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Originally Posted by kappy0405 View Post
I think Anthony Sutton laid out their support for Hitler (at least in the early years before the war) pretty well in his "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler". What about the whole IG Farben business, Union Corp.. Prescott Bush convicted under the "trading with the enemy act"..? Even in England, the Clivedon Set led by the Astor family were believed to have been early supporters of the Nazi's.

Not saying they supported everything Hitler did during the war (perhaps he turned on them?), but it seems they at least set the stage for his propping up.
Not even really that.

Warburg tried to buy them in via Franz von Papen, but failed.
Rothschild mafia were dispossessed, property ceased and expelled.

The major money to NSDAP came not from jewish bankers, but from wealthy Germans, Swedes, Russians, basically the resistance to jewish bankers finaced them. All had the Bolshevik rise and terror in mind.

Until the end of WWII, the NSDAP had about 8.5 million members.
These are figures democratic modern circus parties can only dream of. The two biggest parties nowadays have 50000 members each.

The true problem were traitors in the General staff and within the ranks, Germany was full of british & soviet spies, collaborators and saboteurs.

Eg Opel, which produced trucks became already Rockefeller and GM owned in iirc 1923. WWI was a massive hostile take over of economy and industry.

Hence the Brits hypocritically complained that Hitler peacefully repealed Versailles.

WWII cannot be properly understood without taking Versailles into account and basically the continuation of war by other means until 1933 and from 1945 until today.... the EU is a tool to defeat us and wipe us out.

The Germans issued debt fee money, the reason for war. Germany simply tried to undermine and repulse british aggression.
The lessons form WWI and Versailles and later Corridor negotiations was, the Brits don't listen to reason, but only to an appropriate response backed by some force.

Churchill stated more than once, along with Vansittart, the enemy is the German Reich and the Reich idea, not merely the government(NSDAP), and that they wish to totally destroy Germany. Vansittart words were "to go under".

As it looks from my research, freemason Schacht was booted out, the Rentenmark was issued by bypassing the Reichsbank, which became after Versailles banker controlled. Hence Schacht didn't receive any big penalty at IMT show trials, we was a traitor.

The law about Reichsbank and money/notes of 1873 defined gold/silver coins, and no paper money under iirc 100 Marks, which was a lot of money back then,

I think it wasn't Sutton's best book he wrote, humbly said, it will one day hit him back.
The US/UK will never admit the true reasons and causes, they will only produce ever more lies.

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