macroscale,

but also rate abandoned ACCELERATION for quantum size objects).

However, “the mathematical calculations" (not based on any direct emipirical

observations or measurements) and implementation of Newton's foundation

into new Einstein's vision sets almost identical time rate

at the bottom level of "one second rate" (confirmation in "scientificly calculated dilation table").

He also "points" at nearly complete absence of measurable differences

in the timerate speed for almost whole bodies in the universe

(instead of fluent rate and acceleration for descending scale facility,

reversed rule of macroscale objects 'time slowdown').

The assumptions of the ninetieth century scientists were an attempt of nature

laws description. However drawn picture quickly finds several problems

and contradictions.

Model can’t logically explain Edwin Hubble's and practically any of new observations

as universe expansion with continuous acceleration, uniform matter distribution or cosmos shape.

The theory also can not reveal any aspect of either atom, thermodynamics,

stars life evolution or solar systems formation mechanism.

(instead, science calculates geometrical/mathematical non-empirical "curvature"

of “two dimmensional surface”)

Huge gap occures in Einsteins logic. Thats lack of FORCE OPPOSED TO GRAVITY

preventing material systems from certain collapse. If only impact known to the

science is "GRAVITY" - 'the strenght of attraction' than the cosmos rather to

expand should sinking in constantly. Logically any solar planetary system

could not be formed or exist in the longer periods.

(everything must concentrate and collapse near to locally heaviest

matter density area. Instead of scientific 'bigbang model' continuous explosion-

scattering, CBR radiation points on Hydrogen "concentration only process"

at every place of the CBR background map).

Suddenly out of nowhere in calculations so-called "support" appears.

It is a mysterious force opposing and ideally equal to gravity

which "repulsive effect" aparts the matter away.

In Einstein's theory this magic force ideally balances

gravity and prevents objects mutual attraction, but General Relativity model

can not explain the source of push-out and separation.

** Consequences of General Relativity assumptions, "Darkness spirit” of cosmology **

Edwin Hubble telescope reveals an observation, which do not affirm

Einstein assumption about static (non expandable, but geometricly "curvable")

universe. But precisely such a wrong description of "model functioning"

becomes a basic structure of the new "mathematical physics".

It dominates along with the theory of bigbang explosion,

but also that hypothesis does not match to the empirical evidences

(universe matter distribution-same temperature,

"strange" galaxies movement direction and expansion acceleration).

General Relativity/bigbang logic does not provide any of those observations,

which are contradicted to own model predictions.

Empirical radiation detection points that CBR background

map leads to matter accumulation, but not to expected "bigbang explosion"

and separation of initial Hydrogen cloud.

General Relativity model for decades sinks into the depths of

mathematical chaos misunderstanding and "zeitgeist of the age"

is gradually overtaken by the "darkness spirit".

An eternal enemy of light, "dominant" called bythe worshipers

"Vizard of visible cosmos", architect, creator and its designer.

(non-empirical, invisible and not detectable main materialistic

"being", a "ghost" fullfilling the whole universe).

The world of science follows faithful worshipers of "the invisible black holes",

places with no brightness, mathematical infinity abyss without any escape.

Dark spirit of undetectable "energy particles" which

creates itself from non-existance effuses his impure powers over

the land of light. He is managing and striving for final annihilation

in the "big rip destruction", among "infinite virtual void of nothingness".

CHAPTER TWO - "update"

* General Relativity logical interpretation, "mistakes and consequences" of Newtonian application *

(GR "fabric of space" thesis. From ultra firm and rigid,

onto superflexible and ultra stretchy "structure property" as consequence

of "effective creation"/transmission.)

* Hypothesis *

"If mass affects the space-time, it must have impact on 'time' (rate A/S)

and 'space' (C/E of distance)"

* Relation and property description *

Impact on :

..'Time'.. : Acceleration (microscale mass) / Slowdown (macro-objects) (pace A/S)

..'Space'.. : Contraction (for microscale) / Expansion (macroscale mass concentration) (gap C/E)

a) Space isn't infinitely great and eternal Newtonian

three-dimmensional structure with a twist ability in "geometrical

deformation/redeformation to initials" process, as Albert Einstein assumes

in General Relativity model. In fact 'space' is the result of effective stretching-

creation-transformation due to nucleus mass/energy/temp cumulation process.

