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Default Peter Kling Interview On Bible Prophesy and Such

Peter Kling is considered as the Einstein of Biblical prophecy and how the Powers That Be want to fulfill Biblical prophesy in their quest for global domination, Peter has combined his scientific and religious knowledge together to uncover the "mystery" that religion has tried to keep hidden for over 2000 years! He is a frequest guest on Alfred Webre's ExopoliticsTV interviews and has much to say about Earth's potential negative/positive futures. This and other things are discussed in great detail in my interview with him at http://youtu.be/usMdtJuXhBA
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Well what a pleasant surprise , I had no idea we had such a star amongst us , where have you been hiding all this time? Don't be modest, you are a star , intelligent, articulate , very well informed on all areas of the conspiracy, but most of all your reaching out to people , spreading the word ....well done.

Only listened to first half hour so far (due to shaky internet connection) but I can tell it's a first class interview, will continue listening, and be back with comments latter.

edit.... made it to 46mins , I must say I like your interview technique, you just introduce the guest , and let him run.... nothing more annoying than someone continually butting in .

As for the guest,he's rambling all over the place. I think he may have been brought up a christian, he's got that template for his reality, and will squeeze everything else to fit in it, also he's too ready to accept the established view of things , string theory, big bang. I don't know if he ever got around to dealing with biblical prophesy? I've got the idea that prophesy was predictive programing by the annunaki, just the same thing that Hollywood does with disaster movies, except the time scale is much bigger, putting ideas in our mind so we help draw them into manifestation. Giving the people the idea the 'lord' is going to return, except they don't say he's annunaki.

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