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Default Avril Lavigne replaced by a double?

What do you think?
Singer Avril Lavigne has addressed a long-running conspiracy theory that she has been replaced by a clone named Melissa, who continued her career after the “real” Avril died 15 years ago.

A comparison:


Did a little bit of a search into it myself. Bit like with the forbidden Beatle bassist topic, I went to look into her family. According to Ziopedia, she has a sister called Michelle.
A brief search brought this page up: http://www.thehive.asia/2017/02/avri...ed-to-one.html
Look at the second picture down. I couldn't tell who was who. Doesn't look like the supposed Michelle in the other pics. Who even is it?
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I don't know anything about this singer except her name. But it reminds of the alleged replacement of Paul McCartney. With McCartney, it's theorised by some that he have/had a twin or fraternal twin, and this some suggest is the reason for why PiDers believe the post 66 Paul ain't the same person but a twin brother.
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avril lavigne, dead, replaced, stepford

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