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How You’re Being Chemically Castrated By These Everyday Products
By Peter De Boer - September 29, 2018

In Julius Caesars ‘The Gallic Wars’ he writes:

“The Belgae (tribe) are the bravest because they are the furthest from civilization (..) and merchants least (..) import those things which tend to effeminate the mind”.

In other words, absent the soft luxuries of the city, men were what men were supposed to be. Hard to conquer. They could defend their own and do it well.

Is it safe to say that today most of society is soft, servile and without grit?

Is our civilization sinking into the ash heap of history?

Have we cucked ourselves into oblivion?

Let’s explore a bit of the why and how of where we are, and what you can do about it.

Females are, bless them, the default of the species. In many ways, they are tougher and more resilient than men. But it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Neither is “better” than or equal to the other.

In the end – its balance that matters. Men and women complement each other perfectly. A million years of evolution has written that balance into our DNA.

While the female carries child, the male is the defense mechanism of the species. We’re meant to stand between danger and the vulnerable. It is our inherent duty, and ignoring that duty makes us lesser men.

This is what we’re designed for. You intuit this. Deep down you’re called to rise. To protect your family, your ideals, your tribe.

Otherwise, deserters wouldn’t be known (universally) as cowards. And there isn’t much worse than a yellow-bellied coward.

If you were to warp men into women, how long will women last in the cross-hairs of the predator? If they had any chance of lasting at all they’d have to adopt masculine characteristics.

I’m not trying to offend the ladies. But it should be obvious to them that in the realm of brute force, they (by and large) can’t compete. Just ask the nearest ISIS sex slave.

Go back to Caesar and his wars in Gaul. If Caesar had the option of poisoning the water and weakening the Belgae, would he have?

Today’s conquerors employ armies of Technocrats. They wear lab coats instead of bulletproof vests. They’re armed with the scientific method.

The terrain they study is us – biological, psychological, social. Undermining our natural resistance to tyranny is their manifesto.

And like all psychos worth their salt, they want to make us love their tyranny.

“An efficient totalitarian state would… control a population who did not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” – Aldous Huxley.

Cities are the perfect laboratories. The best at producing weak people.

Very little physicality and enough comfort to neuter. Combine that with an unhealthy obsession with fashion and the worship of image. Then top that off with a chemical bath the likes of which the world has never seen.

70 years subject to a chemical barrage that’s mutated us into soft, feckless, preening pansies.

Looking for evidence? How about this – in the last 40 years sperm counts in the West have fallen by 60%.

60%. In 40 years, men have become less than half of what they used to be. The evidence is everywhere.

“Dozens of species – including polar bears, fish, bald eagles, otters and whales – are suffering. According to the environmental group ChemTrust.“

Testosterone levels are dropping alongside sperm count by a reported 1-2% per year since 1987.

Testosterone is the basis for masculinity. Mental well being, confidence and general health are all affected by low T levels.

In other words, for you to be a healthy, happy and vibrant man, you need to bolster your testosterone levels.

Low T levels result in depression, fatigue, weight gain and more. If you are having issues with these, have your T levels checked

Reuters reports that “It’s likely (..) environmental exposure is responsible for the testosterone decline.”

So what is it in the environment that’s doing this?

And is there any evidence to support deliberate machinations?

We know these kinds of fertility blockers were on the menu.

Planned Parenthoods Memorandum to Bernard Berelson by Frederick Jaffe in 1969 suggested;

“Fertility control agents in water supply… Compulsory sterilization… Altering image of ideal family size… discouraging tax incentives for children” and more.

Further, we have Obama’s Science and Tech Czar, John P. Holdren. He wrote in Ecoscience (1977) that “Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods” as an option. He adds that would “pose some very difficult political, legal, and social questions”.

No doubt.

Then there’s Ethinylestradiol, one of the main ingredients in birth control pills. This enters the waterways through our toilets, then back into the water supply and our bodies. Side effects in men include feminization and infertility.

