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Originally Posted by tinfoil hat View Post
Questioning heavy Jewish involvement in world events isn't echoing Mein Kampf sentiments, no.

Yet it is never long before people come along and start telling everyone to question the questioners in an apparent bid to deflect and label.
today we have migrants being funnelled into europe in their hundreds of thousands

we have rothschild bagman george soros using his NGO's to help them get to europe. Meanwhile he publically calls for europe to take 1 million migrants every year indefinately

IsraelAid is heavily involved in assisting migrants to europe

Jewish neocons are behind the wars that have also enabled the migrations for example through the destruction of libya

So are jews involved in moving africans to europe? yes

does mein kampf have anything to do with whether or not that is true? no

Is someone a 'nazi' for pointing out that there IS a move on to breakdown national soveriengty and identity through orchestrated mass migrations? No

Is it fair to say that the purpose of destroying national identity is to absorb europeans into the EU as a stepping stone to enslaving them under world government which would be run by the rothschild-cabal?

Well that's what we are trying to explore on this forum isn't it?
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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