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Default AI Spiders And Deep Underground Base In Australia

Hi, this is my wifes recent healing she did.


Arianne from Australia contacted me, as she was in need of energetic help and was guided towards Totto and I.

Prior to chatting to Arianne, Totto scanned her field for anything that maybe effecting her. He noticed that she was connected to a military base and that she was regularly being taken deep underground. Totto also saw a AI spider above her which definitely not in her best interest to have. Totto informed me that the late Max Spiers spoke about these AI spiders before his passing.

Arianne and I scheduled a chat over messenger. The night prior to the chat I was energetically attacked and instinctively knew it was related to Arianne. Totto had warned me that there maybe attacks when helping Arianne. This does happen from time to time, but see it as a kind of a occupational hazard when dealing with the darker ETs.

During our first chat Arianne spoke about the intensive energies she was dealing with on a daily basis. Arianne was struggling to live her life due to these energies. Arianne had always been sensitive to energies, but in the last 12 months it had increased to the point where she was struggling to go to work and was exhausted the majority of the time.

Arianne informed me that she always knew from a very young age that she wasn’t from Earth and felt a loneliness and a disconnection to her Earth family growing up in Australia except towards her father. Her father was the only person she had in her life who she felt connected to like he was the same as her. Sadly he was killed when she was 6 years old. He was hit by a car. The disconnection and loneiness increased dramatically after he died.

Arianne’s first memory of contact with E.Ts was when she was 4 years old. She was with her dad and three people turned up at a outdoor party that they were both at. These three males looked human but Arianne knew these people were not from Earth and they were not the kind one would want to be around. A small memory but an important one.

I asked Arianne if she had any connection to the military. She informed me that her family were not connected however back in her late teens she had an experience where she saw and had telepathic communication with three light beings here on Earth. Arianne wasn’t alone during this experience, as there was another person during this who also saw and experienced the same telepathic communication. She spoke to a friend afterwards about this experience and her friend referred her to a military man to see if he could shed any light on it. After Arianne told him the story, he told her to never repeat it again or she would be tracked and the person she told would also be tracked also. A mild threat was given and that was the end of that. That was approximately 40 year ago, but that was the only military connection she could make.

I informed Arianne of Totto’s finding; that there was a military base connected to her and the AI spider above her, which I could see was already losing its grip on her during our chat. It seemed to rise further away from her. Both of us connecting seemed to create an energy that this AI technology didn’t like. Arianne wanted this AI spider to be removed and also wanted me to investigate the military base further and find out what they were doing to her during these abductions and to stop these abductions altogether.

I placed myself in a meditative state and projected my consciousness to Arianne and located the A.I Spider above her head. I contained it in a bubble of energy first so not to loose it which was a good thing as when I tried to disconnect it, it flipped out as it seemed to know that it was going to be switched off. I disconnected it and then removed it completely from Arianne’s field.

I then travelled to this military base which was in the outback in Australia somewhere. Arriving there I noticed a futuristic ship flying in. It was shiny black, very thin ship and from above looked like a oval insect. I entered into the underground base and I saw a white male in his 50’s in a military uniform standing next to a very tall 8/9 foot tall humanoid black skinny alien. This ET had very dense energy. They both seemed to notice me, so I left and travelled back to Arianne. On the way back, I noticed that from the military base there were energetic cords underground heading directly to Arianne’s house. These cords radiated red and blue in colour and stopped directly underneath her house. I then discovered a ship above her house which was connected to these energetic cords. I decided to investigate. As I approached the ship I was presented by the same kind of looking alien race which I saw at the military base. Up close he had very dark dense eyes. No compassion or kindness that I could detect in him at all and was very pissed he had been spotted, but he left after I asked for Arianne’s freedom.

I spoke to Totto about the energetic cords from the military base to Arianne’s house and he informed me that there would be a black box underneath or close to her house. This box works as a beacon and lets ETs and governments know that there is someone of interest at the property. Totto advised to locate and remove.

Totto also noticed that Arianne had hundreds of links to past and parallel lives connected to her energetic field. This would mean that Arianne was dealing with all the energies from those lives so no wonder she was struggling to get through a day energetically. This needed to be cleared up so she would be free from these energies. Totto advised to bring in some of our galactic friends to help with this operation as it was a very tricky and complicated procedure. With these two missions as my intention I first went searching for this black box Totto spoke about and thankfully I found not just one but two underneath her property. Pulling them up from the ground and removing them wasnt that tricky. I then called in our galactic friends and started the process of removing these cords which was attached to Arianne. With very skilled beings around me we managed to remove the majority of these cords and placed her in protection to rest from the energetic shift she would exsperience.

