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Default Why I hate flying in America (Truthstream Media)


"I convinced Mel to put this video up, even though she was a bit embarrassed and had mixed emotions about it. It was recorded in the immediate aftermath of her incident with TSA; her emotions were raw, but it is important because this is what's happening, and continues to happen on a daily basis. We are all treated, preemptively, with suspicion, and treated as criminals. Basic rights and basic human dignity are systematically overlooked – and seemingly all of these 'public authoritays' have accepted their power to treat members of the public however they wish – with no apologies. Meanwhile, We the People have become accustomed to, and just accepted this permanent police state presence, and yet, people are being abused on a daily basis. Just as Mel said, we are all being collectively punished for the crimes of a few, now a long time ago. They don't do this overseas in other places, though many are still trying to catch up."

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It's the reason I won't fly on a plane full stop. The whole thing just me the creeps, not just from a intrusive/pervy POV but also from a continuing to be treated as cattle POV.

The TSA airport procedure is like the pinnacle of the big brother intrusive society (which thankfully for now is restricted to airports), but that's not to say it's the only intrusive thing most people have to endure on a daily basis. Most of the other laws, regulations, technology, etc that had been rolled out (for various excuses not just terrorism but also crime prevention) are often very subtle but nonetheless are still noticeable to those who can remember better, less intrusive times. CCTV is the obvious one, particular in the UK where you can't even go to the park with your kids, go for a swim, even go to the toilet in same cases, without there being a CCTV camera watching over you. It's not just the rear of terrorism that's allowed alot of the intrusive, databasing technology to monitor people and take their privacy away, crime plays a big part in that, or rather the news media pushing the crime narrative in our faces, which then allow them to roll out more ways of intruding on people's privacy problem, reaction. solution style.

Everytime I go on a bus and see a passholder or pensioner with their pass and they have to put their pass (which contains their personal info) on the bus scanning machine, it just gives me the creeps. If it's like tat now then god knows what it'll be like when I get to 65; I'd rather pay than get a free bus pass so I don't have to have my personal details databased and my whereabouts known. Where did all this come from, because I remember not long ago passholders just had to show their pass, none of this nonsense.

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I refuse to fly also. Americans have let themselves get turned into little more than trained livestock shuffling their way through the fenced-in channels of a CAFO feed lot, while people in uniforms they don't even know inject them full of chemicals and fondle their private parts. If you're really quiet, you can almost hear them moo'ing.

Not even the KGB, the Stazi, or the Gestap did to people what the TSA does, and these idiots think it's quite ok to just go along with it.

"Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it ... It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause, that we are defending, and whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences will be the same." -- Thomas Paine
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