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Default Privatisation of the NHS - Nationalisation of Railways

The idea being sold now is a mass increase in NHS taxation, so much so that it would be intolerable “for the masses” so for the institution itself to be sustainable it will have to be sold off, in otherwords privatiased which has always been the plan.

Now they’re just justifying it, while almost every MSM channel recently, to help with the pressures facing the NHS seem to be offering television programs of just how bad the situation is.
Wouldn’t filming these people in their workplace make those people’s jobs a little more stressful?
Isn’t that the point?

They’re making this situation more difficult, it’s of the PTB own making and design as is the immigration problem to divide and rule, play culture off against culture to eventually create a fake nationalism which can be built up to failure and destroyed also, playing predominantly Islam off against Nationalism.
Out of it paving the way to a Global Dictatorship and a Centralised One World Government...

Islam and Nationalism - Divide and Rule - Greece - International Chaos

Paving the way to a Communist Style Global Dictatorship - “Prediction”

Also hence the “repackaging” of The Royal Family. All helping the international machine...

Exactly. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry...
ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL - Rule By Bloodline? Time To Grow Up - The David Icke Videocast

Are you not feeling that national pride?
Of course this situation can be made out of race by the international community?
Maybe we should ask the “Windrush” generation how do they feel?
A race war is being developed and built up by them to play culture against culture and there can be a number of false flags developed to help the international stepping stones to take society where they want us. We have to not take them and be misdirected which of course is the point of all these posts of mine.

Racist Actions by a Government that’s "stamping out” anti-Semitism

This has been designed to sell the problem as such to the public so we will either allow to the taxation for the privilege of the NHS or it will be sold off and privatised. Meaning everyone will have to pay for their own treatment out of their own pockets.

The problem itself is being caused by international political powers who want to privatise the NHS so they’re making it harder and harder for the NHS to operate efficiently to justify that privatisation. Meanwhile, they’ll bankroll all those MSM programs to show these problems and the pressures on the NHS through those MSM programs leaving out that this problem has been systematically achieved through the Governments lobbyists, many of the same lobbyists would have vested interests in creating such programs “to show you how bad things are” and the workers within the NHS will of course want to show those pressures and how bad things are. This helps them justify privatisation or taxation either way it is spun. This is political sabotage and if it was a game of football it should be seen as a professional foul even if you can’t see the overwhelming international conspiracy. But of course those only take place in football games, not in the games of politics...

NHS needs £2,000 in tax from every household to stay afloat – report

Higher taxation is only way to address demands on buckling health service, thinktanks say

Appropriate Black and White for this Black and White Dogma...

British households will need to pay an extra £2,000 a year in tax to help the NHS cope with the demands of an ageing population, according to a new report that highlights the unprecedented financial pressures on the health system.

Two thinktanks – the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Health Foundation – have said there can be no alternative to higher taxation if there are to be even modest improvements to care over the next 15 years, adding that demands on the health service will continue to rise.

The report said the NHS has been struggling to cope after the toughest financial constraints in its 70-year history had been imposed on the service. Costs were bound to increase due to demographic change, an increase in chronic illnesses and bigger bills for staff and drugs.


Microsoft and the NHS - Technology Take over of 'healthcare'
AI Software - Cloud - leading to microchipped population

Tech companies such as Microsoft have vested interests in the NHS for the International powers that be, along with introducing more and more technological systems into healthcare on behalf of the transhumanism agenda.
The big part of that being; the cloud, AI and a microchipped population.
Therefore, for such an agenda to go ahead without the Government being challenged, wouldn’t it be a good idea that the NHS appeared to not be in these people’s hands?
So the PTB in the way of Government won’t be held accountable, it’s being sold off to international companies which the same powers actually occupy but they’re no longer accountable to the public in the same manner, as they will be owned as a private company for these agendas to unfold through, as they will “bail out” our NHS crisis which has been systematically setup by these people.

The trade off being made is the railways are being nationalised for failures in the system by the Left/Labour/Fabian Society and a privatised healthcare system for failures in the NHS by the Right/Tories/International Companies.
In reality both sides of this game is being manipulated by the same international powers, toward the same end as they own all the parties involved within this game. Even if many people still can’t see this international game for an international conspiracy to control the world (New World Order) - Bigger Picture - it can be seen and put under a microscope by what’s happening to our NHS and our railways, as this is exactly the same global game by the repetition of the same actions, just it’s seen upon different scales, one maybe easier to see the other people are still having a hard time getting their heads around.

