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Talking Hundreds of Protesters Smoke Ganja at Liberty Bell

Marijuana Prohibition II, Presented by The Panic Hour and Philly NormL
This is history in the making, Where Marijuana is illegal in PA; we have accomplished something so incredible it blows my mind.
Though this is currently a Mainstream Media Cover-Up........
We have gotten hundreds of people to join us in protest for the legalization of marijuana in PA, and its working!!
The first smoke out had dozens of police, and while we smoked in front of them at 4:20; We managed NO ARRESTS. Now on the second smoke out featured in the video, there were NO POLICE, I think I saw one little piggy that must have left and went to the market. The score is, PanicHour- 2 BABYLON- 0

If you would like to stay updated on the Panic Hours progress against the illuminati and for marijuana...links below
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Great but why not do the same in Texas, where it would have more influence than pa? Tell norml that..
The intelligentsia put out fakes and disinformation into some of the alternative media sources on the internet. Most of the alternative media is controlled by British Intelligence and the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in order to try and steer the minds of the awakening few so no one can slip the net of slavery and illusion. Most of the U.S. alternative media is actually run by Knight of Malta. source unhived mind website
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I live in Pennsylvania! But on the opposite side of the state... Thanks for fighting for my rights!
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We had done the same in Poland some time ago - right in front of the Parliament House in Warsaw:
The police arrested the leader of the anti-prohibition group "Wolne Konopie" prior to the whole protest for nothing; otherwise - we had no major problems with the lawkeepers there. It was quite hilarious! People were smoking ganja quite openly and when someone approached the police and told them to do something about it they just kept on saying "we didn't see anything" or "we don't have any proof that they are actually smoking marijuana, it might very well be tobacco!"

Every year we organise a Marijuana Liberty March (like everybody else around the world does), something around 20 thousand people attended last year.
And guess what? No positive results as of yet - I have a ganja related court case scheduled for friday^^
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