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Thanks David for everything. Certainly a very interesting, informative and funny human being. Kudos
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I have been looking at the New World Order for a while now. Bilderberg, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati etc etc. I watched "The Reptilian Agenda" last night and a lot of what Mr. Icke has stated is starting to ring as very uncomfortably true.

Thanks David, it is the nicest uncomfortable feeling I have had.

ps, I'm bloody frightened that others will not be enlightened about the N.W.O in time to do anything about it.
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cafe beelzebub
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I fucking love David Icke. Been interested in his stuff since 1999

I think he is a genius, hilarious and a thoroughly nice bloke!
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Default David Icke Respect

Been tuned in to David Icke since 1990, man of his word, funny and down to earth..

Has taken some huge knocks and yet he continues : RESPECT DAVID!

and thank you for all you have done and continue to do
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My name is Brian and have been aware of the real David since the Wogan Show. I remember sitting with my elderly father and feeling the pain of a man who was so accurate at expressing a message from the source and yet was mocked by the sad, blind brothers and sisters who were wandering about in the dark room of ignorance.

To the audience, his words came across as confusion or maybe madness but I knew better.....You see, when you've been in a pitch dark cave all your life and you suddenly find an exit and jump into the light, you do become temporarily confused. You are "blinded by the light". But when Mr Icke's eyes adjusted to the new light.....boy could he SEE!!!!


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Thanks David for offering up things to ponder and research. If you ever plan on doing a conference in Atlanta, Georgia USA, I offer you some leg work.
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How can we support him if there's only one of him? Are we gonna pass him around and use him as a dumbell?
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Default Rock on David

I am so impressed that he can stand and talk for like 8 hours non stop in all of his shows. He must have an impeccable memory.

Rock on David, long life and God bless you.

Charlies Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth shows by comparison were absolute shite.
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Have just watched The Lion Sleeps No More DVDs. I would love to be able to sit with David in a comfortable room somewhere and just listen to him.......all the things he knows that are even to shocking for the stage, all the things he cannot squeeze into the 8 hour talks. He is one amazing man to whom I am grateful for being woken out of the nightmare that is this reality we are currenty in. I used to look at the world and wonder what on earth was wrong with people, why can they not see the evil that lurks behind everything? I thought I was going mad..........only since discovering Davids work has it all become clearer. I am not insane the system is the crazy thing.

Keep shaking the beds David, keep turning on that alarm(clock) get those lazy devils up and awake.......
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Thanks to David my cutlery draw no longer sticks. Now I understand that it's not really there I no longer bother to notice it.

Good work fella!
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After recently reading several of his treatise, i would like to personnally thank David for opening my eyes and my mind to what is really happening in our what appears to be, ever declining Free World.
It astounded me how much of our lives are under someone elses control, and then i started to ask who that someone was.
Then i found David. His writing made so much sense and inspired me. He showed me what was really happening.
Its up to us people to do something about this. If we stop beliving what hope is there.

Thanks David
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Default David Icke back to Barcelona????

Hi! All

I apologize is this is an off-topic.
Is it possible to know whether David will be back to Barcelona this year??
Thx in advance
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Default David

You are the Best ........what else can I say..... :-)

Originally Posted by runlikehell View Post

I think it's about time the man had a permanent sticky thread after all this is his offical forum!

It's about time we gathered our scattered energys and focused them on somthing possitive!

where people just send messages of support! & Thank's for anything David has givin them!

Ive heard he dose occasionly browse the forum, so if this be the only thread Mr Icke ever looks at then let it be a source of strength & Support for him!

So please take a min from posting on the boards and give the man some support! feel free to link other member to this thread too

Possitive Comments & Pics Are Welcome!

Osho Zen Tarot - Healing

Thank you Mr Icke, for all the work you have done because without it this forum wouldent exist!

i cant thank you enough for all the time ive spent in the forum chatroom
chatting! ive met lots of great people through the forum/chat, and i just want to thank you!


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You are one of the only people who I can truly say has changed my life.

You are a brave and courageous person, thank you for all you have done for those who appreciate you and also those who don't yet!!!

An inspiration.

"Not the torturer will scare me, nor the body's final fall, nor the barrels of death's rifles, nor the shadows on the wall, nor the night when to the ground the last dim star of pain, is hurled but the blind indifference of a merciless, unfeeling world."

Roger Waters
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Thanks David.
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Default Best Author, Philosopher, Truthseeker,& Researcher

Thank you David for bringing it all together and leaving no stone unturned. Most other books on such subjects left me still confused or wanting more
information and they could be too speculative and afraid to offend or
create controversy. Your thoughts/suspitions about our reality are the
closest thing to what's going on and I have read alot of books over the decades. You've not only blown a gigantic hole in the veil of deception and secrecy, but also helped me come to terms with my uneasiness and anxieties concerning these subjects. I know many other people must feel the same way.
The NEW WORLD ODOR Stinks !!!
WORSHIP NOTHING-For it will only make you feel
Inferior (or falsely Superior)
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Thank you David, you gave me 20 years of research in a single book. Your information has changed my life forever.
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brave lion
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Default David Icke is the man!

i just wanted to say i stand by icke on everything he says he is the top man.He has opened my mind up so much and i thank him for that,that is all peace
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Thumbs up word son

"This isn't gonna be easy to say but:

we all hate you, and we think you're a stupid bytch!"

It's called tough love, you dumb slut.
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I like your avator!

C. S. Lewis?
The ‘you’ that exists beyond these stubborn entanglements is a silent, serene, being-ness; a free, wise and child-like ‘you’ that has always known the way to the secret garden, and that has always recognised the nature beings with whom we share this gracious planet.

Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed oponent!
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david icke appreciation, thank you david

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