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Default "500 days to climate chaos"???

I'm sure everyone here has heard about the French foreign minister saying in the USA last year while standing beside Kerry at a press call that we had "500 days before climate chaos" - so since then many people have been wondering what this warning of chaos was about.

Well the 500th day coincided with the antichrist-pope's UN address on 25th Sept 2015 when he said we were about to experience a "climate catastrophe".

So what do you think they are taking about with words like "chaos" and "catastrophe", because those warnings describe immediate and cataclysmic events?

Here is NOAA's website page about what has happened in the past r.e. abrupt climate change:


It says there that - "Ice core records from Greenland show in less than a decade there was a sudden warming of around 15 degrees Celsius (27oF) of the annual mean temperature. At the same time a doubling of annual precipitation occurred... This abrupt event can be found in paleo records from many parts of the world... Further back in Earth's history there have also been cataclysmic events that have triggered severe climatic and environmental changes that triggered mass extinctions of species... note that it is not a matter if such events will occur in the future but when."

What do you think?

Personally, all the official hints tie in with heaps of prophesies/signs coming togather all about NOW - plus NASA suddenly deciding it has an "urgent" announcement to make to the press today 28th Sept (supposidly about Mars) - which I think will be about the very near pass of a meteor that is going to have a catastrophic effect on Earth's climate, magnetism and earthquakes/volcanoes - if I'm wrong we'll find out soon enough.

But what are your opinions about all this?

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Mother Nature doesn't work to a timetable but a turning point for humanity would be prolonged drought (bringing along with it the possibility of disease) in several densely populated parts of the world.

A repeat of minimal snow cover in the mountains Western USA this year could have very serious implications.

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Pure rubbish, the weather is behaving the same as it always has done. None of the things gore and his snake oil salesmen talked about came to be, as the climate and weather is far too complicated for them to work out.

I seriously doubt they know much about the weather system at all, seeing as those conclusions were so bad, ie that gore stuff from 10 years back.

They play on the publics lack of understanding of how any of the weather systems work, and just because one place has some melt, another place may take on more ice. Its the way it is, and called cycles.

So like i said, and always keep saying, its bull all this manmade global warming. The weather operates within certain parameters, and extremes, and cycles between those. The weather is never stabilised, like they try and project to the public. Like one year you may have a bad summer, the next you may have a decent one, as the sun operates in its own cycles.

They play on the idea that the public has that weather is stable, it never is. Animals and humans have always had to adapt to changes, and always will.

For me like i said 10 years back, its just normal weather system cycles. The public for some reason seem to not even remember last years weather, let alone 10 years back, so are easily manipulated.
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So true
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Let no one doubt the controllers have the technology to cause earthquakes tsunamis and climate chaos.

Now the pope has softened us up, perhaps the NWO is ready to use this technology, so everyone gets behind the massive amounts of money they are about to extract from us in 'carbon taxes'.

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