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Originally Posted by ink View Post
Well be that as it may....lets state that you could but will not....it cannot change the action already made by me!

Yes, in the pre sent, I have, as yet, found no demonstrable mass effect.

But.......I have already via my logical 'wants' and emotional 'needs' rendered an image of the EMP and it's effect upon this realm.... thus thou art too late

So of course we all know that a present action has causation upon the past, which then dramatizes the future into actuating a reality to compensate, so as to elicit cause into effect and chaos into order....

....therefore my actions are already becoming actionable potentials which will have a significant narrative within this realm....in the near future!

The 'size' of my intention is the 'buffering' which currently continues allowence of 'here'.......

Next year lol
Hopefully, by the time you perfect it I won't be here.
I'll be somewhere where Internet exists. That's the beauty of multiverse.

Anyways, thanks for congratulating me on my 25K post!
I have learned A LOT in 6.5 years I've beem a member here.
Thanks to you guys who knew more than me and I'm grateful that we laughed a lot.

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Originally Posted by thee_doctor View Post
Creating the hive mind that is why many people are addicted to their smart phones, natural human desires will be exhanged for the unnatural thus becoming integrated into the AI system.
There was an Outer Limits (1990s one) episode on this topic.
Imagination... its limits are only those of the mind itself.

It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears.

Rod Serling.
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The crooks infiltrated. The internet itself isn't bad, it is just a warehouse of information. I banned google, Twitter, and Facebook. An old Add Block Plus will knock out those domains. I keep Easylist for Add Block Plus up to date. This is a free addon for Firefox and not a plug, use what you want. You pay the bill to be online, proudly get rid of those adds and scrub out those large corporations that think they have a right to control the content. I get enjoyment out of the Black Vault, Wiki Leaks, Hulu, Internet Radio, and, here at this site. I use conversion charts that I don't usually use and email is handy. Without an add I can type in the name of an item and order it online. Last major orders were six tires and four new rims. I can get any type of media to my door quicker than a store can get it. Believe me if a store offers to get it for you they order it online and they do not pay next day delivery. I have had no trouble with online stores, knock on wood. I did have trouble with crooks in government trying to set me up once.


I had Windows XP, I bought a computer with windows 8.1 and hated it. I ordered Windows 7 on disk. I had installed Windows 7 trail program and it was OK. Of course you have to use something a bit to make up your mind. By advertisement Windows Ultimate 7 on disk full and they sent a stick. No problem, I contacted them and they said, send it back and they would send disks. I sent it back 1 day delivery and they did send it out immediately. No problem with the store what-so-ever. However my purchase got stuck in Memphis TN. Now I actually live and breath to attack the deep state and their corruption on the net. So, I had about 8 days of trial left. Neither the store or I could get the Op broken loose from Memphis. I ordered Windows 7 Pro from Walmart and it came in in 6 days. As soon as I picked up those copies Memphis released my order. Even when I had trouble it was not the internet's fault.

My take is get rid of the government spyware and, block the adds from corrupt advertisers, they are corrupt if they are using strong arm tactics to make you view their content. Stop the data collection that is an invasion of your own privacy and, you will find the net enjoyable. I have a Spectrum package and the phone is another invasion of harassment, solicitors and political calls are second to none right now and I have the phone unplugged. That has made the place so blissful that the home has become a sanctuary. With the peace of mind my actions has brought, I laugh at the fear porn and get on with my life.

And again it says at the top, welcome raburgeson and, it tells me I am no signed in and cannot make posts, blaw, blaw, blaw
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