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Default My Take on Gangstalking (Zersetzung)

Wrote a piece on my blog about Gangstalking/Zersetzung. With how perfected the targeting technologies are, it seems gangstalking has become more abundant than experimentation these days. My take on gangstalking:

Full Article:
My Take on Gangstalking (Zersetzung)

TI = Targeted Individual

The most frequent targeting program people are in other than mind control that I am aware of, is gangstalking. Judging from experience with the groups that do this, and knowing their abilities quite well, I would suggest that in most cases of 'gangstalking' it is something else entirely than what the targeted individual thinks it is. That is likely because they are being mind controlled...

Mind control is a key aspect of targeting, and in effect, gangstalking. I have been shown how much they can control people's actions and control the timing of things(such as cars, etc). One happening I am sure the perps don't want the gangstalked to hear: In some cases the gangstalking source will covertly control many people surrounding one person's actions. I believe typically it is not 'everyone in on it'(neighbors etc) actually stalking the TI, but is the TI being mind controlled to carry out actions at very specific times during the day, while they mind control others to do things at the same time, or mind control others to say things that the TI will perceive as "beyond coincidence". Control of perception is key to what is happening.

One of my theories on why they may gangstalk people is to assassinate the idea that the government targets people. To the average person when they hear someone say the government is following them everywhere, it seems very insane. So the propagation of gangstalking may to be to influence the system to further turn off to people claiming targeting by the government...

My advice to people who are gangstalked, is to make the gangstalking a futile attempt to affect your psychology and start to not care about being followed around. There are reasons why they do this to people... If someone appears unaffected so much by it, it is possible it will stop. I know if I was gangstalked at this point, after so much torture and crazy experiences I have had over the years, I would be slightly amused by it, nothing more. I would laugh at them, and I would not focus on it much. Problem is that is easier said than done for gangstalking victims. Mind control is likely often coupled with gangstalking to increase the effect of gangstalking on someone's psyche. If you notice you do not have your own "normal" levels of wisdom while in your gangstalking situation it is quite probable you are being mind controlled in some way...

The technology the cabal has is very hard to figure out for the target when they begin using it on someone. The technology itself is invisible, and the tactics they use far beyond anything the average buffoon in government could come up with... I have told my theory to some people being stalked and they immediately rejected the theory, however I have witnessed such things in action early on in my case, so I know they use such capabilities.

One reason why they may do this to people is to character assassinate them to people they know or get them diagnosed in 'the system' as mentally insane.

Gangstalking is a very real happening. Even if it is being done via covert control and influence instead of real stalkers in many cases... If you are being stalked, I would recommend close analysis of one's own mind. And try to see it as flattering they are spending resources on you. Never let them keep you down, resist the eventual suicide programming, and do not let them erode your ethics and true nature.

The history of gangstalking goes at least as far back as the Stazi in Germany in the 1970s, where psychological harassment was known as "Zersetzung".

A long while ago I read a link that USA intelligence agencies had adopted Zersetzung, and eventually 'gangstalking' practices against spies of other countries. However these tactics went domestic and are now being used on civilians of all types. I have witnessed first hand how morally inept the true leaders of this world are.

The ones with the mind control technology are the most powerful on earth in my view. I know them well. They appear to have an agenda simply to inflict suffering at times. This stems back to dark Extraterrestrials. At first when the cabal's technological capability becomes more known by someone, I have noticed(even in myself) that the common reaction is "no humans have this capability". However through destroying my own programming I eventually found indeed humans have borderline ridiculous technological capabilities.

With the transhumanization of society, control of many things is an achievement attained by the cabal. They exemplified this power to me early on in my situation. Through the control of people they can make things that are obviously beyond coincidence happen, all while controlling the TI's perspective of what is occurring. I doubt many being stalked will be open to this, as it seems to be one of the bellies of the beast in terms of mind control, but I hope at least some TIs will learn from this post. I am quite sure I will be punished for it...
Source Link: http://omnisense.blogspot.com/2015/0...ersetzung.html
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ta good take on the topic
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Its hard to separate the negative alien connection to gang stalking. It is real not imaginary, but can be amplified with the current nano-bot technology that's in the food and air. As in they can broadcast negative thought patterns to keep it alive. They are already in people's heads, they just have the goal of stressing people out for possession purposes. I have had many death threats and all type of nastiness, so to say out right "its not real" -- is silly. Look at the news and the current state of things, gangstalking does happen all the time -- but it is called different things. I don't like this term b/c it is used to create much disinformation about the topic. Abuse is abuse. In this case it is bullying on steroids.

They want what they can't have, and haven't cared in a long time for what they do have. Many "good" people are incompatible for possession and usage, but if we are highly stressed out -- then that is not the case. Its trauma basically. Many people get it a lot worse then I have. They don't want the birth of the "New Age" -- b/c that means the cabal will no longer be around. So, they are "stressing" good people out to prevent it. As well as multi-agendas and doing other sinister things.

Out of all of it, the radiation is the worse. If they don't like you, you will get it all most all day long. You don't get breaks from it. Like they are terraforming your body, or they just want you to get really sick. Its too sophisticated to be in the hands of man, the radiating plans are in the hands of the greys I am pretty sure. "People" do have the technology -- I have experienced it before, but those that have it -- are so possessed they are "over the rainbow" occult types, just almost completely nega-alien. Whats the difference?
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electronic harassment, gangstalking, mkultra, targeted individual, zersetzung

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