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This thread has been derailed into talk of parents ...

The original suggestion was truthers had bad childhoods.

You could have good parents , but still have a bad childhood ....

Normally someone who had a bad childhood saw the cruel side of other people , these could be school bullies .
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Oh dear. They're taking some basic psychology and using/twisting it to demean/dismiss 'conspiracy theorists' - business as usual. Eyeroll.

vvI'm not 'a Truther', I'm an individual.vv
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Well if having a bad childhood gave me the ability to critically think, then fair trade off imo.
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I had a great childhood - too great as I thought life was going to be like a Disney movie - I started reading conspiracy and unexplained stuff as a teenager as the library was the main attraction where we lived. I didn't know what abuse was until I met other peoples families .
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Actually I had a perfect childhood. My dad was a lumberjack and the forest was mine to roam. Things don't get better than that. I was not raised in a home with mind altering substances. There was no fighting. My siblings were far older than me and out of the house. More or less I was raised the same as being an only child. Things do not get better than that.

Ask yourself how many conspiracy theories have been proven to be true. As more and more whistle blowers and documents come out us conspiracy theorists have been vindicated as having a very good track record. The interesting part is we come from diverse backgrounds. We come from all walks of life. We respond to pioneering and government secrets are one of the last frontiers.
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This is nonsense just another attempt by those with vested interests to undermine the character of those seeking the truth. If it's not one thing it's the other
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Unfortunately for the Zionists their Grassy Knollington portrayal of 'conspiracy theorists' is very very wide of the mark.
On balance, I think the only reason our political elite haven't slaughtered us in camps is they need us to produce children for them to fuck

Frankie Boyle
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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
My mams a lovely person really. She can't help herself...
Yeah, narc inflicts violence physically or mentally, they just can't help themselves so that must be ok. Really?

She even has moment of clarity in hindsight.... she regrets trying to heckle her own mothers funeral, for instance....

The thing is, some of them know what they are doing but still hurt you anyway.
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