(model pointed also in classical Robert Boyle "air particles expansion" and Lavoisier

caloric theory, where ‘substance-heat' causes material structure scattering).

Space property is a “distance” with logical ability of expansion

and contraction. Flexible Einstein's fabric represents stretching

of lenght A-B on elastic material due to the heavier object influence

(mass / energy / temperature concentration).

For quantum particles space is narrowed and phenomena

of "quantum entanglement" causes the effect of

functioning "outside stretched, expanded" space structure

(shorter distance A-B, out of gravity/fabric existance mentioned in SR:

- “lenght contraction near c speed “ for micromass objects only).

The erroneous assumptions about nonexpandable, but "deformable" and static GR

'space-universe' has never became rejected. In consequence of series fundamental

model assumptions, General Relativity “transforms” into

mathematical calculation of non-existing "virtual crater curvatures"

(of "ultra firm" nonbendable, flat space structure = Lorentz, Minkovsky,

Schwartzchild transformations- “usable” solutions only

near non-empirical objects) rather than description of physical laws, shape,

evolution or behaviour of the real universe bodies

(nothing about atom or thermodynamics).

According to Einstein's General Relativity "math calculations",

"space is too stiff to expand". Even huge stellar mass can deform its ultra firm,

three dimmensional structure only at not detectable micro level

which "almost zero curvature theory predicts perfectly".

Solution is provided by practicly unmeasurable light bend(trajectory) around the

Sun. However, "Eddington's confirmation proves empirically” all the aspects

and assumptions of GR model, which at same time bases on Newtonian infinite space arena.

(infinite space excludes further stretching)

An analogy with Einstein's experiment should reveal fabric dependence

and expansion under the influence of focusing weight.

As a consequence these are not "non-baryonic" creations of darkness spirit as

“invisble dark energies” responsible for universe space expansion,

but "only visible and present mass/energy factor” cumulated in the galaxy centre.

Description of relativity misses as well "space contraction" for decreasing mass

down to quantum sizes represented by a lower degree of stretched fabric.

(photon presence "in two places at same momentum"

from perspective of expanded space for frozen-slowed in time observer)

(distance is shorter as particle is "out of space"=gravity field)

(low state energy = "Einstein's bose condensate" = object stretched on

wider space for bigscale observer)

b) Also the 'mass-time' relation and factor property general relativity writes up


Einstein's model assumes time as materialistic object called "forth dimmension".

According to the theory creators, it's a bread with loafs=sequences

of "whole universe events" (pictures), flowing one after the other.

(in a line of the arrow)

Time interpreted correctly is "a speed rate of ongoing processes"

in relation to object size and own mass amount.

Einstein notifies that body mass increase will slow local "time pace",

but because of "Newtonian model implantation" (lack of full relativity)

he misses fluent rate acceleration for smaller objects of miniscale physics

(speed of processes and vibration amount for atomic mechanics).

Instead he applies into own model "constant Newtonian one second",

eternal universe rate which eventually "can only be slowed" by mass presence,

but never accelerated above “second-rate level”.

Einstein calculates delay amounts ("confirmed in time dilation table")

as "nearly identical" for almost all objects in the universe.

(even the Sun's mass can’t slow the timerate or deform the space "visibly")

Theory of relativity with the intention to change the physical perception,

practically leaves "relative thought of the era" in previous Newtonian model.

(GR minimal and almost neglible useability, according to math-calculations

purpose only near non-empirical "invisible blackhole objects")



Based on a new hypothesis where mass concentration instead geometrical deformation,

causes space effective expansion. The replacement of ultra firm space structure assumption,

onto extra elastic fabric flexibility.


"Space expansion and cosmos evolution from initial hydrogen state,
A mystery of dark energy"

Extensible and elastic space fabric in Einstein analogy indicates on 'expansion'

due to the 'mass-energy-temperature concentration'

(represented by heavier object on elastic material).

This phenomenon is observed in central nucleus area of every galaxy

(also each star and every atom).