Arianne and I spoke the following day, she was already feeling the positive effects of the healing and the dense energy had started to lift.

Arianne wanted to know when the abductions had started, at what age did they start to interfere with her?

I traveled back in time to see when they first took Arianne and it was around the age of 4 years old which was the same year she saw 3 ETs with her Dad . They started to abduct her and use her to detect energy like a beacon. It seemed that Arianne abilities was to connect with Earths energies and they enhanced her gift and used it for their own gain. Sadly the interference from military and ETs had been for the majority of her life here on Earth

Arianne’s Review

Please see reviews on Find The Light facebook page

A.I. Spiders Being Leashed Upon Earth.

During my second chat with Arianne she spoke about a time a few weeks back near the beginning of December 2017 where she had this overwhelming feeling that she had died. Obviously she hadn’t but this feeling that she had overwhelmed her. While connecting to likeminded individuals over the internet, five other people had also experienced the same feeling at the same time and these people were dotted around the world. Arianne wanted to know what had actually taken place at this time.

I travelled with the intention on why this emotion was felt. I was strangely found myself outside of Earth’s atmosphere. I was viewing Earth in all her glory. I began to notice energy moving up her core and around her, identical to how the Earth’s magnetic field moves around Earth. However the energy I saw was human consciousness moving around her. One half being the feminine energy rotating around the left-hand side of earth and the other half being the masculine energy. This energy came from the human race. The feminine and masculine energy although both flowing, it was not at the same rate so appeared imbalanced. The feminine energy actually appeared stronger and flowing faster then the masculine energy. Stranging it also appeared that Earth herself had a hollow tube going right through the centre of her from north to south. This was allowing the masculine and feminine energy to run through her core with ease. I then noticed a hole being created at the top of the feminine energy, as I drew closer to see what had causing this hole in the energy I saw hundreds of A.I Spiders being released deep within the feminine energy and locking down on to these energetic cords. When the spider locked down it stopped the flow of energy and within seconds the feminine consciousness stopped flowing and turned from white to black and it looked like half of Earth had just died. I travelled deep inside this energy which appeared to have died to take a closer look. These AI spiders had spread themselves out and attached themselves to the energetic cords and were dotted around everywhere. However I noticed that their back legs were malfunctioning and because of this many of the spiders started to die allowing the consciousness to flow again. Thankfully whoever was responsibility for this attack on us and Gaia was unsuccessful at this time.

Unfortunately there was still a perforation at the top of the feminine energy which needed to be reconnected and a clear up of all these A.I Spiders needed to be dealt with. With the help of Gaia, Totto and our galactic friends we cleared up the Spiders and connected the hole back up. This is where I noticed the Mothership stationed not far from Earth. The ship was bigger then Earth herself. Totto advised not to go near at this time and I didn’t argue!
Deep Underground Military Base In Australia

I wanted to gather more information for this blog about the where about of this base that Arianne was connected to. What was actually being done at the base and who or what was in charge.

The first building I entered into was above ground. It resembled a hanger to store and repair crafts. I could see where crafts would sit to be repaired. There wasnt any craft in this building and no one was around that I could visually see. I then travelled to the next room along. I entered to what looked like a American style Prison. There were prison cells either side in a very long room that stretched for forever, just like what I have seen in American movies. In the centre of the room was stairs leading down to the next level. As I looked downwards there were just level after level of cells to the point it actually made me feel vertigo. Unsure if each cell was occupied or not but they must of had hundreds if not thousands of cells altogether. I looked into the first cell on the first floor and saw a creature which looked slightly like a squid but very large, slightly larger then a human. Looking at this creature he didnt understand where he was or why. He was lost and had sadness in his eyes. This wasnt just a human prison this was a prison for the galactic beings from around the universe.


I then found myself in what looked like a laboratory room with what looked like humans in white coats conducting painful experiments on all different types of beings. It was actually very upsetting to see as the fear and pain inflicted on these beings was horrific and very emotional to watch. The scientists conducting these experiments had no human qualities like compassion or empathy, so unsure if they were human or not.

But why were they doing this?

I then saw them creating weapons to use on the human race and weapons to use on our galactic friends. It also appeared that these weapons were being stored and used to attack other planets from Earth and they were also transporting weapons outside of Earth to be used on us, to attack us. This operation appeared to be an American/ET operation on Australian soil.
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