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Cool The Roswell Incident

The truth about the Roswell incident was that it wasn't extraterrestrials. It was part of a time machine sent through a particle accelerator. The vessel was delivering a payload of weapons. The weapons were the occupants on board. There were two team leaders, along with a crew of 11 specialists. A Compact Disc and a hard drive containing other music, documentaries, videos, ebooks, webpages, and other information from the future, as well as other pieces of advanced technology.
 The payload came from a human colony on Mars that had been established in ancient times by time travelers from Earth's future, where they had figured out how to not only break the light speed barrier, but go way beyond, to a speed that was so fast the total trip time becomes a negative number.
 Many years of plagues, famines, pollution, and war, had already ravaged the planet, before an alien invasion took place. There was a final battle using nuclear weapons, antimatter bombs, and a massive electrical discharge which obliterated the planet rendering it completely uninhabitable. 
 The remaining survivors pooled their resources together to build a crude time machine out of a particle accelerator to send groups of their remaining soldiers forward in time as close as possible into Earth's future just before the Solar Warden barrier was activated.
 The vessel was sped up gradually in the particle accelerator which avoids stress and injury, but the sudden deceleration upon arrival to the target time can cause injury to the occupants, including broken bones, internal bleeding, concussion, and injury to the retinas.
 The vessel wasn't meant to have crashed, but was the last to arrive, just as the barrier was erected which sent it wildly off course causing it to crash in 1947, creating a 500 foot long trench cut into the Earth.
 The craft was not a disc, but actually cone-shaped, rounded at one end and tapered at the other. Some of the documents and statements in the media were written in code due to the secretive nature of the incident, and when they were talking about a disc, they meant the Compact Disc that was found in the wreckage, not the vehicle itself.
 13 occupants were on board. Two were found still alive, but injured, and in a coma like state. Before having been sent off through time, they had been surgically altered to hide their identities. Limbs were shortened, facial features, ears, and eyes were altered dramatically, extra plates of skull were added to increase the circumference of the head, and injections were given that made all the hair fall out and alter skin color.
 The travelers were transported to a military base in Fort Worth, TX for emergency surgery, then later transported to Wright-Patterson AFB where they remained until they were brought to a secret area in the Nevada desert in 1951 which later became known as Area 51 in 1955, built by Richard Bissell. They were studied for a number of years while in the coma like state by a group of elite engineers called EG&G, who were overseen by The Atomic Energy Commission.
 The two survivors were found to be a type of bionic machines of war built on Mars in the distant past to counter the alien threat. Further study by the engineers revealed that they were built starting with human DNA templates that came from thousands of years of secretive selective breeding from warrior bloodlines.
 They were also genetically engineered to remove imperfections, as well as splice in various attributes from different animal DNA. Within the DNA was also encoded vast amounts of information. They were enhanced further using cybernetic technology.
 A neural lace which can interface with quantum computers was implanted in the embryonic stage and meshes to become part of the brain as it grows. It provides an Augmented Reality overlay that feeds information that only they can see and hear, and enables them to access the GhostNet, which is a hidden espionage network on the internet only accessible to those with the implant, or operatives with special equipment. There were nanomachines found in their blood and integrated throughout their bodies, and every brain cell was individually enhanced as well.
 They have a type of mimetic ability, where once they see how a task is completed, they can not only reproduce it perfectly, but improve upon it, and take various attributes from different tasks judged to be the best, and recombine them into something new.
 They have a type of image projection that can alter people's memories and even camera footage in real-time which causes them to appear, sound, and feel, differently to different people, or groups of people, based on whatever situation they're in.
 The brains were found to work differently than human brains. The brains had several partitions like a computer hard drive. Each partition was completely dedicated to a singular task, and was a complete prodigy at that one specific task. The brains are like a beehive, and each bee in the hive had a brain vastly greater than Einstein's, on the level of a savant.
 The partitions could also be individually programmed so that when they were brought forward, it would enable the changing of physical shape as well. Anything could be programmed in, any size, color, gender, and species, all the way down to the genetic level. Even objects and machinery, and any combinations thereof.
 They had a Unix-like operating system, which could interface with other similar systems, as well as receive programming. Each is estimated to have well over a million pages, not lines, of code. It required the aid of a supercomputer to manage it all. They function like a type of A.I., because each individual process had to be programmed in, and was eventually done in a way that they become like a learning computer that can improve upon itself. The operating system was mapped out through trial and error, and the actual Unix system is based on this.
 The engineers had been briefed on what it was they were dealing with, and about what had happened to the war machines before they were sent off. They were instructed to transfer the two who were still alive into two tubular tanks and stood upright and filled with a Jell-o-like substance, which was an LSD solution combined with nutrients and other healing elements, and connected to life support. The purpose of the LSD was because of the unspeakable trauma they had endured in their past. It was required for the spiritual healing needed, to enhance creativity for their purpose in the future, as well as help create a "blank slate" to start with.
 After the technology recovered from the crash was studied and better understood, the machines were brought out of their comas and repaired by the engineers the best they could at the time, and replaced damaged limbs, organs, and body parts with cybernetic technology. The other 11 occupants that had been preserved in stasis were later repaired and reanimated from the dead.
 Once repaired and basic functionality was restored, they were sent off for special forces military training all over the world to gain the skills needed for the future, for self-preservation, and to make sure everything was working properly.
 After special forces training, the machines were put through the "super soldier" program for additional training, and to receive upgrades to further boost performance and self-preservation capability.
 The units were kept in vault storage at Area 51 and underwent VR training for final deployment, and occasionally let out to be used for various clandestine special operations, including time travel, crashed UFO recovery, and other missions which required special skills, compartmentalized memory, and improved survivability odds.
 Some of their DNA was combined with normal human DNA and used as a basis to create super soldiers due to the extraordinary abilities that had been displayed. Enhanced strength, speed, intelligence, and indomitable willpower, combined with compartmentalized memoriy and a single-minded focus to complete any task, made for some very effective soldiers.
 There were some individuals who didn't want the machines to be released for final deployment because they wanted to hold onto power, but in April of 2016, Area 51 was attacked and they were forcefully broken out and stolen, due to information received from the future showing that they were needed to turn the tide of the hidden war raging on the planet.

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...the site that you're sourcing all this from ( for both this and shapeshifters thread) how credible do you think it actually is ?!! The same site carries a story suggesting that Donald Trump is nephew to time traveller John Titor or may even indeed be one and the same...having tweaked the timelines (via time travel) to arrange his own presidency...

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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
...the site that you're sourcing all this from ( for both this and shapeshifters thread) how credible do you think it actually is ?!! The same site carries a story suggesting that Donald Trump is nephew to time traveller John Titor or may even indeed be one and the same...having tweaked the timelines (via time travel) to arrange his own presidency...
Well, if you're asking me, I would say it's quite credible, but my opinion is biased in that regard since I'm the author.
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