Such a described relation not only explains "weird expansion direction movement”

(everyone runs away from each other because every galaxy centre nucleus

cumulates the mass), but also scattering acceleration as

consequence of internal vortex creation.

* Formation of galaxy-star systems from uniform initial "cloud structures" *

[missing Albert Einstein's cosmological constant - "a logical must be"
- force of separation]

Matter begins to focus in many places at the same momentum.

(hotter areas on CBR background map exclude the theory of

continuous "bigbang" expansion due to the "concentration only” detected process).

These are seeds of future galaxy clusters, which begin to

"pump/stretch/create/transform" space effectively around themselves.

- model explains:

a) uniform temperature and matter dispersion

(gradual primal cumulation/expansion in many places, according to a science
result of "hyperinflation")

b) expansion direction "everyone from each other"

(according to official research it is an effect of "primal minibigbangs"

series in many places of "whole universe" at the same time)

c) acceleration - brought by a gradual central vortex formation

causes faster matter concentration = quicker space baloon expansion

= Einstein's fabric stretching

(in accordance to officialy presented scientific model*GR/BBang*
that is an influence of mysterious "invisible and undetectable dark energy,
which constantly creates itself from nothing to infinity")

* The shape of the cosmos, matter and galaxies distribution *

"American astrophysicist A. Dressler detected an interesting

dependence between density of galaxies in space and their morphological types.

It turned out that in areas of "high density" dominant type are elliptical

and lenticular at almost total absence of spiral galaxies.

On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of spiral galaxies is located

in regions of the universe with “low density matter distribution”.

(more expanded space as a result a of central vortex-higher density nucleus

mass/energy/temperature cumulation)

* Stars formation and solar systems evolution *

(based on the classical physics "mass-space relation")

a) separation of newly born stars and "hydrogen rests" scattering in nebulas

as an effective space creation, instead of gravitational collapse predicted by the "bigbang" model

(according to scientists result of "shining photons wind blow"
which “separates heavy stars and formes celestial pleiades”)
b) "into a giant state expansion "

When core mass-energy-temperature rapidly reaches
highest` concentration level.

(current model predicts star expansion as an effect of whole area structure
warm-up and Hydrogen "vibration freefly movement increase")
c) shape of the nebulas , "bubble stars" (Cats eye, Wolf-Rayet types)

d) "solar system gas giants migration on higher orbits"

Nicei model gas planet "jumps" as effective solar system space expansion

due to a matter concentration.

e) "local expansion of the solar system"

Every year constant ~15 cm distance separation increase as an effect of gradual,

slow core Hydrogen into Helium synthesis.

f) "gravitational lensing"

Halo on the galaxies edges - opposite to the center,

points on bubble structure of cosmos space.


Idea of expanding atom based on classiclal physics "mass-space" relation hypothesis,
assumed and predicted independly by physicists Robert Boyle, Anthony Lavoisier, Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein. (“hidden puzzle solution”)

“Microscale, basics of atom and principles of thermodynamics”

Robert Boyle thermal model of "expanding and contracting air particles".

Antoine Lavoisier "caloric-heat-mass-energy substance, causing body particle separation/contraction".

Niels Bohr "electron jump on higher/lower orbit, due to mass-energy absorbtion/emition".

Albert Einstein "space fabric stretching by heavy object,

as effect of mass-energy increase".

* Mechanism of transformation from heat/light into kinetic movement energy *

(causa of mechanical motion)

Expansion of the space under the influence of the mass absorbtion moves away

and scatters electron shell further from nucleus.

That in turn, makes physical tension and kinetic movement of also negatively

charged electron barrier in the other atoms and whips up their motion.
* States of aggregation *

Temperature/energy level which specifies electron shell distances

(space) from nucleus, relates to physical states and own volume size.

a) solid - space contracted = concentrated structure = stronger bonds effect

produces high consistency "form of matter" [low entropy level]

b) liquid - space expansion with nucleus energy absorbtion

scatters atomic structure, which transforms "from solid into the fluent state"
(bonds are not stable anymore, volume increase)

c) gas - higher energy level pushes out electron barriers on furthest distances

and expands atom on largest scale (weakest bond consistency with highest volume)

[highest entropy]

* Principles of the refrigeration *

Particles compression shortens substance electron shell-nucleus distance.

