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Default The False Flag agenda is to attack whom.

War Never Changes Fallout 4 Intro

North Korea's Dangerous Leader Documentary 2017

FALLOUT 4 RAP by JT Machinima - "Welcome To My Apocalypse"

In China right now student are studying software programming. One of China goals are to brake in to this 1 market. which let face it worth billions in just producing a few workable prices of software. So what i'm talking about here is seeing something new an special. such as cartoons an anime. the difference in the 2.

Fallout which I play to grind mod free. an for fun I play with mod's. I use true system such as Dark an over growth system such as Green Commonwealth. Fallout is a time line off shoot. Which is to say a parallel history. The forum of governing they trying to establish is a Commonwealth prevision governing system. Which another way of saying Old English An all thos US in this history axis Canada It is the Commonwealth system they are trying to establish. In this game there is NO US the only remaining part of this system is The Brotherhood of Steel a ragtag bunch who are brainwash by Brotherhood dogma.

This bunch is the only form of law ; but by there own dogma they impudent. an because of these dogmas they stagnated there world. The rest of the worlds governing system were wiped out by the resource wars. So by the time the bombs fell they almost no place to go. there governing system had no foresight to what was coming an by the time it happen. it all ran out.

We see this today by the US monopolizing Oil They don't have any. Why are we by an selling in there currency. False Flag

It should be NOTED ; I DO NOT Recognizes ANY FALSE FLAG GOVERNING SYSTEM this includes the US

A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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