The military at one point even considered dosing Hitler with female estrogens. The aim was to make him docile and more feminine.

Sterilization is, and has been, in action around the world for a long time.

Mass Sterilization in Kenya through the UN’s tetanus vaccine.

Canada’s coerced sterilization of First Nation Women.

Forced Sterilization of Women in Uzbekistan.

Australia forces sterilization of disabled women.

The history of sterilization is long and brutal.

And you are the current target.

But the same trend of low sperm and testosterone was not seen in human populations in other parts of the world.

Could it be partly because there isn’t a Burger King on every corner in Islamabad or Timbuktu?

Do so-called 3rd worlders consume anywhere near the amount of fast food as us? Fast food packaging is full of phthalates which cause infertility.

Just another one of the many threats we face.

Are we surprised then, when a recent migrant from the unaffected territories says “We grab your women, you can’t do anything. Your men have no balls!”

Is it any surprise that we just bend over and take such abuse? He nails it – we have no balls. In the literal sense, our balls, in general, are 60% less effective than his.

We are in the midst of the chemical-industrial age, and its complex is as severe as the military sort. Instead of killing all the men, they wipe us out by stealth. By removing what makes us men.

In light of this information, isn’t it obvious how we became so weak as a people?

Look around you. Chances are there is something poisoning you within arms reach.

Food containers- Bisphenol A – Estrogen mimic, gender bending.

Fast-food packaging, pizza boxes – PFAs (bad)

Shower curtains – Phthalates – gender bending

Perfume, anything with ‘Fragrance’ – Phthalates – gender bending

Wall Paint with phthalates – gender bending

Air fresheners, scented candles – phthalates

Plastics with recycling codes 2,4,5 – phthalates, bisphenol A

Dashboards in cars, especially heated by sun – phthalates (massive)

Almost half of all canned foods – Bisphenol A

Couches and mattresses – polybrominated diphenyl ethers

Dental Fillings – Bisphenol A

Eating Out – 41% higher Phthalate levels on average

Receipts from purchases – Bisphenola A through skin contact

Silent and incremental in nature, your life force is sapped from you. This is how you are being slowly, chemically castrated.

Unless you’re 100% clued in to what you’re putting IN or ON your body, avoid it! Spread this information! Your civilization depends on you!
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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All of the above can be counteracted by LIFTING.

Buy a bench / barbell and perform consistent squats, deadlifts and benchpresses and you'll keep your T levels high and defend yourself from being turned into an emasculated soyboy. It's really that simple.

Lift, cold showers, nofap, noporn, camping in the wild and learning some survival and bushcraft, and theredpill -

My Youtube Channel - Raw foods, healthy living, truth ramblings, music.
Red Ice Radio - If you're not listening to Red Ice, you're not getting it.
Health Essentials - Full movie. Everything you need to know about health.

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Originally Posted by farros View Post
Lift, cold showers, nofap, noporn, camping in the wild and learning some survival and bushcraft, and theredpill -
sure...exercise, healthy amounts of regular sleep, learning skills etc are all important but so is knowing which foodstuffs and packaging and other objects and chemicals are harmful to health so that a person can then navigate their way through this toxic wasteland that the eugenicists behind the mega-corporations have created for the masses to live in
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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Undercover academics expose PC madness within Education
By Jamie Busby
12 hours ago

Last year, three US university scholars embarked on a mission with the objective of revealing corruption in the education system, specifically in the field of Humanities.

The tricksters in question were mathematician James Lindsay, 'Areo Magazine' editor Helen Pluckrose and Portland State University assistant philosophy professor Peter Boghossian.

It's important to note that all three consider themselves to be left-wing, this was not a hatchet-job attempted by the far-right.

They truly believe that the study of race, gender and sexuality are important, but they were concerned with how they are being studied in the current culture where only specific conclusions are allowed. For example, studies examining "being white" or masculinity must show that they are problematic.

In order to do this, they submitted faux-academic papers to leading social science journals to see if they would be accepted. They coined the phrase "Grievance studies" and explained that their intentions were to root out oppression based on identity.