That forces their lower energy level (mass/energy/temperature-space relation)

causing nucleus mass/energy/heat/caloric emition.

(absorbtion due to decompression, energy level= n-e distance rebalancing with

local energy entropy constantly drop)

As a consequence gas transform into a liquid form.

(more consistent/contracted bond structure)

Boiling point increases because to push out electron shell to previous (balanced)

state space expansion and loose bonds extra force/energy is required.

(additional energy/mass must be supplied,

to "break" physical pressure / space of the other atoms shells).

[scientific vibrational, non-expandable and "perpetual mobile atom model"

based on Newtonian mechanics, can't explain internal atoms collisions

and lacks of energy cancelation looses]

* Superconductivity *

Space contraction caused by lower energy state,

decreases material structure entropy. As a consequence free electrons responsible

for electromagnetic force become "overcumulated", "pushed outside the structure"

(higher density level) and finally they're able to flow/jump/travel

"easier"(conductivity) in the lower temperature.

(energetic state of contracted space level between the atoms)

* Basics of chemical processes *

Methods of cations/anions forming, based on electrons positioning.


"DARKNESS SPIRIT" - XX century zeitgeist, infinity symbol ~ "8",

mathematical "dead end loop". Hypothetical creation, father of the paradox,

era dominant and main building block in the universe.

His "church followers" are apostels of undetectable dark energy-matters, blackholes,

invisible curvatures and whole "beings zoo-particles collection"

(mini/bigbangs, infinities, strings, m-theories, paralel dimmensions/universes,

"ultimate particles with no mass, which gives mass to everything from nothing"

-Higgs bosons).

As a determinant he shapes the fate of "black infinite void" in the

universe. Attempts of his devaluation leads to decapitation of renegade's carrier

and lifetime scientific community ban.

"BLACK HOLE" - hypothetical/mathematical being of

infinite matter cumulation assumption, an effect of mass

cumulation-space expansion relation misunderstanding.

"DARK ENERGY" - invisible and undetectable dark power,

which rules the universe striving for its disaster.

It forms itself out of nowhere and pushes galaxies into infinite void depths

(final big rip) preaching about inevitable fate of the universe destruction.

In fact, acceleration of expansion is caused by central vortex formation which

increases galaxy nucleus concentration/temperature pace.

(in Einstein's cosmological "elastic fabric analogy", quicker material stretching)

"DARK MATTER" - a result of erroneous assumption about bigbang kinetic energy of

expansion and "flying away" galaxies (into the void of infinite space arena).

Misunderstanding of cosmos evolution, based on effective space creation.

"THEORY OF INFLATION" - "support and spike" of GR/BB "standard model"

In logical reality requires "triple phase of inflation":

a) (according to science) from nothing to hot blob
after must happen again, bilion times faster than light speed

b) from blob to uniformly distributed hydrogen cloud
and again

c) from cloud of Hydrogen, into evenly spreaded galaxies

Every other "scenario" should reveal hotter/constricted area of

primal a/b/c "concentration points" expansion,

which excludes observation of initial Hydrogen presence, further

than any galaxy "flying in to void space"(in accordance to inflation/GR/BB theory)

Phases a/b/c can not exist in whole Newtonian infinite/arena space,

which points on lack of expansion)

"TIME" - gravitational field intensity,

rate which determines speed of ongoing processes

(pace acceleration for micro, slowdown for bigscale objects)

"SPACE" - gravitational field "baloon" range/distance,

a result of matter/energy/temperature concentration


as the effect of contracted space and accelerated time rate = humongous speed

from a big scale mass observer prespective

"PHYSICS" - energy-matter-space-time transformations description
(how and why empirical initial state A, changed onto observable, current state B

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...basicly error and solution were placed in changing of one word ....

word "CURVATURE" (geometrical deformation) on "EXPANSION" ... in 1915 General Relativity (static) model .


Einstein's mass-space connection.

Confirmations : ATOM , STARS , GALAXIES

nucleus mass/energy cumulation, with continuous expansion (not "mysterious dark energy which creates itself from nothing")

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