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Default populatiuon reduction and transhumanism

its known that the illuminati want to reduce the population. however what people dont get is. the illuminati need us. we are a source of energy for them. and they need us in constant suffering. they just cant control us well when we are that much

so yes it is known that they want 500 milion people. however. what they will do is intreducing transhumanism into the picture. they all make humanity to merge with the machine.

human will love this at first because they will realize that now they can live forever.

however this forever will be a forever of constant nightmare. this is what the illuminati wants. a population who is in constant suffering and cannot die. who are an infinite low vibrational energy force for the matrix.

this is the agenda.

however they need our consent for this plan. and they will use any kind of brainwashing to do this.

they will convince us to merge with machines. if we will accept it its over for us

according to predictions this will start in around 2045. yes. that early. however it can start much later depanding on the public or may not at all. its in our hands

its like ww3. its not that they dont want to start ww3. its that they cannot do this because they dont get enough public support for it.
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