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Default Trump shutting down child kidnapping ....

This item appeared on DI Headlines today ....

"'Multiple undercover sting operations across the United States were carried out this month targeting adult and child sex trafficking. The results of many of these stings netted hundreds of arrests—including doctors, pharmacists, high-level military officers, and law enforcement officers. Dozens of children were also rescued — including one as young as three months old.

That’s the most we have ever arrested in the history of the sheriff’s office,” Sheriff Grady Judd said of his undercover operation in Polk County, Florida... "

According to Alex Jones , who speaks to many insiders.... Good agents on the ground have always been busting these people , but usually receive orders from the highest level to back off and let them go .... If clinton had become president things would have continued as before ... But trump has put out the word to lock them up , and because the agents on the ground are 100% behind this , it's happening ....

Trump may want to push ahead in other areas , vaccines , prosecuting clinton, but is getting push back from many who are still aligned with the old guard , and so it takes time...
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poor confused people that think Trump is independent.

His ass is owned, he is a lackey, always has been.

He's very low down in the illuminati chain of command, a low ranking puppet to entertain the masses and he is doing his job well.

Because the president is, of course, not there to wield power, but to draw attention away from it.

It's a pity you fool's fall for it over and over and over again...
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Its good that Trump is doing something useful besides trolling the world on Tweets.

This and stopping TTIP are great starts.

Hopefully he will be able to achieve some of the other things he said he would too.
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He shut the door on Melania too.
Exodus 34:19 "All that openeth the matrix is mine;"
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I only wish all this were true. Not sure which video it was but did you know Trump's uncle was instrumental in getting hold of tesla's research after he passes away I will have a look for it on you tube
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If it is true that Trump has endorsed the going after of child sex traffickers and abusers, and that these people (I use the term advisedly) are high ranking individuals in various spheres, why don't we compile a list of names of those caught? I am very skeptical about this information--I doubt very much if large numbers are being caught and if caught, prosecuted. I would need to see proof and names and how cases were being handled etc. before I would begin to believe--I think it is disinformation, quite frankly. Too much control of the situation by tptb and elite. If any are caught, they will always be low level and thrown to the wolves on purpose to make us believe something is really being done..
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I have been looking at many videos on youtube that believe that Trump is ready to 'take down' many of the paedophiles including the Clintons. I wish this to be true but am very sceptical. This would bring down the EU Dictators too. I would be jumping for joy even though it would be similar the effect of an earthquake.
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the tealady
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I sincerely hope there is truth in all these reports but he has not said one word publicly about it. For a man who brags about all his achievements and not this, I cannot but help question the validity of these stories.
Unlike a lot of other people, David walks the talk. Be careful who you trust in this alternative media and research.

Please don't feed the trolls.

When I LIKE a post, it does not always mean I agree, it can also just mean I think a valid point has been made.
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Originally Posted by the tealady View Post
I sincerely hope there is truth in all these reports but he has not said one word publicly about it. For a man who brags about all his achievements and not this, I cannot but help question the validity of these stories.
the guys a sexual predator himself.

anything he does to help the sexually abused is not much more than a publicity stunt
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Trump is a Controlled orange nonce, get over it.
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What do you think the "Great Awakening" is really about? It's just political rhetoric or is Donald Trump about to fulfill his life mission of destroying the world abuse/murder/organ harvesting network and everything that goes with it? Why are there so many sex abusing politicians walking away from their posts? You don't think this is just a prelude to darker evils being unveiled?
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I think so many are bailing from their positions because it's all crumbling. People are waking up and in turn the government are soiling themselves so they are in over drive with agenda 21 like with the CA "wild" fires, which in turn wakes up more people and so politicians are like alright it's time to leave.

Even if some police departments did arrest some chesters they are simply small time pedos who are basically being used, put in the spotlight to take the attention off of clintons and podestas, and UK parliament, and the connection to the pedos in netherlands (zandvoort file of shame) and others in government all over the planet.

The top criminals never get busted in this dimension/plane. The same demons/vampires/reptiles have been in control of this dimension for thousands of years, do we really believe that this doofas trump character is going to be the savior of humanity? Please. He went to a Jesuit school (Fordham) and has been in the club his entire life.

This dimension is ridiculous, it's one big fraud.

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