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Arrow After anti-EU parties surge, what's ahead?

BRUSSELS (AP) — Europe's voters have spoken, and the result "is a shock, an earthquake," France's prime minister said.
By winning a larger share of seats in the European Parliament, more of Europe's outsiders also have a better platform to influence politics in their home countries.
Mainstream parties may hang on to more than 70 percent of the seats in the EU's 751-member parliament, Frantescu said as returns were still being tallied. So when the transnational legislature's two biggest blocs — the conservatives and the Socialists — concur, they still should get their way.
Dutch politician Geert Wilders and his anti-EU and anti-immigrant Party for Freedom were not among the big election winners.
"What would (Prime Minister David) Cameron in the United Kingdom do if (anti-EU politician Nigel) Farage would get one out of three votes? He would change his policies," Wilders told reporters.
In France, the anti-EU, far-right National Front party led by Marine Le Pen got one in four votes, the best showing by any of the country's parties
Socialist Prime Minister Manual Valls went on television to say the verdict of voters showed it was important for his government to push through the spending cuts and tax cuts it has been promising.
"There is not a single minute to lose," Valls said.
The Sweden Democrats, an extreme-right and nationalist party, won two seats in the European Parliament, and leader Jimmie Akesson said its critical stance toward the EU helped it attract votes.
"I think it is good that criticism toward the EU is growing all over Europe," he said. But he wouldn't comment on whether he will cooperate with France's National Front. "It is one of the parties we are trying to gain an understanding of."

Article decoded:
May 25: An anti-EU party get the most votes for the first time in a EU state.
And that happens not only in one but two states: National Front in France and UKIP in the UK.
In reality only one of the two leaders is indeed a patriot.

Reminder of Last Prophets's words of April 2013:
FARAGE is a FAKE identity, created to destroy from within (alias pre-emptive strike) the resistence to the integration in the EU.
His suicide bomber role starts with this joke:
Evoking a Simpsons character not only because of his idiotic creepy smile, the ancestors of the champion of UK independence came from France and in his own words, his german wife works harder than any briton.

Illuminati agent Nigel Farage, UKIP: roles range from selling rigged election results as legit to selling France National Front's leader and true patriot Marine Le Pen as an extremist
To get who the fake champion of United Kingdom's independence from the EU really is, all you need is ONE of Farage's words to describe another french politician.
More precisely the president, who "coincidentally" (read: illuminati joke) has the name of another EU state, Hollande.
[2014 update: joke upscaled with Valls as prime-minister, supposedly born in Barcelona to a Spanish father and a Swiss mother.]

Nigel Farage's "idiots": How one word (idiot) illustrates End Times Reductionism
Nigel Farage: "France's Hollande is the number 1 among idiots running countries around the world."
Anyone calling "idiiot" an illuminati member in the role of the country's most powerful politician (not to mention of a key area like France), is either an idiot or an illuminati agent.
So one word in one sentence alone exposes Nigel Farage.

Farage is in fact at the higher level of the pyramid - Who appears twice at his side
In this conference Farage sits next to the Illuminati Supreme Leader.[1]
In this photo Farage stands again next to the Fuherer the IV Reich.[2]


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