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Default Technological Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is thought of as something natural. This may be the case. The more I look at subjects like this the more it seems to me it might be solely a covert technological phenomenon. The entire field of paranormal is infested with illusionists, I know this for a fact... Some cases people report that those who will misuse it get it taken away. This could be due to it being a gift given by beings who have certain values(our guides). All that being said people who believe in natural or technological remote viewing, can agree it's a real phenomenon. I know it's very real when technology does it... All it takes is advanced surveillance of many things, and connection to the network, and one can remote view the world(or universe) with technology. Many governments remote view the world with technology. It is far more accurate, and reliable than natural, if there even is natural. I wouldn't mind someone who has experience in remote viewing explaining things though... Whether they have ever considered it being a technological thing or not would be nice to know too.

One reason I think it could be solely technological I will explain(of course it is only based on one persons experience, but its a dot to connect nonetheless)...

I remote viewed occasionally random tidbits about reality when younger. Things like 9-11 remote viewing remote controlled flights... I was 17 years old and did not know about my targeting by the US government yet, or how much I was liked by some up above. At the time I didn't consider it remote viewing reality. Just my imagination coming up with logical images...

Anyway, now I am an overt target by the US shadow government and an ET contactee..., I have had unique views by ETs looking back into my history, of mind control and benevolent influences etc too. Looking back on all the remote views I got, they were all fed to me by technology.. All the real ones I ever got were given to me by extraterrestrials to better understand reality at times(like corruption in government being known to me innately when young). Maybe I'm just not gifted enough to do remote viewing naturally... But my own experiences leads me to believe they are providing covert technological remote viewing for other people as well. And quite possibly the whole phenomenon could be technological. At this point in my situation, knowing technology, technology can explain every paranormal phenomena. From demonic possession, to interdimensional being interaction(which Im sure is at least sometimes technology fooling people), feelings of God/Allah, telepathy, remote viewing, ... Now it may not all be technology. But technology can explain it all. A strong point I think people often are not aware of. So I found it pertinent to post, however dispopular it may be...

Also, a thought I had. I've never heard of a remote viewer RVing something out in the universe. Maybe I have(iffy memory) but I wouldn't mind RVers turning their minds eye to the universe. Wouldn't mind seeing what turns up there....
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I have had no conscious personal contact with ET's so I'm assuming most "good ET contact" is just the government talking to you through technology.

Of course I'm totally open minded, but I've been thinking that most "contacts" are simply the government trying to further their goals.

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I sometimes accidentally rv when I lie down and relax. No idea why they can't just try to induce the appropriate brain waves in their rv'ers to magnify their ability.
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