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Default Dreams

I hope someone picks up the ball on this one. It seems like they are attacking people with dreams. It is like a program that is easy to go beyond the perimeters, and blow the program completely. I think it effects the operators too. couple of examples.

I was having this stupid dream one night and have a habit of backing up a video on the net to hear something again to be sure I got it right. So, the dream hit this extra stupid spot and I clicked the back bar on it like you would on a video and I crashed the program and the dream was completely gone.

I had one last night that 2 planes were in combat with 2 strange craft in a town where it looked like the buildings were no more than 3 stories high. A plane and vehicle crashed above the intersection and the alien gets out and opens the hood as it were. We were sitting on the far side of the intersection where 2 picnic tables were. The point where my brain took over. A man crossing the street heading right to the alien, (did not look human and would not blend in.), pulled out a needle and gave the creature a shot right in the face saying, "Here this will fix you". The alien went RRRAR and the dream disappeared instantly and I woke up laughing. Took me an hour to get back to sleep.

I have an idea why they may be broadcasting these dreams. Seems to me that there is a prophecy about old men dreaming. One thing is for sure, they are not natural and not something your brain cooked up. My normal dreams are about fishing and hunting and hiking and mountains and forests and streams. I'm old enough to know what I usually dream about. You know too, if you are inclined you dream about people and places and hot cars and other things you are interested in. It certainly would not be a hippy shooting drugs into an aliens face in a large intersection.

Usually these dreams are upsetting and you do not get control. Anyone else?
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I experienced evil bliss while awake. A sudden and familiar and powerful emotion which came with a vision of a window. Then for days afterwards I had dreams in which I did evil things to people.

The connection between Icke and 9/11
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Planes x 2
combat (air)
short buildings
alien strange craft
intersection of highway, roads
picnic tables x2
alien looking sub human
shot in the eye

To dream that a plane crashes suggests that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself. To see two planes speaks of working together with someone else sharing higher goals. You have lofty goals in other words represented by the airplanes but conflict does not allow you to fly without difficulty even war! Your goals may be too high and are impossible to realize. You are in danger of having it come crashing down and this fear is represented by the crash and the fact it occurs on the highway suggests as roads always do your course in life disrupted at a crossroads. Alternatively, your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt toward the goals equal this crash at the intersection of life and the goals you have set for yourself.
Represented here in dream it is represented by the crashing airplane; you do not believe in your ability to attain those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.

Similarly the alien or strange craft is representing others around you with lofty goals you find, well, strange or foreign and the combat is representing the literal conflict of ideas probably at work I would suspect.
Short buildings three stories high suggests little brains! Buildings are your brains, but also can be self, or the body so you see yourself surrounded by little brains or other 'lesser impressive' bodies? At least the dream seems to say so and also that they do not share the same lofty goals as you or those you conflict with. :-)

Picnic tables often represent family and social security ties. This is really key even though you may not have noticed because all kinds of tells can be seen in the types, number of people, length of the table and so on. The fact there are two suggests two opposing or together social groups and tightness or dissension in the group, or jagged less fine edges and angles could be there is no unity or tightness and so on. I'd look at that deeper with more details.

Lastly this 'forced injection' of a shot in the eye no less is very symbolic of someone forcing their views and opinions on you making you see things you simply do not care to see or have much to do with. So the strange alien guy saying here this will fix you is a prime symbol of someone forcing their value system on another and this is your way of processing the input.
Rabbit Hole
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electronic harassment

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