So meanwhile Richard Branson looks to buy up our NHS along with others as he knows about this change that is taking place, not just having his fingers in many pies. If the nationalisation of Railways commence, Branson loses out big time through Virgin rail who have invested a lot into the development for their own ends and business of course. If someone turns around and says this is now mine and the country owns it, it’s either going to be a big problem unless they agree to it and a trade off is obviously being made, which doesn’t appear to be being made to the public as it involves... The NHS of course.
These actions are the Internationalists at work through private companies.

This was systematically setup by the international PTB through the Tories, to tie both the NHS and Britain’s Railway infrastructure together within the planned nose dive of Carillion. They contracted out jobs to a company they knew they was going to fail and tied projects from both the NHS and Railway infrastructure around the neck of this company and pulled the plug due to “mismanagement” on behalf of Carillion who unfortunately took on too much work which they couldn’t afford to carry out...
It was setup, systematically designed and carried out.
We have the same issues basically from both the NHS and our Railways.
Only the solution for one is privatisation while the solution for the other is nationalisation?
It doesn’t make sense does it. Two opposite plans for very similar scenarios.

Not unless it’s part of another plan, similar to that I’ve outlined here..

Carillion Conspiracy - Privatisation NHS and Nationalised Railways



That’s because there’s vested interests behind what’s happening and it’s being designed and misrepresented to the public so they can carry out a preplanned desire to reshape the NHS and our Railways.

Does not this information sound slightly familiar of PNAC - Project for the New American Century - by any chance or is it just me?

“The Fabian Society has played a central role for more than a century in the development of political ideas and public policy on the left of centre.

Analysing the key challenges facing the UK and the rest of the industrialised world in a changing society and global economy, the society’s programme aims to explore the political ideas and the policy reforms which will define progressive politics in the new century.

The society is unique among think tanks in being a democratically constituted membership organisation.

It is affiliated to the Labour Party but is editorially and organisationally independent. Through its publications, seminars and conferences, the society provides an arena for open-minded public debate.

All Labour Prime Ministers have been members of the Fabian Society.“

Too many think tanks and not enough thinking.
As these are just the mask for International preconceived objectives that are already made else where and just pass through the hands of these so called “think tanks” and it’s hung around their necks also if it goes tits up or gets exposed as an agenda with clearly vested interests. Think tanks ironically often allow for the otherwise unthinkable and act as a safe haven like the “charity” lobby of political puppets of the same international machine. Their ideology manifests and is repeated throughout all their international operations as its linear. That’s why they need so many fronts to coverup such linear ideology that would otherwise be as clear as on/off or 0/1.
You’d be able to clearly see what’s taking place if you’re not eluded by their fronts, their smoke screens.

Britain's railways were nationalised by Labour in 1948 and returned to private hands by John Major's Conservative government in 1993. Labour was initially committed to renationalisation but the policy was dropped when Tony Blair came to power in 1997.


Emil Davies
Fabian Society
Date 1910

I’d suggest that “Combination of Circumstances” by a dictorial people’s who only see point A and point B and don’t care about what’s in between to get to and from those two points of transition, is that the NHS is being sold out by the same international elite that are currently transitioning through the Tories and Labour are carrying out their end of the bargain and are willing this to happen so they can succeed in nationalising our Railways without either side seeking to inform us that this nationalisation of our railways comes at a cost, that’s cost is the selling out of the NHS by crippling it into ruin, which have been implemented by Torie austerity measures and perpetuated by the deliberate collapse of Carillion.

Was that the sort of “Combination of Circumstances” the Fabian Society seeked all those years ago and could still gain and exploit present day?
I think so.

As these systems repeat themselves time and time again depending upon the political climate unlike they get “change” that they want at that particular moment by international powers and businesses that actually own the political infrastructure and run it and equally run these private companies which they’re “agreeing with one another” to transition public sectors to private sectors and vice versa through.

Read between the lines. It’s coming back around again...

Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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May tells public to ‘celebrate’ privatization in NHS as Hawking campaign hits high court


May came under fire at PMQs from Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, for what he sees as her Tory “government tearing up the founding principles of the NHS and putting private profit before public service.

May retorted “we have made sure we remain true to the founding principle of the NHS that it is free at the point of delivery,” adding that even the former Labour Health Secretary Andy Burnham had supported the contribution of the private sector.

More on Andy Burnham, the International Zionists Puppet Politician.
Who’s Lobbying you Burnham?
He ain’t working for society, he like the rest is working for the International Zionists, the bankrollers of puppets bothside of the political spectrum...

This and May’s claim that the Tories have put in extra funding since 2010, keeping the NHS “free at the point of use,” drew jeers from the opposition benches. Corbyn later proclaimed a somewhat uncomfortable truth for the Tories, that it was they who voted against the introduction of the NHS back in 1948.

