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Arrow BBC EU Referendum - The Great Debate 21-6-16

Did you see the BBC EU referendum, The great debate last night?
It’s one of the last now because the vote to leave the corrupt EU, is only about a day away now.

I uploaded it here and it's in 4 parts. It were 2 hours long. Main members
Boris Johnson and Sadiq Khan. With most of the others from before.

BBC EU Referendum - The Great Debate 21-6-16 - part one

BBC EU Referendum - The Great Debate 21-6-16 - part two

BBC EU Referendum - The Great Debate 21-6-16 - part three

BBC EU Referendum - The Great Debate 21-6-16 - part four

Vote brexit on thursday and June 24th, will be the new british independence day from the EU.
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Technology will eventually, be used to enslave the human race. Time to wake up.
The UK voted to leave the corrupt, undemocratic EU. Get on with starting article 50!

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Started to watch it but honestly I'm just over it now- I made my decision on the EU years ago- I've listened to all of the Remain arguments and weighed them up... it's a total no-brainer so far as I'm concerned. And if the people still want Remain, then good bloody luck to them. I know full well plenty that do- so fuck 'em.

I can't absorb the lies and the hollow spin anymore- Boris is just playing the 'fifth column' and that new major of London makes me want to hurl blunt objects out of the window... So I'll vote Leave but it really shines a light on all of the filthy low-down dirty tricks and corruption that we're meant to buy into... If Remain wins I'm straight off the electoral register anyway.

I'm just pissed off by the sheer dumbness of people at this point.

Vote Leave!!!
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