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Default What is Brexits 'REAL STAGED' agenda? (movie/puppets)? Financial step?

David icke says the world and world events is a giant movie, being pushed out through the NEWS (including 9/11, wars, recessions etc)

So according to David Icke, what is the 'movie' version of Brexit?

What is the real agenda to what is going to happen, ?

What will be the 'result' of it?

If it is already staged - then according to David Ickes staged predictions, what is the going to be the result of the Brexit in March 2019 ?

1) What is the result of the staged Brexit in March 2019?

2) AND how will this like to a recession which is on the way
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What normally happens when a very small groups of people take it upon themselves to make tens of millions of other people unhappy?
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Europe will fall to the Kalegri Plan!
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I believe the whole thing has been orchestrated for civil unrest to push agenda. Infact i believe the whole immigration EU problem has been forced too. There will be civil war in the UK this year following a no deal Brexit and it will trigger further legislations to take away the freedom of the public. Similar things will happen in France, Germany and Italy....
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Default Agenda

To torture PM May? Because she is a female? Men and transgenders want to torture her for not being one of them.
Good reason...no?

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I think the real reason behind Brexit is 2 fold.

1. The UK elites triggered it as the EU wants all their offshored money. There's no way they will allow that to happen.

2. The UK won't leave the EU. This will show every nation in the 28 bloc that things are better inside the EU than going it alone.

We will find out in thenext Brexit episode will be on Tuesday 15th. If the PM loses the vote then it could trigger a general election.
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divide and conquer!
Check out Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's videos on food is your medicine and MUCH more.

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Brexit is telling the general public what the politicians are all about, they control us, we think we have a choice but we don't it's all an illusion, we are slaves and that's what we will continue to be , Brexit is one big set up, it's a farce yet millions actually believe and are fooled, what will happen, i predict more control and misery.
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Has David I put a video regarding the 'true agenda' ?
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