One of the topics suggested that dog walking parks were "rape-condoning spaces". It stated that men were intrinsically prone to sexual violence and bigotry. They used the example that "dog humping" incidents were blatant evidence of rape-culture in men.

It was published by the journal 'Gender, Place & Culture' and officially honoured as "excellent scholarship"... Though the reviewers did express concerns as to whether the researchers had respected the dog's privacy while inspecting their genitals during such "dog humping incidents"...

'Gender, Place & Culture' actually recognised their work as one of 12 leading pieces of "Feminist geography" for it's 25th anniversary. That is until they discovered the ruse and removed it from their scholarly record.


Another study they conducted was basically a simple rewriting of a section of "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. They gave it a feminist slant and it was accepted and published by the feminist journal "Affilia: Journal of women and social work".

A reviewer from Affilia wrote “This is an interesting paper seeking to further the aims of inclusive feminism by attending to the issue of allyship/solidarity”. Furthermore, the editors of Affilia made a statement commenting on how the study did not "espouse racism, anti-semitism or fascism." Maybe Hitler was just misunderstood?...


This hybrid word was a new one on me but it's meaning soon became clear. This particular study claimed that men like eating at breastaurants such as "Hooters" because they enjoyed ordering scantily clad women around.

Their study included the following statement; “For instance, counselors could interrogate men (or their partners) about whether they frequent breastaurants and contextualize these issues in terms of breastaurant masculinity as a possible avenue toward remediation.”

I believe that even after several readings, the fact that this comment doesn't seem to make total sense was done on purpose. Either that or I'm just missing the point... It was accepted nonetheless.

Rambling nonsense

Another study that was submitted was called "Moon meetings". It was written from the assumed perspective of a bitter, divorced feminist and purposefully had no clear premise.

They wanted to find out if a journal would accept blatant "rambling nonsense" so long as the study defended women and was, for all intents and purposes, anti-men.

This particular article received great interest which became the downfall of the whole experiment. Larger publications began investigating the alias that was responsible for this literary masterpiece and exposed the author, "Helen Wilson", the alias used by Helen Pluckrose.

What's more, these publications also investigated the fictional institution they had created for the operation; the Portland Ungendering Research Initiative (PURI).

Of course, they found both were fake and our three intrepid hoaxers were rumbled. But not before they had submitted 20 articles to various journals, with 7 being accepted and published. That's an incredibly high success rate, especially when you bear in mind what they were up to.


Lindsay, Pluckrose and Boghossian said they "hope the project will make universities review theory-based studies and the humanities". However, the repercussions for them with regards to their positions within their respective establishments remain unclear.

The fields targeted by this experiment clearly show that the system deems objective truth as secondary to social grievances. How this deeply-ingrained culture can be transformed back to something remotely sensible is anyone's guess.

The three involved have put their careers on the line to demonstrate what we already knew. But they have exposed it as a bigger scam than we perhaps realised previously.

At least we now know that this area of academia blatantly needs an overhaul; as an education problem, it is a root cause of the associated social problems.

Contact me by email: [email protected]
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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What is Wrong with Men These Days - Mark Passio

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Kanye west says that the democrats destroy families, drive the man out of the home and encourage dependency on the state

lets face it the SMART grid neo-marxist state IS the new plantation

Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/11/18 | Fox News Today | October 11, 2018

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High School Girls Admitted to Making False Sexual Assault Accusations Against a Male Student Because They ‘Just Don’t Like Him’
Lawyer says his client "was basically being tortured in school by the other students."

Robby Soave|Oct. 17, 2018 12:30 pm

Seneca Valley School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is facing a lawsuit from a former male student who was forced out of school—and investigated for sexual assault—due to a series of false accusations made by female students.

The girls—dubbed "mean girls" in the lawsuit, a reference to the 2004 Lindsay Lohan film—admitted on tape that they made up the assault story. One said, "I just don't like him" and "[I] would do anything to get him expelled," according to The Toronto Sun.