It seems particularly pertinent that PMQs was dominated by the NHS, on a day when a campaign group, once backed by the late physicist Hawking, reaches the high court. JR4NHS, a group founded by three doctors and a university professor, has brought legal proceedings to challenge Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s plans to open up the NHS to increased involvement of private companies.

Fund our fight to get proper consultation, parliamentary scrutiny and respect for the law. Save our NHS from an American-style take-over.

NHA supports JR4NHS

Stephen Hawking, Allyson Pollock and colleagues have launched a legal challenge to stop Jeremy Hunt and NHS England from proceeding with plans to turn local NHS bodies into Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs). Here are some facts about ACOs:

ACOs will be given the money for your care as an insurance premium, and will pay out only for certain treatments - like an insurance company.
ACOs will in many cases be handed over to actual insurance companies and other private firms.
ACOs will be able to decide what care is free and what they can charge patients for.
ACOs will be paid more if they 'save' money (i.e. spend less money on front-line services).
ACOs will be subject to commercial rules and will hide behind the veil of 'corporate confidentiality'.
ACOs are not recognised in any Act of Parliament and as such have no legal basis.
The NHA Party supports the 'JR4NHS' legal action, which you can support here:


Before his death in March, Hawking had warned that the introduction of American-style accountable care organizations (ACOs), under the stewardship of Hunt, would see private companies run sections of the NHS and social services that would constitute an "attack on the fundamental principles of the NHS,” report AOL.'


President Trump: NHS 'going broke and not working'
US President Donald Trump has sparked a backlash from UK politicians by attacking the National Health Service.

Anyone seeing the “unity” of the International Zionist agenda?
Coincidence or political conspiracy by international business interests, some of which are clearly in the US who are trying to buy up the NHS and of course those interests have money behind the voice piece puppet of Donald Trump...?

Donald Trump’s Freemasonic plan interwoven with a Zionist Agenda

We can’t and shouldn’t accept this.

Our NHS is being sold off to those private companies, whom lobby our political puppets who have set this up and the same interests who are involved within our Railways are turning to the NHS and buying it up.
A trade deal is being agreed and made, which the public isn’t being informed about between the nationalisation of our Railways to fix a failing infrastructure because of private ownership exploiting that system and the NHS that is failing due to systematic design by puppet politicians setting it to failure, picked over like a buzzard picks over a dead carcass ironically, by those very big business interests that have wanted to buy up the NHS before this “unfortunate crisis” happened. It’s much like the tragedy of the Ukraine crisis that lead to Civil War which all along was a proxy war of West vs East “The Pivot to Asia”. The same with Syria and much other conflicts in the Middle East that then help the interests of the internationalists. These things are not spontaneous but are systematically designed so these same old powers gain every single time and the public caught in the middle of these decisions pay the ultimate price.
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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Ive noticed all this week there have programs about hospitals presented by Devina McCall. Something‘s going on there.
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it's looking more and more we need to vote corbyn in to nationalize everything.
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As I put above, this situation of Railway Nationalisation and NHS Privatisation is putting the New World Order International Powers under the microscope through just one of their many agendas.
It’s isolated from the bigger picture, which if you identify and follow - connect the dots - you will see the same patterns and traits of the same agenda, the same machine influencing many other world events and industries.
It’s psychopathic corporate greed and hierarchical “power” influence over politics and public institutions to “succeed” in pacifying those desires that is perpetuating this system, this agenda.

I’ve included David Ickes following Video Cast along with other relevant materials...


PNAC - Project New American Century

International Zionism

Israel - International Zionism - in Palestine

Paint all enemies of International Zionism as “he’s a Hitler”.
It worked their, people bought it and have long deep rooted held beliefs about Nazi Germany still to this day, exploit those deep rooted held beliefs of Nazi Germany and use them on current day enemies of international Zionism.
If people don’t back you in your fight against your enemies, you then associate those “pacifists” as supporters of terrorism, equivalent to that of Nazis/Facists and wanting the death of all Jews.
This is what’s happening...

This is being done with; Russia, Iran, North Korea and will stretch to China over “trade wars” planned to actually cause war over situations spilling over from the Middle East - “The Pivot to Asia”...

That’s right it’s nothing new...

I hope more people can see the bigger picture of these events and investigate the main point of this post so they’re not fooled or allow this Privatisation of the NHS to happen, secretly traded off between the Tories and Labour for a Nationalisation of the Railways. As these things are being done by the same international powers but attempting to make these two parties look different from one another, when in reality they couldn’t be any more similar.
They’re working towards the same end and goals...

Iran and Russia - PetroDollar - Trade Wars
Loads more links to various topics this is linked to at the bottom of the OP.
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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