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Default Really Good Potential Shot of Reptilian Eyes

This was pointed out on a imageboard at 12:54 onwards (by 2 or 4 seconds) the women's eyes:

Slowed down on that single segment:

I found the Russian channel's comment reply to someone noticing this in the 6 hour long video link (translated from Russian):

Dear friends!
We treat everyone with love and respect. As among the spectators of the Allatra TV people of different occupations and interests, we have tried to make the transfer, which will be interesting for everyone. There among the spectators and those interested in the subject of the Anunnaki. To please everyone, we decided to leave one moment at 12: 56 for those who are interested in the topic of reptilians. It attracted the attention of a certain group of people much more than the information contained in the six-hour transmission. So much attention, zeal in the discussion of this particular moment they were spent.

Obviously, there is nothing more significant in the transmission for them than these milliseconds.
Well, what to do, the main thing that pleased everyone, took care of everyone's interest. We have the utmost respect for the worldview of our friends and comrades, so for them and left the moment at 12: 56.

And for others the essence and sense of transfer is important and interesting. They continue to work hard on themselves, take an active part in socially useful projects, broaden their horizons in further studies of the topics covered in the transfer. They revise it, find answers to questions, work on themselves. They move, they develop.

But we love and respect everyone.
I suspect, they made her look up for a long time, focused shot on her, so the CGI crew had a better chance to change her eyes and look convincing and clean.
Their reply is also suspect of them trying to prove a point of their belief systems in reptilians to fellow viewers or believers and to instill a perspective into them? Though artificial.

What do you think?

I would hate to think we had humans among us that were something else because that means we can never trust anyone. Trust me, that is hell.
Always being tested.

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