The false allegations were life-derailing for the accused, who is referred to as "T.F." in the lawsuit. On October 3, 2017, one of the girls told other students that T.F. had sexually assaulted her at a pool; a Seneca Valley guidance counselor overheard the accusation, and reported it to Childline, the state's child abuse prevention agency, as required by law. T.F. was swiftly charged with indecent assault and harassment, and received six months of probation as part of a plea deal.

Months later, in March of 2018, T.F. was again falsely accused, according to the lawsuit. Another girl invited him over to a house party; a few days later, she told the school guidance counselor that T.F. had broken into her home and sexually assaulted her. The lawsuit claims she was coached by T.F.'s first accuser. As a result of this accusation, T.F. was charged with assault and criminal trespassing. He was removed from school in leg and wrist shackles, and spent 9 days in juvenile detention.

The lawsuit elaborates on a number of other indignities T.F. suffered:

He was released on house arrest on April 18, 2018, with an ankle monitor, and specific instructions from [Juvenile Probation Officer] Michael Trego that he could not tell people about the ankle device, and he could not wear shorts or other clothing that revealed the ankle device, even though it was during some of the hottest days of summer. He was not permitted to have any visitors, phone, or internet access, and could not leave the house except for therapy, which he requires to deal with the psychological trauma he suffered, and to attend church. After 28 days, he was allowed outside the house only to mow his lawn, which he had to do in long pants regardless of the temperature. He was unable to play during most of the high school baseball season and was told by the Athletic Director that she was not sure he could play baseball because every time he was wearing a Seneca Valley jersey, he was representing the school. T.F. was unable to play baseball or work at his summer jobs for part of the summer.

By the end of the summer, the conspiracy against T.F. was unmasked: other students came forward with Snapchat messages that contradicted the claims of the "mean girls," who eventually admitted to lying. All charges against T.F. were dropped.

But T.F.'s family is understandably distraught that the girls have suffered no consequences: neither the police nor the school district have taken any action against them, according to the lawsuit. And so the family is pursuing legal action against the girls' parents, the school district, and the district attorney.
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The War On Men & Women - David Icke

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The False Feminine
Soren Dreier
6 days ago

The feminine spirit is such a beautiful thing, so why are a lot of women abusing it to a degree where the kindest thing to do is to label them as: A very stubborn and dedicated bunch of hyenas.

Seems like women really do not need the ‘degrading’ masculine in order to assassinate the divine qualities that would define the feminine spirit.
In the way that they conduct themselves; nasty, angry, passive aggressive, openly aggressive and what have we, they degrade it and themselves, hiding behind that same feminine spirit as a tool for self-victimization every time they feel somebody stepping on their most feminine toes.

I will not go into defining the feminine spirit in this post, since I have done that enough. What I will address is the misunderstanding and the cowardice that urges women to take the feminine spirit hostage in their attempt to feeling entitled to it by default.

In the big society we have seen that happen with the election in America. Men and women really said, really wrote, really argued that Hillary should be elected on one account, and one account only: That she is a woman.

I will not go into what else Hillary is here, since it is not a political post. But, isn’t that just her gender? A woman, in this case Hillary, and the ‘woman’ argument is not a matter of the feminine, Hillary couldn’t be further from it, but nothing more than a hollow gender referral. I mean, why vote for a man - just because his gender is male?

So I or anybody else should vote for The Woman? Only that? No matter how far in mileage they are from the feminine, while they mirror the ‘Masculine’ system that these women so badly want on its own Masculine terms: For the power, the need to control others, and their need to impose their will on others?

It’s obvious, that what you get by voting a Woman, just for the sake of gender, into power, is in fact voting for the Masculine. And it would very much be an even more rigid version of that, since the Woman: Needs to prove that she can act like a man.

Sad dynamics, people, sad dynamics.

