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Default Prepare For Insane Police Attacks on Blacks

The Trayvon Martin case is entering the second phase of the trial. The Defense will be stating its case, which should take about a week or so.

The third phase will be jury deliberation where, many believe, George Zimmerman will be found not guilty, which will lead to the fourth phase of this trial: Rioting.

There can be no doubt that this case has been used to stir up racial hatred across America. It also seems that there is a concerted Police effort to make sure that this racial hatred is evenly spread thoughout the Country.

Recently, a black man was harassed and arrested by Police in California for filming them "at work". The Police then proceeded to shoot and kill the mans dog, Max. Since this incident, the Police have received hundreds of death threats.

Folks, as the George Zimmerman trial winds down, it is my belief that Police brutality against blacks will be cranked up in an orchestrated manner that is designed to make sure that the riots that break out spread all across this Nation.

Judging the news reports coming out of Florida, people there are ready to "get on with it" right now. They are just (patiently) waiting for the verdict. Some of these people are, right now, planning their "course of action" during the riots: get a big sceen t.v. from the nearby Wal Mart first, then hit the grocery store, then this place and then that place. This riot has the potential to create another civil war, and that's exactly what Obama wants (at least that's what the people who pull Obama's strings want).

The bigger the rioting the better. For them,TPTB, a riot that involves all of America would be fantastic. And what better way to ensure that the rioting spreads to every corner of America than by needlessly harassing and needlessly killing black people in major cities.

Time will tell.

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yep, it was fascinating watching the media busily creating drama about this trial, interrupted sometimes by the drama unfolding in egypt.

Its so easy to see the divide and conquer games being played on us.....
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Police brutality is up everywhere, no particular color of skin required.
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The riots that ensued after the King beating resulted in a police stand off as the rioters destroyed millions of dollars worth of property, leaving 72 dead. & the gruesome CCTV of the innocent white truck driver being beaten to death? Or almost?

There's been loads of racist twitter etc posts saying how whites are going to be killed. Just another day in the U.S. really, but taken up a few notches.
So no I don't buy this black eternal victim status nonsense being pushed here.

It's looking like TM was a thug who'd attacked ZIM & may have killed him if he hadn't of been shot.

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Civilians may well shoot rioters, intruders can be shot legally right? But it may open a can of worms over the right to carry weapons. Leaving future potential victims defences against the next mobs & racist thugs who target whites.

Just telling it how it is.
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