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Exclamation Free PDF Book - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Satchidanand

Extract below


The Purpose Of The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

The purpose of Humanity is as a mechanism to create Advanced Angels which in the future will radiate the Energy of Love, Second Ray Energies, to the Universe from this planet, which is scheduled to become a Sacred Planet.

The method chosen by the Archangel in charge of this planet, is that of Free Will.

By giving Free Will to all Humanity, we all have the lesson that we only have the Free Will to do the Right Thing.

Anything less results in Negative Karma, retribution, bad results for everyone, bad luck.

Free Will results in Evolution. From what we are given at birth, Body, Mind, Chakras, an ANTAHKARANA connection to the Universe, comes the creation of Psychic Mechanisms, talents, to augment and improve on that which has been given.

As single cells join together to form organs and organs get together to form a man with his Angel-Organ chakras, through serendipity over many lifetimes single angels get together to form aggregations of angels in the form of a talent.

At first these talents are striped through and surrounded by Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass which is impervious to pure spiritual energies in that it acts like lead to stop the entrance of spiritual alpha, beta and gamma particles. Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass is Ignorance because it cuts you off from that knowledge which is higher than the Mind.

We purify these talents through the Grounding of Negative Energies which burns up Negative Karmic Mass and through the Seven Step Process of Level 2 of Energy Enhancement which removes Energy Blockages.

Through the Seven Step Process we also integrate these purified Talents with the higher chakras - thus increasing their size, complexity, and ability to handle more and higher energies, and eventually channel the Energy of Love, the Second ray Energies.

This process of Integration is like fusion of one crystal with another in a "Skull Melt" where we align and integrate the Angel Talents with the Higher Chakras like crystals - the angels become aligned in crystalline matrices - which increases also their speed and purity of purpose.

This fusion process starts with the Astral Initiation of Illumination or Enlightenment when Ascended Masters surround the Initiate and focus the Higher Energies of Illumination on him in order to create this Fusion, which creates a purified crystalline structure which cannot be perverted ever again, between the Soul Chakra and the Crown Chakra and all the chakras below it.

In order to help speed up this Aggregation of Talents, normal evolution through serendipity is superseded by the aggregation of Talents and psychic structures healed and taken from human beings who are truly evil, who cannot be changed, until they are healed by the Enlightened.

The end result of this is highly talented Angels and Ascended masters who can truly align with the Will of God on this planet.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali gives this methodology of Illumination.

Energy Enhancement gives the Experience of doing it!!
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