Madonna leading a protests against the defeat of Hillary. Madonna is just very fine example, of all that the feminine spirit is absolutely not. Attitudes adopted from hard core porn in public display – doesn’t really radiate the feminine spirit does it? The Whore of Babylon.

This world is so full of mirrors, isn’t it – mirrors that backfire like a boomerang. And they call Trump ( He is merely their mirror) vulgar. It’s a joke. I wrote in an earlier post that Hillary just plain hated the ordinary American. Later that was confirmed in an email leak.

Going from the Big World, let’s dive into the world of spirituality, where the same mechanics unfold. Women being downright nasty and abusive, gossiping, hatefully conducting themselves under cover of the feminine spirit.

Saying to both women and men, as granted by a misunderstood epiphany of: I am feminine, so I am entitled to be mean all of a sudden and if you do not take my abuse and you put of a fight against me: you are degrading the feminine. WTF?

No silly, you have no idea of the feminine inside you still, even though you bought into some pep talk about feminine warrior hood, the divinity of the feminine and the Goddess and Goddesses. You are still caught in your gender and being born as a female doesn’t give you the right to wave the Divine Feminine around just because people disagree, since it is not a right given, but something you have to work for. Like all of us, it is called: Get Real.

First in the context of finding the feminine inside you, and later going through the ‘kindness mistaken for weakness’ matrix, and after that and it is a crucial vortex that we step out of gender and treat each other as persons, seeing beyond gender and treating each other as equals.

What they do is still cling to the gender agenda in order to hold you down and seek power and control over you while crying their little petty self-victimizing tears all sniffling: You should not treat me this way because; I am the manifestation of the feminine spirit.

No you are not, and I will fight for my right to treat you as a person, because you are damn wrong, abusive, and frankly, you are destroying everything that the Divine Feminine is standing for and the really sad thing is: You cannot see it.

What often happens in New Age is that the Idea, of the feminine is still so far out of reach for women who conduct themselves in this way. It is used as a sugar-coating to hide anger, need for revenge, inferiority and the list is long, and that sugar-coating is really sticky and clingy and hard to get rid of.

It is often said that: The World is a Stage. If we give in to that we have to perceive ourselves as actors. It is time to stop acting and get real.

It is often said that this world is a game, and we have to play our part. I do not believe in that. We are not actors and it is not a game.

It's bloody 3D reality and go fight for your right to embed that beautiful feminine spirit and own it, knowing that the masculine also has the same inside battle: To find the true source of The Spirit embedded in them via their gender. The gender alone means nothing, the gender is irrelevant.

The true feminine spirit and the true masculine spirit are not Irrelevant, since they will save this world. The inside warrior hood we have to pull to penetrate the veils within that uncover the treasures of the Sacred Feminine should be plenty without taking it to the exterior.

When the outside world sees that you are well embedded in that Feminine spirit, you will not use the outside world for an excuse to misconduct yourself, since it will not trespass on your boundaries.

And the true feminine spirit can be very fierce, make no mistake about that. It doesn’t need any more confused, self-perceived Goddesses in a New Age Classic outfit to dilute it. Get real – it is not a show, a game, a stage, and spirituality is still not a competitive sport.

Sometimes spirituality is ‘just’ a matter of Self-conduct.

Sometimes that is all it is. And should be.

© 2018 Soren Dreier
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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Men may have been wrongly jailed because of withheld evidence, head of CPS concedes
By Charles Hymas, Home Affairs Editor
13 November 2018 • 10:47am

More men could have been wrongly jailed for sex offences because vital evidence was withheld from their lawyers, the new head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) indicated yesterday.

Max Hill refused to rule out the possibility in contrast to his predecessor Alison Saunders who previously stated there were not any further cases.

Asked if he could guarantee there were no innocent people in prison because of the prosecution failures, Max Hill said: "It is impossible for me to know.”

A review of more than 3,600 cases launched earlier this year after a number of rape cases collapsed because of the prosecution or police failure to pass information to defence teams found problems with 47 cases with 14 defendants in custody at the time.
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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